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Telepathic Communication With Your Cat: How Olga Anticipates My Actions

Written by: Christopher Bays

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Your move, Chris. Hurry up, I have to play Kasparov at noon.

Telepathic Communication With Your Cat: How Olga Anticipates My Actions

Hi, I’m Christopher! Read my introduction to learn more about me and my silly Russian Blue cat, Olga.

Cats have a reputation for being more mysterious and spiritual than other animals, and while I’m amazed by their actions and respect their cunning minds, I don’t think they’re psychic or telepathic. I’m cynical about spiritualism, but I admit that cats and their owners engage in unspoken communication.

Felines aren’t telepathic in a science fiction sense; they can’t move objects with their minds or force birds to fly into brick walls, but they’re talented at anticipating our actions from our body language. If Olga were genuinely telepathic, I would lock up my cutlery and keep her food in a safe.

Sorry Christopher, these are my jeans now.
Sorry Christopher, these are my jeans now.

The Breakfast and Dinner Bells

When Olga is hungry, which is most of the time, she employs various methods to get my attention. In the morning, she’ll whine if I hit the snooze button on my alarm since she knows I’m delaying her breakfast. Then, she’ll jump on the bathroom sink and play hockey with my contact case, and if I’m still asleep, she’ll lick my head.

I don’t feed Olga until I finish working in the evening, but she sends psychic messages a few hours before dinnertime. She sits next to my desk, stares intently, and tries to look neglected. I’m unsure where she learned to use “puppy dog eyes” to beg for food, but she’s mastered it.

If I make eye contact, she grunts and walks toward the kitchen. I usually ignore her, but if I wait too long, she’ll scream and find something on the kitchen table to knock on the floor. She knows my routine when I’m signing off at work and listens for the sounds I make when turning off my computer and moving my squeaky chair.

If she hears this when she’s in the litter box, she’ll bolt out of it prematurely and return after she’s fed.

I can tear up the couch and the scratching pad at the same time. I'm gifted.
I can tear up the couch and the scratching pad at the same time. I’m gifted.

Playing Games

Sometimes, Olga will run over to me if I stare at her too long, and I guess she thinks my stare is an invitation to play. She’ll hunch up her back, fluff out her fur, and hop in my direction like an overgrown rabbit. If I approach her, she’ll hit me in the leg and run away. She wants me to chase her or throw a paper ball she can bat around.

She isn’t fond of playing alone and can tell when my attention isn’t focused on her during a game. Like many lazy owners, I’ve tried watching TV or reading while playing with her, but she walks away irritated and usually takes a nap.

Although cats aren’t psychic, they’re incredibly skilled at reading our faces and emotions. I feel safer knowing that Olga isn’t telepathic and is incapable of attacking me by moving sharp objects with her mind.

Cats like following a routine for several reasons, but one rarely discussed is that it helps them anticipate their owners’ actions. Olga listens for the sounds of me waking up or finishing work and knows I’m about to leave when I pick up my wallet and keys or change clothes.

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