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Running with the pack


January 1st 2013 3:25 am
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Myz momma wokes up a leettle whiles ago an sheeses reacheds out an Ize wuz ins myz normal spot. Ize alweys sleepes right bys herses right arm. Dat wey ifs momma needes toos pets meese ize ams alweys dere. Sures enufz sheese neededes toos shair my wunderful softness. den sheese rubez hers face ins myz furs an tellses meese bery quietly dat sheese lubs meese. Ize purrs bery louds furr hers soos dat sheese knoes dat ize lubs hers toos. Wile weeze wuz lubing each udder Jakester cames up onz da bed an wanteds toos squeezes ins betweens momma an meese toos gets ins onz ours lubfest. Momma told hims dat dis wuz my spot an sheese mades hims moves toos da udders side ov hers an heese dint like dat so heese gotz up on momma's pillows an wrap pedes hisself roun her head. Heese wuz happy wit dat. Heese iz Siameese an da one ting bout dem Momma sed iz dat wen dey lubs dere peeple dey reely lubs dem. Momma iz hiz purrson. Sheese lubs hims a whole lotz. I tink heese iz hers faburrite kitty butz momma makes timez furr alls ov usses an gibbes eberyone lotz ov lubs n rubs n pets.
Ours momma nebers locks usses outs ov da bedsruum. Sumtimez Poppa wantz her toos cuz weese iz bein bad butz momma seds dat its ours hous toos an dat it wudnt be fairs to keeps usses out. He doan agreez but he letses usses stay wit dem ats nite. An dat iz hows dis Kitty's life goeses. Ize lubs myz pawrents, an myz hissters, an myz eben dat silly DOG. Jus doan tells hims. Heese doan needs toos knoe


Whatsis a cats suppawsed to do

September 15th 2012 2:04 am
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Ize ams at myz wits end fur wat toos doos wit dis silly dog. Now heese is gettin better wit Jake. I saw him tonite an Jake was sleedpin on momma's lap an den Ize notursed dat Sam was layin dere toos. dey wuz sleepin like cheek toos cheek. Nows hows iz a gud kitty like meese s'posed to nok da stuffins outa dat dog wen heese iz bein lovey wit Jake? I knoe heese annoys Zeus but dat fool Zeus lets hims pull ons he ears and I tink heese playin wit da dog. Now Momcat an Mimi an Tabbie still don likes him, an fur dat ize iz eternnlee gratfulItz almos turnin inta heese verus sheese. I knoe momma wans usses alls toos bees furends buts Ize iz not ready fur dat yet. Aftur all a gurl's gotta haz hers standards don she. Ize iz gonna haz to appeal toos momma toos doos sumtin bout dis dog.


I said be careful, not get a carfull

August 20th 2012 7:33 am
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I wrote my first diaree entry on August 2nd. An reelee no onez haz had a chance to writes anythin since. Momma's youngest daughter hads a baby boy on the 2nd. Momma wuz goin to the hospittell da next nite toos sees dem wen momma wuz almos hurts in a big car axeedenc. momma wuz luckee. even her car dint getz a booboo. she jus hads toos wate till the car dragin truks came to get da broke cars outa da wey so momma cud leev. wile sheese wuz watin she herd sumtin cry. she serched aroun an foun a puppy. I tink sheese sed itz a Jack Rustle. Momma brout him home and they decided to keep him. They were momma an poppa.Nun ov usses hads anyting toos doos wit dat deshisun. Sheese foun a dog. Well my broders an hissters hopes it knows hows toos bees gud. Weese iz a happy bunch an weese don like mischeef. Unlesses weesae iz causin da mischeef Mrowl Mrowl.
itz bin almos 3 wks.puppy is called Sam. He is a scaredy pup. Heese wuz "attaked" bys a ded mylar baloon da oddur nite wile momma wuz walkin him. He yiped an ran da oddur way. And sheese wuz walkin hims da oddur nite an passed by dis fenced yard wit a huge dog in it. Da dog barked an Sam Climbed up momma's leg and peed on her. Sheese wuz not impressed.


Don't be nosey

August 2nd 2012 11:12 pm
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The bestes ting bout livin here iz dat dere iz alweys sumpin goin on. But ya gotta bees carfurls. I gots locked in a closet ome day for 18 hours an momma went out an dint kno dat Ize wuz in dere. She cames home from work late an went to bed an I wuz still in the closet. I wuz sleepin. I thout Ize foun da bestes sleepin place in theworld. Momma couldn't sleep right an realized that Ize wuznt wit her. She missed me. I always sleeps wit momma, After she called me an I didnt come she started searchin for me. Mimi sat in front of the closet door and cried to let momma knoe where I wuz. (tank u MIMI) Momma opened da door and I got up an stretched and momma picked me up and wuz kissing me like crazy she thout I got out an got lost. I knoe better than to go outside. that is sumpin Ize will neber do. After momma was done lovin me I went to the box. I was very good and did nothing impolite in the closet. then I needed a snack and oh then I wuz tired and needed a nap. so then I went to bed with momma which is where I should have been to start with. Mrow Mrowl
Purrs and headbutts to all Mrs Kitty

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