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Simba's Wittle Little Taddles and Toes

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Possibly Simba's family

March 29th 2012 1:32 am
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Hey guys! It's Simba's meowmy! Anyway.........I have to say something. You guys have been the nicest people to a crazy cat lady like me. I mean it guys. Any way this morning I was getting dressed to go to school (I'm in 7th Grade guys). Then I heard faint meowing and saw a mother cat and her kittens. I quickly called my mom,dad,uncle and aunt. My cousins also came. It seemed the little family didn't even care we were there! So I got going to school and never knew what happened. When I got back in the evening from school, I saw that the mother cat was gone but the kittens were there. My cousins deduced that they COULD either be Simba's mother and his siblings OR they could be Simba's kids. One of them is a calico and the other's just like Simba. The one like Simba is a male. We haven't thought about the other cat's sex yet because he/she hisses when we try to pick him/her up. So.....we haven't thought of what to do yet. The mother cat didn't come back. So did Simba. Mom thinks that the mom cat'll come back when it's night. News on the kitties?
The calico one ate a bit of kebab and half a plate of tuna. The one like Simba had TWO pieces of kebab and some Whiskas. They played for a while and I guess they are asleep.
So can you guys help me out with what the kitties should eat and shouldn't eat, what the kitties should do and shouldn't do? And oh, how should I make the new kitties bond with me, just like their father did?
'K thanks
Simba's Meowmy, Sym


Aw Tigers! Better Luck Next Time

March 22nd 2012 9:47 am
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Sorry guys! Haven't been on for a while! Any we had a cricket match (For you international kitties I request you 'Google'it) It was the Asia Cup Finals. Back at home the air was intense. The match was: Bangladesh VS Pakistan. We all hoped to win. Every time Bangladesh scored a 4 or a 6 we screamed. I was annoyed. MOL! Why wouldn't I be? The whole apartment was screaming. When the time came for BD to win......we lost! Meowmy was so upset that she threw her glasses on the floor. I sniffed it. MOL! Then I went over to her and gave her a great big kneading.....because I felt...well...'kneaded'. She smiled. Then she went on and on about bombing Pakistan (MOL!! Another one of meowmy's sick jokes). She cursed the Pakistan team a lot. Now I'm in bed sleeping with meowmy! So..............


PS: We are getting two German Shepherd puppies this April. I'm really really stressed! :(


Simba's Characteristics

December 24th 2011 10:21 am
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Meowllow! It's me! Simba's meowmy! Today I will tell you about Simba's funny characteristics! Okay here goes:
1. He always likes to take the larger portion of the bed and leave me the smaller one to sleep in.
2. If you move his butt a bit he tries to bite you!
3. If I lay a new bed cover he simply plops on it.
4. Whenever it is a sunny day and the kitchen is full of sunshine,he loves to sun bath on the kitchen floor! Not on the veranda!
5. If it's a cold day and I see Simba sleeping on a box all curled up I think he is warm. WRONG-O!! When I sleep he jumps on to my blanket and tries to get in to the covers.
6. If I wear a fake fur coat, he always jumps over on my lap and starts scratching the coat!
Well that's all guys. You see living with Simba is a real challenge! It's like living with 100 cats who occupy your bed and try to bite you every single time you move! MOL!! Anyway have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Best wishes
Simba & Sym


I'm so cold!!!

December 13th 2011 8:48 pm
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I'm feeling really cold!!! I'm typing this and meowmy is in the FREAKING COVERS snoring away!!!!! AW COME ON MEOWMY JUST BECAUSE YOUR EXAMS ARE OVER DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU NEED TO SLEEP ALL THE TIME!! Any way! It's really cold. Meowmy just got her lazy butt out of the bed and is petting me. Feed me and keep me under wraps meowmy! Season's Greetings guys


DDP and didn't know??!!! WTC !!

November 6th 2011 12:54 am
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Thanks for the concats and all! I'm sorry effurybody because meowmy was purty busy with her studies so she couldn't check. Hmmph! I think I may need a more punctual agent from now on. Meowmy will you allow me one? Pretty pleaseeee with sugar on it!
Anyway meowmy had a fever (And no this is not Bieber Fever! MOL!!) and I think she looks pretty sick still but I will keep on purring by her side. I had been on a walk with meowmy and have seen a lot of cows and goats. I asked "Meowmy what's with all the cows and goats?" Meowmy laughed and said "It's because of Eid-ul-Azha silly kitty!" I asked meowmy what do they do there. "They SACRIFICE goats and cows" she replied. "What does 'sacrificed' mean meowmy?" I asked again. "It means they get KILLED" she said in a sad way. I was shocked! The poor poor cows and goats! There were two cows in our building who I became close furrends with. I am really truly shocked to know they have one more day to live! As a Buddhist kitty I'm going to go vegetarian!


Sorry Furgirls and Furguys fur the hold up: Happy Halloween!

October 24th 2011 10:06 am
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I am so sorry! Meowmy was so busy with her French classes at Alliance Francais that she didn't get the time to update! Well a lot has happened so I'll begin now!

The Poop-Star on the star door mat! :
That day I pooped on meowmy's neighbor's so meowmy was purretty upset!

My New Blog: please follow! It's a
Cat's LIFE!

Apart from that we be's okay!



October 4th 2011 6:40 pm
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Meowmy's life is being crushed and tortured to a pulp by her aunt's maid Rima! Once she forced her to do something very bad but meowmy got some help from Goddess Durga reassuring her that if she told the truth she will be much better. Now this Rima is using her cousin and her aunt to torture her! Yesfurday meowmy was having lunch and she gave her the vegetable she couldn't eat! She even told her aunt that she won't eat it! Then when her cousin came she accused meowmy of lying (WHICH SHE DID NOT DO BECAUSE I KNOW MEOWMY IS HONEST!!!) Her cousin screamed at her. She came home teary eyed! I stared at meowmy for a while and I vowed that I will take revenge on this maid! I will never forgive her but torture her! Any of you kitties wanna give her some good advise?? She needs it!


OMC! How Insulting!

October 2nd 2011 11:51 pm
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OMC! How Insulting! Meowmy was called the crazy cat lady! How could they! Just because she loves cats doesn't mean she's crazy! Hmph! Not FAIR!


OMC! Meowmy's crazy!!!

October 1st 2011 7:54 pm
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Today meowmy fed me extra treats! Yesfurday was my 10 month bday plus I already got a lot of treaties! Why did meowmy give me soo much treaties? Uh Oh! Now she's humming a love song! She is crazy!!!!!!!


Earthquake! Ahhh!

September 19th 2011 9:03 am
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Yesfurday there was a furry bad earthquake. I's was at my home with meowmy. She's was studying. All of a sudden meowmy's table started shaking bad! I's ran over to her book and meowed. Meowmy screamed "EARTHQUAKE!!!!MOM DAD GET OUT!!!" She picked me up and called grandmeowmy and grandpaw. She put on my leash and went down stairs quickly. By the time she was out everyone was on the street screaming and shouting. Meowmy's fifth floor BFF was there and they talked a lot! By the time the earthquake stopped she was upstairs and watched the news. It was 6.8! I's purring for the Sikkim kitties and today my son was a national famous kitty! They gave his pic on our most popular paper!

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