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Enough is enough!

July 25th 2016 10:23 pm
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It's bad enough that cheeky Jasper from next door stole our birdie toy but yesterday he was back for more.

He was in our garden calling our mum. She heard him and went out and made a fuss of him. This is unacceptable so I sent Josie out to tell him so. She went out sideways to be big but crumbled in the face of the opposition. Sighs! Do I have to do everything myself?

When I want out I found mum playing with the cat dancer and him. We have another birdie toy but at least she has the sense not to let him steal that. She held tight to the cat dancer.

He has his own family. He should not steal my mum. It's bad enough sharing her with Josie!


They stole my garden

July 24th 2016 10:11 pm
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Two men came on Saturday morning with big noisy machines and they cut and they blasted and ruined all my best hunting spaces.

My mum seemed happy. "Looks so much better," she said. You can tell she doesn't hunt.

We did all sit out there yesterday evening. By all I include Jasper and Maurice from next door, bold as brass. My mum had one of our birdie toys for me and Josie to chase but Jasper wanted to join in. He wanted to join in so much, he caught the birdie, tugged it off its fishing rod and was last seen disappearing behind the shed with it in his mouth.

This is hardly the sharing that mum assures us is so fun to do.


Nature's toys

July 21st 2016 10:00 pm
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On these warm evenings my mum has all the doors and windows open and we love that as we wander in and out. Bugs and flying things wander in and out too which is great as we have them to play with later.

What I don't get is why my mum is so weird about them. She insists she doesn't like them but then catches the most. Her favourites are the really buzzy black and yellow ones. Move fast if you see one of those and fancy your chances as she'll leap up whatever she's doing, "Leave it" she'll cry and off she goes, hunting and selfishly keeping them all for her.

We are allowed the moths which are fun but fly too high so we get bored.

But good stuff to chase is just another thing I love about summer! (Just the one bird caught so far this year but we are still in hunting season so I remain optimistic!)


Josie and guests

July 20th 2016 10:20 pm
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Because she was working on Tuesday evening my mum owed us on Wednesday and it was all going very well until...she looked at her phone and went "Gosh - they ARE coming." She thought they weren't.

My mum is funny at top speed. She nearly got everything done and was hoovering when the knock came. Guests.

I made myself available for pets and treats of course and then Josie came to say hello too.

"So when people really want to see you you hide but when they aren't so bothered you appear," grumbled my mum at Josie. Josie just shrugged.

We're cats. We do as we please!


I invented a new game

July 19th 2016 10:19 pm
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Yesterday evening my mum was in the garden but she was working which is boring so I invented a new game with Josie. I went in our neighbour's garden and poked Josie through holes in the fence. She poked back and it was brilliant fun.

Until Josie wandered off without telling me. My mum tried to join in but she said it would be better without the claws. The game is no good without the claws.

So I scrambled back over the fence and chased bugs in the grass which is also a pleasant way to spend a summer's evening.


Grateful to Josie

July 18th 2016 10:19 pm
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I never thought I would say that!

But I was sound asleep, exhausted from a long day defending our home when I heard Josie's paws running towards me. I was awake in an instant. I looked up to see my mum poised over me with her camera.

"Oh Josie," she said, "you woke him up."

Apparently, and I never normally do this, I had falled asleep with my tongue sticking out. Instead of feeling sorry that my onerous duties had so worn me out that I couldn't even tuck everything in before sleeping my mum had gone, "That's so cute" and rushed to take a picture.

She was mid-creep to my side when Josie saved me as she was pretty sure I wouldn't want that plastered everywhere.

She was right. So, grateful to Josie and being nice to her. For a moment at least.


The tunnel must be moved

July 17th 2016 10:28 pm
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When it's hot and sunny, like it was this weekend, I mostly like it. I like sunbathing until I get so hot I melt down into the shade. I like being in the garden with my mum and I especially like it when she plays games with us out there. I like the big window slid back so I can walk in and out freely BUT

I do not like Josie hiding in our tunnel and pouncing on me when I come in. Why does she do that? She thinks it's hilarious every time.

Mum must move the tunnel and stop that bad kittie.

Actually one more thing I don't like. Next door's cats coming in my garden and being petted by my mum. Even Josie went out and said hello and I heard my mum say what good manners she has. It's my garden. I would have gone and defended it only...only...I was busy. Busy doing stuff. Too busy to argue. They were lucky this time!


Josie a mature cat

July 14th 2016 10:14 pm
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I nearly choked on my kitty-bics when I heard that!

Josie had some post yesterday. Inside were two sachets of Senior cat food for (and I quote) the mature cat.

Josie? Mature? They haven't seen her go all doolally like a kitten, running around to go exactly nowhere. There is nothing mature about Josie.

I am looking forward to trying her food though.


Going out..

July 13th 2016 10:26 pm
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Some mornings I can't wait to be outside and leap through that door. Some mornings I just want to stay in and wait for my mum to pet me.

This morning I wasn't sure. I wanted the door open and then I wanted to sniff the air and think. My mum wasn't so patient as you might expect.

Only then she laughed. She had read something that commented on the UK wanting out of the EU only now the door is open being not so sure. We are the cats of Europe! Nothing wrong with keeping your options open I say.

Anyway the UK is in safe paws with the welcome news that Larry the cat will be staying on at No. 10 to advise the new Prime Minister. With a cat at the helm all will be well!


Mum and Josie

July 12th 2016 10:50 pm
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I am a hard working cat. I spend my days out and about, defending our home from dragons and heffalumps and the like but I do get home to be there to greet my mum.

Yesterday she cheated and came home a bit early. I could tell as when I walked in Josie pounced on me. Mum had been blowing bubbles for her and got her all whipped up and excited. This is why they need my supervision!

Mum said she had been very tired and as she works flexi-time she just came back. How would the world be if we all just stopped working when we were tired??!!

I expect she couldn't sleep at night for being sad about my Catster blog!

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