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November 27th 2013 10:33 pm
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We don't have Thanksgiving over here but I think we should. It's lovely to stop and think of all the things we are thankful for.

Mum says that she is thankful for her very normal life - she has us, her home, her job, her health, her friends and family; things it is very easy to take for granted but not everyone has.

Josie is grateful for warm places to sleep, catnip toys, mum and kitty treats.

I am thankful for all my amazing Catster friends - the best cats on the planet, for my toys especially Da Bird and the laser pointer, for my tummy rubs and just for being a cat. Us cats rock!!

So today we will celebrate and be happy!



November 26th 2013 10:51 pm
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We thought maybe mum was staying home yesterday too as she left later than normal but she said she was on a training day. She had all the paperwork and it said "Go Mad".

I had no idea she had special training for that; I thought it came naturally to her.

Then she said the Mad part stood for Make A Difference. That's always a good thing. Josie and I use our claws to make a difference to the wallpaper, sofa and other furnishings.

When she came back mum was all inspired - and said she had met some interesting people including two from a bank that mum's company works with.

"What were they called?" I asked politely.

Mum looked at me blankly.

"I can't remember. There was a lot going on." More thinking. "One has cats called Boris and Oscar who are black and white."

"So you remember the names of cats you've never met but not the names of the important business contacts?" I asked.

"Yes, that does seem to be the case."

I am so proud of her!


Helping my mum

November 25th 2013 11:04 pm
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Yesterday my mum had the day off work, recovering from her weekend and she announced it was time. Yes - she would be making mine and Josie's Christmas Cards.

None of us are much good at making cards but that doesn't dampen our enthusaism. This year they are meant to look like presents and when you slide the top away from the bottom there are Josie and me wishing you a Happy Christmas. In theory. Mum did manage to glue one entirely shut.

And what kind of a gift doesn't have a ribbon bow? And that is where Josie and I really came into our own. Cats have a very particular affinity with ribbons and I can't believe mum forgot that. She would be trying to tie a neat bow around the card and we would help by tugging the stray ends. We also made them pretty with decorative teeth and claw patterns but she wasn't nearly as appreciative as you would think.

So what with that fun and lots of strokes what with mum being home again that was a pretty top day!


Mum is home again

November 24th 2013 11:19 pm
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I had time to think how I would get my revenge for being abandoned. I went outside, ate some grass and came in and barfed dramatically over everything I could reach.

Then when she tried to sit down for her supper I demanded headrubs, then I wanted to go out, then I wanted to come back in again, then I needed my tummy rubbed (particularly proud of that one - I launched myself in a sideways roll at her so she had to catch me.) Her supper was cold by the time she ate it and serve her right!

Josie just went loopy cat like she always does.

Mum said she had missed us - but added that it had been a strange and pleasant experience to sleep through a whole night without cats waking her up. How could she say that?!

Josie made sure she woke my mum a few times last night for snuggles and stroksies so my mum would remember how lovely it really is. Surely sleep cannot compare to the happy of hearing a purr and knowing you have pleased your cat!


We are being neglected again

November 21st 2013 11:09 pm
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Josie did alarm clock duty this morning for my mum but instead of getting out of bed and giving uis our breakfast my mum muttered, "More sleep" and rolled over.

I offered to be Snooze Button and ten minutes later went and gave mum a cheery meow. When that didn't work I patted her face.

"Don't make me use the claw now," I said.

Mum sat up and looked at me.

"I don't have to work today and it's going to be a late night so I was hoping for a lie-in," she said.

"I was hoping for breakfast at six. Life is so often full of unwelcome surprise. Up you get!" I had no sympathy.

Less when after giving us our breakfast mum produced Big Bag. Uh oh! It's her annual Line Dance weekend - cats not invited. She is going to abandon us. Was the Cats Protection League number on their box?

Mum says we will be very well looked after as we always are when she goes away but we wish she wouldn't. I wonder if there's time to sabotage her packing!!


Keeping warm

November 20th 2013 10:10 pm
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There's a definite nip in the air round here these days and we don't like it. Josie has re-discovered where the hot pipe runs under the carpet and lies along it keeping her tummy all toasty and I like to sleep next to the radiator and bask in its warmth. Mmmmmm!

When my mum comes home from being out normally us cats make a dash for it and have a quick sniff around outside to see who's been there. Last night we dashed out and then dashed straight back in again. There were big, fat and very cold rain drops pelting us.

Trouble is - I needed a run. Our flat may be small but I made full use of every surface. Up things, down things, around things...Then my mum burst out laughing.

"You're really into that game Toby" she commented.

"Oh yes I am!" I replied, "How could you tell?"

"Your tail has joined in."

It was true. In all the excitement my normally smooth sleek tail had reached chimney brush proportions. Mum then ran for her camera as she thought you would all like to see it like that but I am not a performing cat so I quickly let it settle.

Then up the curtains I went - mum grabbed her camera again to show everyone just how high I got (I could touch the ceiling)so I climbed down again quickly and that's what she has a picture of.

Being a most honoured Catster cat I want to be sure that all my pictures present the right image. We don't want any kittens who might be looking up to me to get the wrong idea!

Mum has not put Josie or me in the Cats Protection League box but she hasn't got rid of it either and I noticed Josie only woke mum a couple of times last night.


The box

November 19th 2013 10:38 pm
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Mum and Josie have had something of a falling out. You see Josie just couldn't seem to settle to sleep last night. She wanted to be on the pillow next to my mum; she wanted to be under the covers; she wanted a snack; she wanted to perch on my mum...on it went.

At first mum sounded Ok and there were strokes and tender words but by the end mum was muttering "Just go to sleep!!" Josie was hurt by this so they are not best friends.

I mention the box because it arrived yesterday. It came from the Cats Protection League and has wrapping paper and cards and some Christmassy things in which is pretty exciting and of course we all love a box.

This morning Josie jumped in the box and mum looked at her. "Don't tempt me. I could just seal it up and send you back!"

I laughed but mum said not to think she wouldn't put me in there too. Ah yes - the bowl incident. When my breakfast is particularly delicious I find myself wondering if Josie has the same so I have to go and check and eat some of hers. So mum gives her mine. But then I wonder if I left too much and have made a bad swap so back I go and mum gives Josie her original bowl back. And then I wonder..and this can go on a while as it did yesterday and my mum gets fed up of moving bowls.

I'm fairly sure we aren't really going to be put in a box and sent away but I've been giving my mum extra love this morning to be on the safe side!


Mum's training ongoing

November 18th 2013 10:33 pm
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We have our mum mostly trained but not completely as she demonstrated this morning.

Us cats like routine. We feel all safe and secure when A follows B and then we have C. In the morning A for mum is our breakfast. We have that before anything else happens. B is mum's shower (it's very odd but she prefers to wash that way). Then..

"Meow," I said firmly, looking up at her as she was inn the kitchen.

"What do you want Tobes?" she asked. I know! She had to ask. It was so obvious.

"Meow," I repeated, rather more crossly.

She ran through her checklist. "You've had your breakfast, the door is unlocked if you want to go outside, what is it?"

"You KNOW what I want!" I was getting really grumpy.

She looked at me blankly and carried on making her breakfast. More training definitely needed.

At last her breakfast was ready and she walked in the sitting room and sat down. I jumped up by her side and leaned towards her.

"It's snuggle time," I gave her kitty kisses and purred and purred. Thta's what I was waiting for, my stroksies and tummy rubs. I really really needed my love and mum had just been dollying about in the kitchen. That's no way to treat a Catster Cat, much less one that had been specially selected for honours!!

We are fond of her but she isn't always very bright.


I love visitors

November 17th 2013 10:42 pm
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On Friday we were all ready when Troy and Nahid arrived only when the knock came at the door Josie got shy and ran off under mum's bed. Being a concientous cat I stayed to be the host.

So I had to accept all the admiration, the treats they had brought and play with the many toys they had brought too (mice, laser pointer, fishing rod toy - all in a big bag with rustly tissue paper!). It's a tough job but somecat had to do it!!

Naturally they were very admiring of my big eyes and sleek fur and we had lots of fun. Then Josie dared peer in from the hall so they could see her.

She was just a kitten when they found her but she has grown into a beautiful cat they said. Mum said the best thing would be to ignore her and she would come in when she felt safe to do so so that meant lots more attention for me!

Josie did come in and let them touch her but that was about it.

So in the end away they went, happy that Josie has a loving home and pleased to have met me and they left all the toys and treats.

Then very early Saturday morning Josie remembered all the things she had wanted to show them like how she chases her own tail and how fast she can run and how quickly she pounces so showed me amd mum. I enjoyed the show but mum kept muttering about it being 4am and sleepy time. Mum gets grumpy if you wake her up, yet she strokes us when we're sleeping and we don't get grumpy back.


We're having visitors

November 14th 2013 11:34 pm
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Mum was rushing around tidying up and that's usually a Friday evening job.

"We're having some very special visitors this evening" she told us.

I thought I knew who this would be.

"We're having an At Home for all the Catster cats! Brilliant!!" I said.

But mum laughed. "That would be fun but they mostly live too far away. It's people."

So I started listing all my people friends wondering who it might be but mum told me I've never met them, "but Josie has" she added.

Given that Josie is prone to hiding when people come but I'm the sociable one I couldn't imagine who that might be. Neither could Josie at first but then she guessed.

"It's Nahid and Troy," she said and mum said yes it is.

When Josie met Troy she was a very hungry little homeless cat scavanging for food in a supermarket car park. He works for the supermarket and when he saw her he knew she needed a home so took her to safety. Nahid is his mum and between them they got Josie all cleaned up and well fed. Their cats didn't take to Josie which is how she came to live here with my mum. They haven't seen Josie since then.

Mum hopes they'll be happy with how well Josie is and how much she is loved.

"And they'll like to meet me too," I pointed out and mum says they love all cats so yes, they will.

They are coming after work this evening so that's pretty exciting for us. Mum says to practice being on our best behaviour all day. I do that best with my eyes shut!

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