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Jakemeister's in charge.

Hi Hi Hi HI Hi!!!!!!!

October 31st 2012 7:34 am
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Mrowl mrowl mrowl. Ize iz soos exslited. Momma was able toos usses Poppa catputer so Ize is able to says Hi toos alls myz furends. Momma Needs to gets herrrs tingy fix-ed. I dontz knoe wares toos sturt. Ize feels likes itz haz bin furever sins I mrowled anyones.
Marowl! Wells I tink da lash ting I tole anyonez wuz wat a grates times Sam an Meese had ons ours Trip. Momma iz still tellin anyonez whose will lisen toos her howl goods weese wuz. An weese wuz gud. Wen momma wuzn drivin Sam an Meese wuz curled up together on momma's chest. Wen sheese wuz drivin I stayed in her seat rite nex toos her an Sam slep wit hiz hed in poppa's lap. Weese haz a big SUV soos fur meese toos sit nex toos momma itz ez. Momma cawls it a fullsized truck. Ize am still tiny soos itz likes I toooks ups no rum in hers seat at alls. An sheese had my harness on meese so if fur sum reason a window or door opened, den ize wud stil bees safe an restraand, Sam Toos. Momma iz crazy bout usses beein safe. She haz neber traveled wit ones of usses kitties wit her. So sheese problee oberdid it a bit butz dats ok. I gots toos goos on a trip. Dat wuz cool. Well weese gots home jush fine an alls myz broders an hissters gaves usses a gud sniffin wen weese got homes. Ize don knoe ifz dis iz howl dey alweys dood wen dey goos away buts weese did haz fun. Dat wuz almos a mundt ago.
Momma haz had dr J weigh meese bout a week ago. Sheese sed dat sheese tout I wuz heavier an I dint feel az bony az I did. Ize haz gained almos tree qarts ov a poun Ize iz almos 6 pouns. Momma iz so pleezed. Sheese wuz soos wurried bout meese. Sheese sed Ize iz not "out ov da water yet." I most certenlee ams mot in da water. Sheese mush bees cunfused. I knoed dat sheese iz feedin meese gud stuf. Yummy. Alls kinz ov seafud patees. I ates 2 whole cans yesherdey. An I can stills eats wateber Ize wans ov da dry cat fud toos. Poppa tout dat da oderz kitties wud bees mad dat Ize iz gettin speshul fud an den beats meese up. I dont tink dey are mad. Momma alweys makes shures dat eberyonez gets speshul snaks. An I tink dat dey knew dat I needed extra fuds. Dr J tout dat dey wuz pushin meese away frum my fud butz Itz wuz dat myz teets hurtz an momma had dat takens cares ov an I really likes wet patee bettrn dry. I donz like sliced or chunked fud needer. Alls I doos wit dat iz lik away da gravee.
Wells allz Ize iz doosin is mrowlin bout fud. Ize haz oder ting toos talks bout toos. It sheems dat Sam haz mades furends wit mur of my hissters. Mrs Kitty Catualee licked hims da oder dey. An sheese haz been sheen shleepin wit her head on hiz rump. An dey play together. Heese jumpz arun likes a fool dog doos an shees iz thumpin hiz silly hed. Momma watcheded dem da oder nite an dey kept it up fur wat sheemeds toos meese likes hours. Momma sed it wuz onlee 15 minates. An Tabitha Is alwayz brinin Sam his toys ats nite. Sheese iz playin momma an heese iz jush spoiled. I done tink MIMI is likin hims dou. She beat the stuffins outa him on mundey nite. He tried toos steels my fud wich heese does all da time an momma always stops him, but, it seems like Mimi wuz in a bad mood or sumtin. She went afer him an kept wackin an wackin him. He tout she wuz playiun at furst den he figgureds out on dat sheese wuz gonna tear hiz tail off an beat him wit it. He had a lot ov scratches wen heese finalee came cryin fur momma toos saves him. He is bigger den her an cud have hurt her butz momma sed it isnt in him yets, heese still a baby. He climed up bhine momma an wuz sittin on her shulders soos sheese wud purtekd him. Da onlee oder ones ov usses dat really got mean wit Sam wuz Thor. Dat wuz Sam's own fault. Heese wudn leave Thor alone. Tuesday nite Thor was guardin da cat's fud bowl, The haves started doosin dis soos dat Sam dont eat dere fud. But dey don tink its a problem wen dey steels his fud. Mrowl mrowl. Anyways Sam started agga agga agga in at Thor an Thor was growlin an he started hissin. Momma tole dat fool he'd better stop buts heese ignored her. Thor started stalkin Sam. Ebery hair on Thor's body stud strate up His tail wuz in full fluff. He chased Sam back an forth thru da house. Sam tried to hide behind momma an Thor wasnt lettin Sam off da hook till he taut him a lesson. Thor didnt hurt Sam but made sure dat he wuz scared. Sam wuz cryin like a little girl puppy an haz left dere fud alone fur now. I gotta goos nows I needs toos let momma up soos sheese can feeds meese agin. An Sam wants hers to send eberyone an awoo awooo from him.

Purrs an headbuts. Mrowl mrowl an a MOL.........Da Jakemeister sign out fur Now.

OOOW OOOW I meant to say tank yous to eberyone whoose congradulated ne on DPDD. It really means a lot fur yous guys to send messages. Ize ize reelee apreeceeate ur ahahppy thoughts.

Also Mimi, Tabitha, Mrs Kitty an Muggs zn Thor an Maozer sed tank you for da happy birthday an gotch day wished. You guys are all Kool Kats.


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Purred by: Platelicker ♥ DB#69 (Catster Member)

October 31st 2012 at 8:14 am

Howdy Jake! Sounds like you are doin' real good in such a nice family : )

Happy Halloween!

Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

October 31st 2012 at 5:27 pm

You sure are a busy furmily!
And a fun one, too.


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