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Oh oh OH~! Giggles! I can See my Purrty Face~!!

May 28th 2014 1:54 pm
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Hi dere my saweet 'n precious furiend's~ Is it true? Maybe Catster bein' fixeded? Oh I can see all my purrty furiend's now~! What lovelies~! We nefur gived up hope, we alway's love's our precious catster communitie's~! Our furiends, our furmilies, YES~!

Always beliEVE 'n keep on Smilin'~!

Purrs, whisker kisses 'n love,


P.S....oh 'n I furgoted da MOST important stuff's~! Thank U so mush fur all da gifties 'n pawsome notes on my concats fur gettin' Diary Pick too~! 'n yeah, we hadn't been able to view da messages on gifties til JUS' NOW~! Giggles 'n I love's 'em soooo mush~!!! xox


I be's a Silly Gurly Gurl~!!

May 17th 2014 1:38 pm
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Hi Ya'll~ 'n hope efuryone is doin' good and happy 'n havin' fun 'n alway's lovin' on Ur spawcial meowmy's too~!!! Purrs on 'n big hug's to ya'll 'n all dat good stuff~!! XOXOX

Now on to some more kewl stuff's. Well, as efuryone can tell ya, I be's a silly willy gurly gurl dese day's. 'n yeah, I learned lot's o' stuff's from my flame point fur bro 'n yeah dat would be Milo. Giggles~! Well, I iz silly but I also enjoy purrlayin' game's wif Milo. Mmmm 'n sometime's he not really like me messin' wif him~!! Imagine dat~??? I now bigger 'n him 'n jus' cause I gotted longer leg's 'n stuff I can RUN soooo fast 'n jump 'n chase him 'round~! I beat him to efury window to look out 'n wow ya gotta know what a good 'n furtabulous BUG chaser I is.

Yep. I hunt down all da buggies I can find in our house~! But dere isn't furry many, I wish~ Da other day I spotted a bug ('n sometimes mom 'n paw can't efen SEE dem buggie's I chase~! MOL~!) 'n dis bug was up ina window. Well I hopped up on MY chair 'n I got him, well not at first. I purrlayed round wif him 'n knocked him ona floor 'n yepper's U guessed it, a FLY~! Mmmmm yummy once I gotted it down ona ground, I locked bof my front paws together 'n cornered him 'n den...well, I had to munch on him~! MOL~ It was good 'n tasty 'n I had to do a thorough clean up job after dat!

'n so wanted to tell ya 'bout my adventure's wif Milo 'n how I gotta keep him in shape~! Ok, so I jus' a gurly gurl but I is an Entertainer too~!! I can bound through da air wif leaps 'n twirls~! I also chase my tail, but not too often (Kin'a embarressed by dat one~! MOL). Anyfur, most time's when Milo is resting ('n yeah he doe's dat way toooo often~!!) I like to POUNCE on him 'n sometimes I bite his tail, ya know, jus' to get's his attention~!! 'n den da CHASE begin's~! I love it when he chases me but mostly I jus' chase him coz I FASTER~! I zoooooom 'n I zoooooom~!
I got soooo mush energie's 'n stuff but gotta tell ya, when Milo get's 'bee's' goin' 'n yeah I get's 'bee's' a LOT 'n den come's more zooooomies~! But yeah, Milo love's to purrlay 'unner da cover' bandit~! I don't, well I do but I watch him 'n it's funner~! Mom laughs 'n laughs at him coz he's soooo cute 'n his eyes get's SOOO BIG~! He jerk's round 'n paws 'n purrlays 'n get's unner dem covers 'n it's da funnest when mom changes sheets, but efury mornin' her straightens da bed 'n here come's MILO~! MOL~ Guess he know's what he likes~

But I know what I like too. 'n I love FOODAGE. I love anything pret much. Milo won't eat any peepol's foodage at all. I gotta haz a bite, efen if I might not like it. Jus' gotta try it, rite? 'n so, let's talk 'bout treats. Dem yummy oh so pawsome treat's~! I like all da flavours. Milo has his pick's coz him is sooo picky~! 'n yeah he don't get near as many as I do. Giggles~!

'n den, Milo 'n Mom sez I gettin' FAT~ How dare dem~! I iz a well porpotioned young lady~ 'n a Healthy one too~ I look really goooood ina bikini too! Giggles~! So, I not fat.

Ok, one last thing but not least. My brofur got a birfday on May 30th 'n him turnin' da big 6~! 'n yeah dat would make him TWICE as old as lil me~! Sometimes I think he's an ol' fuddy duddy~ But most time's he's pretty kewl dood. Anyfur thought we would throw him a surprise happy birfday pawty, wanna come? 'n ya know I can cook 'n create massive goodies 'n spawcial meals preparations~!! Anyfur will let ya know when but I noticed Milo's birfday is on a Friday, well we COULD pawty all weekend, right? Ok, anyway, dere is a slight chance dat mom 'n paw might go out of town AGAIN on dat weekend, imagine dem wantin' to take 'nother road TRIP??? Guess we jus' wait 'n see.

So dat catches ya up 'n yeah we bof been doin' really good. Mom picked us bof up today to do a Sugar Rub. Her sez keepin' kitties safe 'n makin' shur no lumps or stuff is ona our bodies is a good prevention event. We're still purrayin' fur our dear furiend Sugar 'n hopin' dat nasty C can be GONE~!

'n always know we keep on beliEVE-in', always.

I love's U all 'n thanks fur readin' my diary. Catster rocks 'n my furiends r soooper 'n furry spawcial to me~

Oh 'n gotta sez a shout out to our grand furiend BUGSY! HAPPY 6th BIRFDAY~!!

'n 'nother shout out to our purrfect pal Angel Smiley~ We love U furefur our precious furiend~!!!


Lotsa whisker kisses 'n a BIG Kiss to my wonnerfur purrboy furiend, MOPPIE~
I love's U~XOX



Oh MY~! Catster flea's again?

April 20th 2014 3:09 pm
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Hey efuryone~ I hope dis diary get's on here. First off we been havin' problem's since dis mornin' here. We got some kin'a mediation error 'n a bad gateway error. 'n Den we try to send prezzie'z 'n stuff 'n can't see 'em once we post to our furiend's pages~! 'n DEN came back here 'n opened our account page 'n ona our account page we had other furiends come up 'n it wus Sonny Bono, Paris 'n Presley's purrty faces on there~ But the first time it was Kally Kat~ MOL~ Mom jus' think's it's funny, but I am a bit flustered ofur it~! Coz den when we come here da internet keeps on bumpin' us offline 'n I can't purrlay wif me grand furiend's like dis~!

Thank goodness fur Facebook~!! Coz we seen others havin' same problems 'n it's not jus' us~!

Purrease Catster fix da problems coz we ALL miss purrlayin' here 'n want's to share wif our pawsome furiend's~!

Hopin' once 'gain dis get's to my page 'n not somefur's elses.

Purrs on me furiends 'n always know's how mush we love U all~!!

Saweet purrs 'n whisker kisses,


'n Milo waves too


Happy Birfday to me, Mallee 'n I turned three~!! Let's- pawty~!

April 15th 2014 7:02 am
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Oh oh OH~! Iz my 3rd birfday 'n I be'z purrin' so LOUD dis mornin' too~ Mom a'ready gived me some o' dat wonnerfur 'n luscious delish awesome pawsome Fancy Feast dinner 'n fur breakfast too! Giggles! I enjoy it soo mush 'n don't git'z it furry often, but mom sez fur my spawcial day I git'z to PIG out 'n eat all I want'z~tee hee~! Ain't dat jus' so spawcial? 'n couple day'z 'go me 'n Milo got to share a can o' dat good stuff mmmm, Fancy Feast cheekin 'n cheesey stuff~! Yummy~

'n so, I been here in my furefur home fur 2 'n half yrs now~! Yep'z. Mom sez I crazy 'n love'z to watch me purrrform~! Giggles~ I do some really kewl flip'z 'n twist'z 'n jump'z ina air 'n pounce'z off side o' couch 'n doe'z back flip'z~ Mom sez I really really atheletic~ But Milo still sez I gettin' fat (nope, Milo I NOT fat~!!!) but mom not worried coz I so energetic 'n run'z LOT'z~! 'n I chase Milo too 'n still keepin' him in shape! 'n dat'z what dis gurly gurl iz GOOD at~ wink'z!!!

Oh oh OH~! 'n I want'z to thank all my way kewl 'n gorgeous pals 'n furiend'z fur da saweet prezzie'z ona my page! I iz so happy 'n greatfur dat my furiend'z r here 'n ya gotzta know how mush I love'z U 'n coz we been thru lotz 'n haz tonza fun 'n precious time'z together~!

'n da FUN continue'z~!!!

'n thank U Catster too, coz wifout 'em keepin' our spawcial communitie'z 'round, we would not haza sush an awesome pawsome purrlace to hang out 'n purrlay~!!!

'n Let's pawty 'n run 'n jump 'n enjoy all o' life'z pleasure'z~ Iz a GOOD day~ Da sun iz shinin' but it'z a lil chilly dis mornin', but I LIKE it, spawcially when I can catch dem really really awesome pawsome sun ray'z~!

Ok, gotta go now 'n coz I see a window wif sunshiine shinin' wif my NAME on it!

Common 'n join me, 'n let'z pawty~! Milo got'z tunatini'z all ready 'n pizza too 'n I made some awesome pawsome cheese 'n ham sammy'z ona counter 'n cheekin' stick'z 'n ranch nip fur dippin'~ Common, Ur ALL invited~! Come az U r 'n don't furgit'z to bring some music 'n we'll dance all day long~ Teehee, Milo got'z him pawty shoe'z on 'n him a'ready tappin' him pawsie'z~

Anyfur wanna dance wif me?

*Mallee claps her paw's 'n jump's really high 'n purrform's a twist high in da air, spins 'n jiggle's her tail 'n lands down on her back legs 'n claps 1, 2, 3~! Happy Birfday to me~!!!*
Giggles~! Now we r ROCKIN'~!

Thank U 'gain fur makin' my spawcial day so sooper furtastic~!

Love 'n lotza whisker kissies,


MY Catster ROCKS~!

March 16th 2014 10:34 am
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Hey ya'll'z~ I iz GOOD, how iz you?? Da wind iz really keekin' 'n whippin' round today so I keepin' really warm ina mom'z lap~ I IZ a purrfect Lap kitty, meowmy sez~

So it MUST be so~ Right?

Da day will be purrfect 'n me 'n Milo already got yummy treats 'n stuff too! Giggles~ I so lucky 'n fortunate to haz me Paw 'n Mom to take care o' me 'n dey doe'z it sooooo good~ Me Milo iz a purrfect brofur 'n I still do Love's to pick on him, but mewom sez, it'z goooood fur him 'n keeps him in shape~ TeeHee~

I haz a purrfect home here 'n I jus' want U all to know how mush I LOVE'z you 'n thank you so mush fur halpin' me catebrate me pawsome Diary Pick honor 'n thank you Catster fur namin' ME too~ I jus' a spoil't Calico kitten, oh yeah 'n I do love'z to pawty too~ Common, let's eat some shrimpies 'n tuna 'n cheekin~!

Haz a good day 'n hope U get some sunshine, coz we not got none here...yet~

Love 'n whisker nudges,



Furry Thankful dat I iz Spoil't Rotten~!!!!

February 28th 2014 7:14 pm
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Hi Ya'll~! Huggiez to ya 'n hope efuryone is enjoyin' life 'n spendin' many comfortable day'z wif Ur meowmy's too!

I iz soooo thankful dat Catster NOT shuttin' down our pawsome Communitie'z~

'n me, Mallee, iz a furry spoil't rotten kitfur! Well, dat'z whut meowmy sez 'n Milo 'n Paw too! Giggles! Dey nicnamed me SR, for spoil't rotten! U belief'z dat? Teehee! Well, I thoroughly attach meself to meowmy all da time 'n az many chances as I git's 'n I iz one purrfect lap kitty too~ I love'z it when it's really cold, coz meowm wear'z dese fleece robe'z 'n stuff 'n I love'z to 'knead' on 'em! Meowm sez I seem to go into a 'trance' when I knead on her arm or belly~
So, doe'z anyfur o' U doe'z dat? Well I like it too~ 'n den o' course, I love'z to eat 'n me Paw 'n Meowm got me dis really pawsome toy thingie which dey put treats in 'n I can 'fish' 'em out! I haz to werk's way too hard fur 'em though, sometime'z~ Giggles! But I get extra treat'z dis way spawcially when Milo get's treat'z 'n I get 'em too ona floor 'n IN MY Treat toy~ Yeah, I guess I iz spoil't~

Well, I guess I will get off'n here 'n see if'n I can find me meowmy coz I KNOW her got dat pawsome pink robe on 'n I can cuddle in really good~ 'n ya know, I really love'z Milo's pink blankee too! Yeah, I doe'z~!

Pawsome hugs 'n whisker kisse'z,

da SR Purrincess


We will KEEP da LOVE, thank U furry mush~!!

February 12th 2014 8:25 am
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Meowzerz 'n Hidee, all my way kewl 'n beeutifur furiendz,

Well ('n dat'z a deep subject, mewomy sez! MOL~!), it'z gettin' closer to da final dayz here at our spawcial Catster Communitiez. Golly, I'z jus' been so sad 'n it still hurtz knowin' dat dese good time'z 'n grand furiendz we'z made will come to an end. But don't dey sez good than'z must end? WHY? I don'tz unnerstand~! Guess coz I jus' a kitty cat 'n though I enjoyed so mush pawtiez 'n birfday'z 'n VALENTINE's Day 'n all dat kin'a stuff 'n sharin' giftiez, 'n rosie'z 'n wishin' all my furiendz happy dayz 'n all o' dat dere stuff'z, 'n readin' diaries 'n gettin' prezziez *GIGGLES* 'n nice purrfect piccies bein' made fur us too. Thankiez to my spawcial furiendz here. I love'z U all.

Ya know, we haz joined a couple other sites. Pets4pals 'n but Milo is dere, mom wantz to explore 'fore her triez to set up pages 'n stuff fur me 'n our Angel Smokey Joe.

Catster alwayz ruled, ya know? It wuz da bestest site in da whole wide world...
sigh once 'gain.

Anyfur, We got some o' U on FB 'n on dem other sites, but hopefurry we won't lose ALL o' U~! Wouldn't dat be a rotten shame?

Fur da Love 'n fur da Memories, I make a toast* on 'n live on, coz it'z all we can doez.

Purrs 'n lotza head bonks wif whisker kissies,

Til we meet 'gain,



Sayin' Goodbye

January 22nd 2014 9:03 am
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Hi efuryone 'n my purrific 'n so kewl 'n purrfect furiends~! I can't share my broken heart near 'nuff 'n tell'z ya dat it's so hard to see our Catster Community come to an end. Dis iz so wrong. But, time will tell 'n we will find a new home 'n purrlace to connect 'n stay loved~! Don't ya know it? Nefur thought we'd efur see Catster to close, EFUR~! I know we hazn't been furry active but our grand furiends know 'n we always been here to show our love 'n strong bond. All da pawties 'n fun times, oh no, I will nefur furget 'n BonnieBell's pawties, don't ya know how mush fun dem were???
Time's pass 'n time slips by, but da love will always be within us all, coz we doez got dat spawcial love o' eash other 'n dat will be 'round furefur 'n efur. My love goez out to all my Angel furiends 'n all my gurly furiends 'n my spawcial dood furiends too~!

Da love 'n spawcial connection haz been....

Da best~!!

Carry on fur it's all we can do~! Purrs sweet~!

U all ROCK~!

Love 'n kisses sweet,

Kisses 'n spawcial wishes go out to my Angel Boyfuriend, MOPPIE~!! Love's ya~!!


Dear Santa Claws~

December 24th 2013 3:00 am
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I been furry good dis year. Well, maybe not always in Milo's blue eyes, but meowmy sez I iz a Purrincess still 'n dat's a good sign, right??

Giggles, Paw tol' me I got Entertainer o' da Year here~! TeeHee~!!!!

So Santa Claws purrlease be good to bof my brother 'n me, we're really tryin'~!!




Uh Oh, we missed TALK like a Pirate Day~! Aye grumble~!

September 21st 2013 2:11 am
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Well it came and went and as you all know we have not been here near as much as before, well, because of the move. As it draws closer to the end of the month, things are already clearing out of our little apartment. We're definitely wondering what is going on. Our toys have been moved 'n stuff is gettin' scarce as little by little; Paw is halpin' take stuff back with him.
We're sorry we weren't able to participate in Talk like a Pirate Day which we love so much.
Thank you all for sendin' furry nice pirate flags, we purrpreciate one and all. Taking the time out jus' makes us feel so loved. Mom also fell really hard yesterday and flat on her back so she's a bit banged up right now.
We so want to be here much more, but just not a good time for us as it's getting really close to move in time. We have 300 miles to ride in carriers, what carriers? YIKES~! Mom so worried about us. And when we get to our new purrlace and how we will react. But I've been told we will have our own room~!! Of course all the rest of the rooms will ours too~! Giggles!!!!
So as I said we'll be here when we can and we're still a very loving part of our dear CATSTER. We have not even been able to play in groups we once did. Dat's sad coz I love to talk to me furiends 'n so does Milo.
This is jus' a little update 'n now mom needs to lay down. We're sorry again for the lack o' participation. And as always we love you all.


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