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Stryder Has Arrived!!

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A very special request

April 28th 2013 10:57 am
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Would my friends do something very special for me, please? Light a candle for a dear Catster friend, POO, who has been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor in his throat. Treatments do not promise much hope so his mom and dad Jim are going to love him lots and keep him comfortable and happy for as long as possible. Poo is just 11 years old, the same age as my sisfur Aggie who just left for Rainbow Bridge, and their stories are so similar that Aggie has told Poo she's now his very special Guardian Angel. Here's the link for the candle group. Thank you for doing this for a dear friend in need of prayer.

Poo's Candle Group


Thank you, Catster!

March 31st 2013 6:02 pm
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Who would have ever thought that a little feral like me would ever be chosen as a Catster diary pick! I am stoked!!! MOL MOL


Even boy cats need a Sugar Rub!!

March 24th 2013 10:44 am
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My beautiful friend Sugar Bear had breast cancer surgery and she's now in remission - YAY!!! May she stay cancer free for many, many more years - AMEN!!!

Sugar and her mom are determined to bring awareness to breast cancer in animals and they have a website that I want all my furriends and their pawrents to check out ASAP. Please make sure your pawrents learn how to give you a monthly Sugar Rub, okay?? And share this information with all your furriends!!

Here's the link to their website - Home Page

Remember - a Sugar Rub once a month for all the dogs and cats in your family - PLEASE!!!



March 24th 2013 10:39 am
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Good grief, I have not written any updates in FOREVER!!! MOL MOL

#1 - No more worms!!! *Does the happy kitty dance*
#2 - I was marking that tote full of cat food because I wanted it all for myself!!! I did not have a bladder infection at all!! *Does another happy kitty dance*

Hmmm *scratches his head* ... I think that's all I needed to update you on ... I'll see you later ... Roger & out!!!


I have a serious problem

December 14th 2012 7:33 am
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The other day, mom caught me trying to pee pee on top of a bin she has full of cat food. The bin is closed but on top of the bin she had some bags of Wysong Epigen and the whole thing was covered with a pretty throw. Mom yanked me off the top of the whole thing where I was squated and put me in a litter box where I did my business. She noticed that the throw was a bit wet so she washed it and dad checked all the bags of food and they were dry so everything got sprayed with Lysol Disinfecting Spray.

This morning mom got up and went straight to that same pile of food with the throw, blah blah, she just had a bad feeling and sure enough, the throw was soaking wet, all the bags of food were soaking wet and the lid of the plastic bin had standing cat pee!!! Everything got cleaned and they put the bags of food somewhere else.

Dad will be talking to Dr. Wood today, perhaps I have a bladder infection or perhaps I smelled the food through the bags and was marking it all as mine. I never did this when I was in dad's office - well, once I did pee on a little bed mom had put in the office for me but I did that because I had pooed in the litter box, right in the center, and I didn't want to step in it. Mom solved that by putting 2 litter boxes in dad's office and I never peed elsewhere.

Please purray and purr that's it's either a bladder infection or I'm marking the food. Mom & dad are very upset, they don't want to give me up but they can't have me peeing all over the place either.

I'm sad and afraid ... I need purrs.


Tapeworms - BE GONE!!

December 8th 2012 5:00 pm
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I still have tapeworms *sigh*, the same type that my sisfur Purrcilla had - not contagious - we got these tapeworms from eating lizards and snails while we were out in the mean old world. I got rid of the giardia and hookworms but I will have to take more de-wormer for a while. But I am now free to join the rest of the South Florida Familia, I won't have to sleep and spend my days in human dad's office - YAY!!!

On a brighter note, human mom calls me her "puppycat" because I follow her around the house like a puppy (cat) and if she's in the kitchen washing dishes, I lie down right behind her feet and I HAVE to be touching her. I also love to zig zag through her legs as she walks and I bite her toes whenever I get the chance.

Human mom says that for being a feral kitty, I sure bonded quickly with the human pawrents and I am the most mellow little cat she's ever had the pleasure of rescuing.


Hola, dudes & dudettes!!

December 3rd 2012 7:10 am
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What's happening, guys??? I hope all my Catster friends are doing well!

I have pawsome news, I don't have diarrhea anymore. I finished taking the Panacur on Friday and I have been doing normal #2's since then ... wow, I had never seen two humans get so excited about cat poo - it was hilarious!! The pawrents even hugged each other and then they kissed me and told me I'm a good boy. See?? I have found the key to human happiness - normal cat poo!!! MOL MOL

I'm still isolated in dad's office so I don't use the other kitty's litter boxes and they don't use mine, but the pawrents let me out a few times over the weekend and I roamed the house and got to meet all the cats face to face. Let's see, Purrcilla hissed at me and ran off ... Claw growled at me and I ran - he's BIG!!! Maggie and I touched noses for a few seconds and mom was so happy and then Maggie hissed really loud and swatted at me - mom gently spanked her butt and told her no ... and then there's Aggie, she's a gentle soul with a cat mom's heart, she just sniffed my nose and face and kept wanting to get close to me but I would run off ... I think Aggie and I will bond first.

Well, that's the Stryder report for now ... have a great day and I'm going to continue having a GREAT life!!



I love my new name!!!

November 28th 2012 11:50 am
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I think my name describes me to a T!!!

S ~ is for superb, my great attitude about life.
T ~ is for touching, the way I show who I am.
R ~ is for rapport, friends seek me.
Y ~ is for young, I will always stay this way.
D ~ is for diamond, the brilliance I shine.
E ~ is for enjoy, my life will be fun!
R ~ is for radiant, it's my purrsonality!

Yep, that's me for sure, Stryder is my name and I'm going to have a wonderpurr life!!!

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