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Being a crafty cat

November 21st 2011 11:06 pm
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Yesterday happy happy thing. My mum did not go to work. She said in the year she has to take a two week block of holiday on account of working in finance. So her bosses say that she must spend two whole weeks at our beck and call. Fantastic!

Only mum said that she has a project for every day. That's fine, I like to help with projects. Yesterday's was making Christmas ards. Turns out that I am an excellent Christmas Card Making Helper. I was picking out things that my mum should use (there were little bows and stickers and sparkly things) and stirring the glitter and quality checking. Only mum kept taking my things off me and moving the glitter and she put all the finished cards on a high shelf.

This was tiring work and I had to sleep all afternoon. Luckily Josie was ready and willing to take over.

Mum said she will be making special cards for Josie and me to send to our special friends. She knows what they will look like - she just needs a nice photo of the two of us together. You have to love her optimism.

I wonder what today's project will be. I better have a little nap to build up my energy for helping.


Daily News

November 20th 2011 10:45 pm
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I have shown my mum hundreds of times but she still does not know what to do with a newspaper. She should slide one hand under it and then attack that hand with the other or chew the corners or have fun with it somehow but she just stares at page after page.

I thought maybe she was looking for something and I wondered what it was. She said she was looking for some good news but I gather there isn't much to find these days.

So I thought Josie and I should write a Flat Newspaper.

In our Headline Story the heating is on. Yes, those large white panels, previously thought to be ornamental, are drifting out glorious warmth and the cats are happy.

In Crime news the theft of two Dreamies Cat Treats (chicken flavour) has been reported. Josie knows each cat was given six but when she had eaten four there were none left. A small black cat with a white patch was seen acting suspiciously in the area. Police are appealing for witnesses.

In Spors news reigning champion Toby has held on to his crown as top Kitty Tag player. In a nail biting finish he managed fours bats on Josie's legs against her three on his. He told our reporter "I have been practising my mad dashes and that's really paid off."

In Health news all three of us are in excellent health today. Thanks be!

The weather - Outside: dark and foggy. Inside: Toasty warm. A day to stay home.

This is what our paper would say and it would be printed on very crinkly cat nip scented paper


Mum is home

November 17th 2011 10:14 pm
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She was only gone one night but we did miss her. She picked me up for a cuddle and I gave her my biggest purr. Josie just went mad cat which is her way of being happy.

Mum said that she missed us too. She said she went for a walk when she got there and saw a little black cat looking out of a window and was thinking of me. I don't think she should have gone at all but she said it was for her work.

She and I had a lovely snuggly evening. We are all happy that she's home.


Suspicious behaviour

November 15th 2011 10:15 pm
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We had such a great night last night. Mum made up a new game. She pulled the rug up in to a tunnel and threw balls down it for us to chase and we had the laser and everything.

Then there was cream. A little for each of us adn we love cream and then there was some beef and I love that.

Why was mum being so kind to us? This morning we have the answer = she is up early and the big bag is out. We do not like the big bag. I wonder if I'm going with her this time.


Boxes and plastic worms

November 14th 2011 10:29 pm
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My mum has been doing the internet shopping and we love this because we get boxes of interesting smelling things to look at and climb in. One came full of plastic worms and I thought that they looked like excellent toys but mum swooped them up real fast and closed the box down.

Turns out that Josie has form of eating the little white plastic worms and mum thinks that can't do her any good. I just think she is a mad kitty as they don't smell that good.

Naturally the boxes have included the odd present for us and we have been allowed one early. I thought it was a frisbee at first and if I'm honest just ignored it for days but suddenly I noticed that it is a round track with a ball in. I tapped the ball and round it went, I chased it and round we both went. It was good fun. Josie has had a go too but she doesn't love it as much as I do. We will get that ball out one day!!


Cool trick to play on mum

November 13th 2011 10:30 pm
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The results are short-lived but pretty spectacular. I always mooch about a but as mum is getting ready for bed and yesterday I noticed that the wardrobe doors weren't properly closed. When mum wasn't looking I slipped in and waited.

After a little while of reading she turned out the light and settled down to sleep. I counted about five seconds to let her feel really dozy then - CRASH - I flung open the wardrobe doors as if a person was hiding in there and was leaping out.

Do try this - it was very funny to see my mum's reaction. Like I said, short lived as she realised it had to be one of us cats, but worth it.

We had a happy weekend. Yesterday was another warm, sunny one and we were in and out of the garden enjoying it. Mum says we must cherish every day like that as there won't be many more - except they keep coming! It does get dark very early though now. It feels like dinner time when mum says it is a long way off.

Mum found my collar on Friday - when she stopped looking. She gave up and got herself ready for work which included making the bed and there, tucked under a corner of duvet, was my collar. I was really pleased with my hiding place for it.


Hide and Seek

November 10th 2011 10:31 pm
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This morning I have successfully hidden my collar and mum can't find it. Hoorah!! The other bonus is that she has been finding lots of my favourite toys while she's been looking. It's amazing just how many toy mice ended up right under the bed.

I am not allowed out but it's rather dark and cold looking out there so I don't want to go out.

I'm such a clever cat!

Yesterday I hid myself and that was fun too. We normally mill about while mum is getting ready for work but I hid. I heard her ask Josie if she had seen me but Josie was in on the game and looked suitably mystified as to where I could be.

Then mum looked in all my normal hang-outs but they were catless. I had guessed where she might look. She called me but I sat tight and quiet.

She started looking more and more frantically. She knew I was indoors but she started thinking maybe I had got out. I was thinking my chuckling would give me away.

In the end I took pity on her and just strolled by casually and got the biggest hug a cat can have. I don't think I was missing above ten minutes but it's good to know how much I was missed!!

What shall I hide next?


My Collar

November 9th 2011 10:29 pm
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I haven't mentioned my collar in a while so some people might think that I have accepted that I must wear it. This is not so. I have just got very good at taking it off.

Sometimes I like to take it off right in front of mum in a nice smooth movement so she knows I can; sometimes I take it off when she isn't around and hope she won't find it. Once I even hid it under a carpet tile. She is pretty good at finding it.

Her argument is that I must wear it if I want to go outdoors otherwise I won't be able to come back in again.

It is true that I like outdoors. I was worm hunting again yesterday. This is harder when the weather is dry and I only found one and mum took that.

From what everyone said about heating I am extra excited about having ours on. Mum is looking at the weather charts and says maybe Sunday will be cold.



November 8th 2011 10:34 pm
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Drizzle is my newest word. We have had it here for days. It isn't exactly rain as it is too fine to feel on your fur, but it ceratinly isn't dry either. The people who really enjoy hours and hours of drizzle are the worms. They come out of the ground to party.

I brought one indoors to play with and Josie said she wanted one too so I went and fetched her one. Then my mum came out (what could she have meant by "suspicioulsy quiet" when she came to see what we were doing?) and saw them and she threw them out the front door.

Never mind, plenty more where they came from. In all I brought six worms in, each one larger and more magnificent than the last and in all mum threw six out the front. She is mean.

Mum does not like the drizzle like the worms do but she says she can't remember it being so mild at this time of year. We don't even have our heating on. I wasn't sure what that meant and Josie says I will love the day the heating goes on. Warm pipes running under the floor leave nice places to keep your tummy warm and panels on the wall warm up and are pleasing tio sleep near. I can't wait!


Sleeping tidily

November 7th 2011 10:34 pm
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Does anyone else's mum tidy them up when they are sleeping? I was on the arm of the sofa when I felt my mum tuck my tail in neatly and then I had one paw dangling down and she stroked that until I tucked it right in. Then I was one neat ball of cat.

I thought this wasn't right but mum pointed out that when she is asleep I have her trained so she will slightly wake up and place her arm in a curve on my command. I like to be on the pillow next to her with arm all around me so if she isn't positioned right I have to wake her up and make her so.

Josie says our mum is so well trained that she did it when Josie mewed at her in the night. Josie tried out the round arm place and quite liked it but reckons under the duvet is still best.

Yesterday I asked my mum why my American friends celebrate in July with fireworks and we celebrate in November. Mum said that in July it is pleasant and warm to be outside watching fireworks so we wait until it is cold and damp and not very nice to be out and do it then. They celebrate their Independence; we celebrate a failed attempt. I asked if we aren't a bit odd and she said probably we are.

I think all us kitties around the world are agreed that fireworks are a bad thing. They should all celebrate by sharing large bowls of fresh fish with their cats and with party streamers. I do like to chase a streamer.

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