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A tail of two kitties

September 15th 2014 10:40 pm
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I have been sleeping in the hall a lot - no windows; the scary thing cannot see me. Josie has been sleeping on the pouffe by the window and yesterday she suddenly sat up and stared out of the window, looking up.

"What are you looking at?" asked my mum and she went over. "It's little Jasper on the fence. He's so cute, He's"

And therein hangs the tail.

On one of her many searches for me on Saturday my mum spotted a heap of tabby fur, half-wedged under the wheelie bin. She scooped up the kitten. "Hello Jasper" and gave him lots of snuggles. He wasn't so happy at first but after a while started purring and giving her headrubs. (She was meant to be looking for me remember, but apparently there was time for kitten love!!)

When she put him down he tried to hide under the wheelie bin again so she picked him up again, more snuggles and she placed him on the fence between the two gardens and could go home. But he sat there looking scared and it is a long jump for a small kitten so she picked him up again and holding him very securely went round and put him in next door's garden. He scampered off quite happily.

Now the suspicion had struck her when she saw him on Sunday in a window and seeing Jasper on the fence confirmed it. Different kitten. There is another tabby kitten in our neighbourhood - as if one wasn't enough.

With all these goings on no wonder I am happier indoors. Even Josie came hurrying in with me today and sat guarding the cat flap. We are happier than ever for our microchip cat flap and doesn't let random cats in.


A very scary thing

September 14th 2014 10:38 pm
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I'm not going to say what it is. There might be kittens reading who would never sleep again if they knew such a scary thing even existed.

I saw it on Saturday morning and ran away as fast as my legs would carry me and hid. All day. I didn't dare come home. I heard my mum call me a few times but what if it was still there?

Supper time came and went and dark-time came and my mum was calling for me more and more and shaking the biscuit box so I screwed up my courage and made a run for it. Mum seemed really pleased to see me but I had to check that the thing had not been in my home. I searched all round. Everything looked and smelled normal. Thank goodness

Josie said my mum was in a really bad way while I was gone. She didn't even have any supper and my mum loves her food so she must have been worried. Sunday I stayed in pretty much all day, only venturing out when my mum was around and I haven't been out this morning.

Mum was talking to next door and apparently Leo has seen it too and has been all jumpy of late and there's another cat in our road whose mum says she's been scaredy cat lately.

Josie has not seen it and is inclined to believe it doesn't exist but she's wrong.


Christmas must be coming

September 11th 2014 10:09 pm
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Mum got one of those little catalogues through the post yesterday.

At the beginning were all things she might like to get for her many cat-loving friends. Mugs with cats on; cat ornaments; stationery with cats on; and more and more. I suppose when we go out they need cats to look at until we come home again.

But it was the last part of the catalogue that caught my eye - presents for cats. Tasty treats, shiny bowls and toys - toys galore.

"I want that one. And that one. Ooooh - and that one," I helpfully pointed out.

"They do look fun," she agreed, "and the cats in the pictures certainly like them." Then she paused. "But would you actually play with them?"

"Of course!"

"Like your track with the ball in, your three-pronged tunnel, your box full of toys.."

"Oh them. Bored of them," I replied. "These would be new toys. I would love them"

I have clawed a couple of pages of the things I particularly especially want Sandy Claws to bring me so there can be no mistake. Mum remains unconvinced.


It's my garden

September 10th 2014 10:35 pm
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When mum came home last night we had our supper (are any of the other Northern Hemisphere cats getting extra hungry now it's cooler? Josie and I are.)

Josie went out in the garden but I hung back.

"Don't you want to go out Tobes?" asked my mum.

"Er, no," I replied. "I think I'll stay in and keep you company."

"Hm," said my mum. "That's not like you."

Then she looked out of the window and there, at the far end of the garden, bold as brass, sat Leo.

"Shall I ask him to go?" asked my mum. I am not afraid of Leo and could easily get him to go myself but "If you're going out anyway. He might scare Josie," I said.

So mum fetched the keys for the back door and went to open it, eyes on Leo and then, "What was that?" A tiny tabby had been sniffing around the back door and on hearing the keys flew the length of the garden to where Leo was keeping an eye on him. It was Jasper, next door's kitten.

So now we have two of them invading! Once I was sure they had both gone I did go out but I hope Jasper doesn't make a habit of visiting. Mum says she hopes he will as he is so cute. You would think she didn't have two perfectly good cats of her own!


Every cloud

September 9th 2014 10:36 pm
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My mum was really late home last night.

"Where have you been?" I demanded to know. "Did you forget your two poor starving kitties with just empty bowls for company?"

Mum sighed. "There was a lorry fire on the motorway so I came by the back roads - along with half of London!"

A thought struck me. "Did you..?" I peered around her. "You did!"

When my mum doesn't drive along the motorway she often takes a route that passes right by a very large Pet Shop, and a large carrier bag with the smiley cats and dogs on it proclaimed that not only had she been in but she had made some purchases. Excellent.

"Did you look at the kittens?" I asked, thinking she had better not have.

"They didn't have any. Only birds and mice and stuff," she replied. Could my day get any better? I ran across to the bag to vestigate. "Which did you get us? Birds? Mice? Dare I guess both?"

But mum says she would no way buy anything we would kill so there was nothing alive in that bag.

But there are were biscuits we never had before, a new flavour of treats and some balls for Josie and a flying feather toy for me.

So my mum may have had to spend hours crawling through queues of traffic but we got a bag full of goodies so it was all worth it!


Secret SuperStar Cats

September 8th 2014 10:38 pm
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My mum was watching a programme last night about famous cats (and dogs.) It was quite something to see just how much people love the cats they see on TV and on the interweb.

"I could be a SuperStar Cat!" I commented. "Actually I pretty much am one."

Mum scratched my head and gave me a kiss. "You are," she replied.

Then we saw Grumpy Cat and her adoring fans. She was being held up so they could all see her and they all wanted their picture taken with her. I considered this - I don't specially like being held and I don't specially like crowds of noisy people and I don't specially like to travel.

"I think I'll stay being a Secret SuperStar Cat," I decided.

"I think that's wise," said my mum. Grumpy Cat seemed quite happy but mum couldn't imagine the adoring fans being quite so adoring if it was me, refusing to come out of my box.

Sometimes your own home with your favourite snoozy places and your own toys is the most wonderful place to be. Heck with it, your own home is always the most wonderful place to be. I will leave the razzmatazz to those other cats!


I tried to trick my mum

September 7th 2014 10:06 pm
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I had a big, bad argument with Leo from next door at the weekend. He is a mean cat. Mum heard us and opened the front door. That distracted him long enough for me to make a run for it over the back gate and round to our magic door. I heard the front door close and mum run through the flat, expecting me to be coming in the kitchen.

Hm. I wasn't particularly happy that she had to rescue me so I needed to think how I was going to redeem this situation.

I saw her through the glass door, watching me, so I decided to go for the sympathy vote. I sat there and then suddenly flumped to the ground. It worked perfectly.

"Oh my goodness Toby!" I heard her say but when I looked up - where was she? Had she abandoned me in my hour of need? I scrambled up and through the flap to find out what she was doing.

Rookie error Toby! Of course - she had run for the keys to open the kitchen door and reach her poor unconscious kitty. Only I wasn't unconscious. I was very much conscious and walking towards her.

She was gratifyingly concerned about me all weekend after that but mercifully not so much we went to the vet which was a possible consequence I had not considered.

Other than that it was a top weekend. Mum was home a lot so there were snuggles and some bonus snacks and it was sunny and warm.

I just wish Leo was a nicer cat. Mum spoke to Victoria about him and they reckon he is fed up at home of being pounced on by Jasper the kitten. I can understand that might be hard. Obviously when I was a kitten I was a delight from Day One (that is a nasty cough Josie has there!) but I can see that a kitten can be hard work for the established cat.

Anyway I'm sure we'll all work it out.


Josie's game

September 4th 2014 10:20 pm
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Mum was ready to sleep but Josie wasn't so she decided to have a bit of fun at mum's expense. While my mum was brushing her teeth Josie was with her in the bathroom, determinedly trying to reach the inaccessible gap behind the loo.

"There's something there and I have to reach it," she was muttering, trying to get at it from each side.

"Is there?" asked my mum nervously. (Actually through the frothy blue toothpaste it was more like 'Shish wear'?) She hadn't seen either of us bring anything in but that's no guarantee that we haven't.

"It's late. I can't deal with it now, whatever it might be," she added, once all the ablutions were complete and Josie was still excitedly pawing into the dark hidey-hole.

Mum went to bed and was reading her book so I joined her, purring loudly to drown out whatever Josie was up to. When Josie joined us she had a cobweb draped on her head so she had got close to it - whatever it was. Innocent toy or unfortunate creature?

I know of course but I'm enjoying watching mum fret about the possibilities so I'm not saying.


Signs summer is going

September 3rd 2014 10:36 pm
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I let my mum sleep in this morning but we were all woken by a thud, scrabble, scrabble, scrabble.

That was Josie chasing lights as they ran across the wall. She hears the car coming, jumps up on the drawers and waits and then, when the headlights shine across the room, she pounces. In the summer it's light by the time the cars come so she's delighted to revive that game.

But it means we must be coming to autumn. Sighs!

One good thing is that mum is back in her big fluffy dressing gown. The little cotton one isn't nearly so good for paddy paws so I like that.

And we known it's cooler because Josie has been sleeping on mum's lap - it was too hot for both of them before.

I am making the absolute most of being outside while it is still warm enough. I don't want to waste a single drop of sunshine.


Rise and Shine!

September 2nd 2014 10:37 pm
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I needed a stroke so I woke my mum with a gentle meow and tapped her face gently so she would get the idea.

"I am trying to sleep," she said.

"And I am trying to get strokes. Do keep up!" I replied.

She did stroke me - few can resist my fuzzy face but "many people shut their cats out of the bedroom at night so they can sleep," she said darkly.

I considered this option but, never a fan of the closed door, I rejected it.

"No thank you. I like to be able to see you when I wake up," I said.

That went down well, I got extra rubs and I rumbled my purrs in appreciation.

"And I like to see you too. I was just wondering if we could be doing this a bit later. I thought the light was waking you two but it's getting darker in the mornings and you're still at the 5.30am wake up call."

I like my early mornings with mum before she starts dashing about and muttering about being ready for work so whilst I said everything that she seemed to expect I don't plan on stopping the snuggles any time soon. I'm pretty sure she won't shut us out!

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