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Tuesday 12/18

December 18th 2012 7:57 am
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This morning KK was fully awake and gently meowing at me.
I shared some albacore tuna with him that I fed my other Cats.
Don't tell them, but I bought the tuna for KK.
I feed them tuna a couple times a month as a treat.

He finally used the litter box overnight. His stools are really hard, I think from eating dry food.
He is not drinking a lot of water compared to my other Cats.

I sat down next to the kennel table and opened his door, he came out after about a minute pumping his paws and looking like he is a little more content. He then laid down on my lap pumping his paws and looking up at me, It's amazing he looks right into my eyes.

I feel a little guilty having him penned up even though it's temporary after he has had pretty much full run of the 100,000+ sq ft Home depot store and garden center and the alley.
I have to keep balance though that the Home Depot store is an industrial type facility and really is not 100% safe environment for a Cat ( industrial chemicals and equipment) and one or 2 guys not liking KK.

I don't think KK fully realizes it yet but there are 4 other Black kitties and one Tortie here from Myra's litter, Ivan, Jumpers, Lilo, a very tiny girl Cybil and a Tortie Squeekers, Squeekers is Orange and Black like camouflage. She is VERY lovable and mellow. However she does not put up with anything from the others, she can get very nasty. They all are over 10 years old. Cybil is VERY small, like big kitten size. She would probably not lasted very long in the wild. She has just come around to wanting to be held in my arms and relax like her brother Jumpers. It has taken about 10 years to get to this point with her. She just recently decided to do this. Jumpers was an easy Cat, He was VERY lovable from the begining, Lilo and Ivan barely allow me to pet them.
All these guys are from the same litter rescued about the same time in Bellevue, outside of the Harley Davidson facility (Old Compaq computer building).

Overall KK is adjusting a LOT better AND FASTER than I expected, He appears happy and talks to me. I am no longer considering him semi-feral, He is just a house Cat not sure yet what is really going on.

Once he gets his MEOW visit and blood test done and possible followup Vet visit, I will let him roam (supervised) around. I think he will do fine with my other Cats once everyone sniffs butts, hisses a little bit and gets down to getting acquainted,


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