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Bluebell's Secret Diary

a cat fight and an opposum (or however you spell that....)

April 16th 2013 4:16 pm
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ok, so last night there was an opposum on the deck! uggghhhh! i hate those things! they are ugly with little rat tails and pointy faces. they're also quite scary if you think about it! all of the cats try to stay away from it as much as possible, and we watch helplessly as it steals our food. this one was extra big (and scary) so we had to be careful to stay away from it even more! and to add on to it today, i got in a CAT FIGHT!

so i was walking in the forest, hunting and doing normal stuff, and as i was about to catch a bird, i heard a rustle in the bushes. the bird flew away and i hissed in anger. (i love those types of birds, they're my favorite!) and i guess the cat thought i was hissing at HIM, so he lunged at me and we got in a hissing, scratching cat fight! we rolled around for a while, growling at eachother fiercely, and then he got my soft spot so i let out a loud yowl. that startled him and he let go of me, with just enough time for me to escape.

i ran as fast as i could out of the forest and i sprinted up the hill towards the door. the black pavement started to hurt my paws and i skidded to a halt. My mommy's mommy kept on calling and calling and calling so much that i decided to go see what was wrong after a while, but when i got to the front door, she opened it and i saw that she was worried about me, so as soon as i got in the door i collapsed and fell asleep.

my mommy got home from school a few hours later. i was outside on the deck, resting, so she let me in and scooped me into her arms. she started to make kissy noises and i complained "ewwwww, mo-om stop with the mushy stuff!" but, of course, she couldn't understnad me since i'm a cat and she's a human, so she just kept doing it. i don't understand them sometimes! MOL!!!!


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