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Josie's Photo Shoot

April 15th 2012 10:31 pm
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I heard a very odd conversation on Friday. My mum was saying, "Lift your paw like you're waving or holding a balloon" and Josie was asking "Like this?" and mum was saying, "Yes but more slowly"

When I went in mum was waving a toy at Josie with one hand and trying to take a photo with the other and not doing very well at either. But in the end she got her picture.

"I could do that" I said. I like waving my paw at toys. But mum said she needed a picture of Josie specially.

On Sunday morning all became clear. Out came all the crafty stuff and I got stuck in helping mum choose which bits of ribbon or dandy decorations to use. Mum was making a special birthday card for Nahid. As Nahid is the lovely lady who took Josie in when she was a stray mum makes her a card with Josie on every year. And while mum was at it she made a load of other cards so I think a few people will get a picture of Josie this year. Which is odd as I am clearly the more photogenic cat!

Other than that mum was out most of Saturday and spent a lot of Sunday saying "I really must mow that lawn" and not doing so but she did in the end and I do not like the mower. Not at all. I had forgotten how noisy it is as it munches up the grass.


Naughty Josie - I am so proud!

April 12th 2012 10:38 pm
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Normally I am the one who gets in trouble and Josie is quiet and good but she is learning some stuff off me.

Yesterday mum was putting laundry away and I heard her say, "Poor Josie - is that bad boy Toby chaisng you?" I was not. I was sitting wondering what had happened to Josie. She was having a mad half hour all by herself, dashing here and there and getting in mum's way.

Then later mum went in the kitchen and told Josie off as she was sitting on the sides bold as brass. Normally that's me. I know we're not allowed and that's why I like to do it. Josie said she was looking for any more chicken as mum had given us some but mum said there wasn't and certainly not for naughty cats.

Bed time came and Josie was thirsty after all her adventures. But mum's glass of water was pretty much empty and Josie couldn't get her head in. She could have gone to our water bowl but she preferred to keep trying to squeeze her face and hope she could reach the water there.

Mum took pity on her and tipped a little puddle of the water on the surface for her to lap. Josie started drinking it but decided it didn't smell right so went back to the glass - was it really the same water? Mum tried to tip out a bit more and Josie started drinking from the tipped up glass so mum was holding it for her and wondering how this had happened. Surely cats in the wild don't expect their water tipped gently towards them while they drink?

I wish I had thought of that!!


Missing my cuddles

April 11th 2012 10:48 pm
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Mum has been back at work for two days now and that means I have missed my cuddles in the day. But not to worry - mum is still home quite a while in the evenings so I've been catching up. Some of the time is when she is sleeping at night but I can wake her up and get my headrubs in. She says she hopes I'll stop waking her up quite so much but I am a boy that needs his loving. It's her fault for being away so much in the day. I save up my snuggles.

Josie is getting less lap time too although she still sneaks on there when she can.

Still I said, it's not long now until my Gotcha Day and then we have a Royal Wedding. I remember from last year. But Mum said we don't have a Royal Wedding every year. Indeed they are rare. However we do have a Golden Jubilee this year so that's nearly as good. Mum says the Queen has been in charge for sixty years now. She must be getting pretty good at it by now.

I thought maybe she has a smart cat to advise her but mum said no, she likes dogs better. Mum knows this because when she was a little girl she wrote and asked.

Anyway mum says not too long now and we get more Bank Holidays and more mum time!


Warning from a fat cat

April 10th 2012 10:44 pm
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Some of my mum's friends live nearby and come and see me but some live a long way away so mum has to chat to them on her gadget. I used to think she was talking to herself but I have been invited to purr into it and I definitely heard voices.

So last night mum was talking to one of those faraway friends and her friend was telling her about her cat Charlie. (Even the faraway friends have to love cats!) Charlie has been to the vets as he has licked all the fur away from his back half. The front half is fine.

They worked out that it wasn't an unusually specific flea allergy or gradually progressing skin condition. No, the sad truth emerged that Charlie has gotten so plump he cannot bend enough to reach his top parts for washing so he uses all his wash time on his hind quarters and that's too much time.

So he is on a diet although mum's friend isn't sure that this will work as he is a cat who likes to visit other people for top up meals. Mum gave her all the top tips she knows - a special collar that says "Please don't feed me" and Senior Cat food which is filling with less calories and more play time for exercise as she had to try and get Henry to lose weight when he was here. (Apparently the extra exercise really stoked his appetite!)

Josie and I are both slim young things but mum says lots of cats get more rounded as they get older, same as people, so if we don't want to end up de-furred on our ends we need to make sure we don't eat too much. I don't think I woulod mind so much about the fur thing but a diet doesn't sound like much fun!


Ant Patrol

April 9th 2012 10:29 pm
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Ants have been trying to move in. I think they are funny, little wiggly things wandering around but mum says they try this on every year and we have to make sure the advance explorers, the ones we see, don't nake it home to spread the word. There aren't that many. Maybe one every four or five days and they are small so hard to spot.

I have become a master ant finder. I see them and I stop and look and mum sees me looking and bam; the ant is gone. Mum says I am a good boy for spotting them; Josie never helps. She says it would be even more helpful if I could get rid of them myself but I would like to keep one as a pet so that won't happen.

It's all just part of the service I offer!


Loving Easter!!!!

April 9th 2012 12:33 am
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Mum wasn't on her laptop all weekend. Mainly because her lap has been claimed by Josie. That cat has really got into the whole lap thing. I just don't see why she loves mum's lap so much but she does.

So we spent a lot of time with Josie curled up purring and me sitting next to them. I tried to smack Josie a few times for stealing mum's attention but apparently that's not allowed.

But overall I was happy. I like it when we all sit happily together and mum watches a film. And there's been lots of playtime. Mum even got out Da Bird. That is such an amazing toy. I get so out of breath when I play with it that I have to stand with my mouth open panting and that freaks my mum out. I love it so I have to chase it even when my body doesn't think it can any more.

So lots of quality mum time has been had. We love it when she doesn't go to work.

And then she logged on and I have lots of Easter Eggs from all my wonderful friends and I feel very special and loved. And mum doesn't have work again today. Life doesn't get much better than this!


My mum sleeps too much

April 5th 2012 10:41 pm
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I know roughly when my mum has to get up for work so I like to wake her up in good time so she doesn't miss the clock going. I jump on the bed with a firm step and then meow a cheerful good morning. That rarely works so I then move up to her head as the only bit showing and engage the paw. Always thoughtful I tap her face claws in at first and only use claws if they become necessary.

If I'm feeling mellow I might purr instead and dribble on her a bit which makes her roll over and mutter, "Toby, that's gross!"

It all wakes her up.

This morning she said she didn't need to wake up.

"You don't?"

"No - it's a Bank Holiday. I don't have to work today."

"You mean that you have the whole day to play games with us and pet us and snuggle down with us and give us treats."

"Pretty much, yes."

"And you're still in bed...!!"

I got her up quick smart as you can imagine and we've already had the Cat Dancer out. I have decided that I love Easter and wish a very Happy Easter to all my Catster friends.


Soppy lap cat

April 4th 2012 10:33 pm
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Not me of course! I am always butch.

When I was a kitten I liked laps but now I am a grown up boy I like to sit next to my mum, touching her but not on her, as I have seen Josie do. But yesterday Josie did something odd. Mum was sitting reading her book and Josie asked if she could go on mum's lap. Mum moved her book and said that would be fine so Josie curled up, purring away, and settled to sleep.

She did it again this morning. She says that laps are perfect as they are warm and soft and ideally placed for head scratches. Mum likes her being there too but can't work out why Josie would suddenly decide to do that.

But she doesn't understand a lot about us cats and that's a fact


Cats and doors

April 3rd 2012 10:33 pm
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It was wet and windy last night. Josie asked to have a look so mum held the door open a while and then Josie came to tell me how rough it was looking outside so I asked to have a look too and mum held the door open for me to see. Then Josie wanted to look again as she couldn't quite believe how bad it was.

Mum said that she isn't here just to hold our door open for us. Of course not. She is also here to make us our dinner, scratch our heads and play games.

Mum reckons the very first person to invent the door stood back to admire their handiwork and then heard a little meow. The cat present on that occasion would not have known what a door was but would instinctively have known that they needed it to be opened for them.

On account of the weather we had to stay indoors and we played some great games. Sometimes I really love having a sister to chase around and be chased by.


Our secret tunnel?

April 2nd 2012 10:36 pm
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We were glad to see our mum home but selfishly she went to work and later out line dancing so we are some hours play time short and have had to find our own amusement.

I am pretty sure there is a secret tunnel in the hall and if I scratch at the carpet enough I'll uncover it. Mum told me to stop as she reckons under the carpet is concrete and no tunnel but that may be because she doesn't want us finding a special stash of cat treats so I kept going. Truth be told it felt pretty good on my claws.

Mum is grumpy this morning as some of the neighbours were very nosiy last night when she was trying to sleep. I helped by placing myself over her ear and purring loudly so all she could hear was purr and that's a beautiful sound to sleep to. Us cats are always thoughtful and helpful!!

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