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My mean mum

June 11th 2015 10:29 pm
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Now it's summertime I LOVE being out. Most of all I love being out when evening comes and the interesting things start creeping around. It's awesome!

I came in last night when I heard my mum open the treat drawer. She laughed.

"Nothing wrong with your hearing, young man," she commented. Which is true. I can hear that drawer open no matter how far away I am.

A quick snack and my mum said, "Right. Bedtime."

"OK, See you later," I said, heading back out.

"No you don't" she said.

"Watch me," I said. And she watched me walk up to my door and find it locked. Dagnammit - she must have done that while I was crunching my treats.

Yes I complained. Too right I did. But there's no moving my mean mum. She reckons she couldn't sleep without knowing Josie and I are safe.

I got my own back by jumping on her when she was dozing off. That's usually Josie's territory but a point needed to be made. She just rubbed my ear and said she loves me.

I need a new plan!!


I am brave..really

June 10th 2015 10:28 pm
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I was mootling around the garden yesterday, minding my own business, when I looked up and saw not one, but both cats from next door, Leo and Jasper.

I am as brave as the next cat but there was something intimidating about seeing them there. They just both sat and stared. I made myself as big as possible and scurried back to my door.

My mum was in the kitchen and saw me. She bent down to open my door (I have her very well-trained).

"Well - if you're here!"

I turned and ran straight back. "Out of my garden!"

And off they went. Must have been my big fur.

I could have taken them on without my mum being there of course. I just didn't choose to.


A good Spring clean

June 8th 2015 10:42 pm
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There is no such thing.

On Saturday my mum said yey and she was not going anywhere that day. The correct way to spend such a day is playing games with us cats and snoozies - I even have no objection to her quietly reading a book as long as it isn't her new cat one.

What I did not want was her taking down curtains and going round washing down skirting boards and stuff like that. It's very disruptive. She was ever brushing down lamp shades.

"How do you two get so much fur up here?" she asked. Just all part of the service. No extra charge.

Sunday was much better. We caught up on sleep while my mum was out in the morning and then we all sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and playing games out there.

Trouble with having the doors open was that a bad cat came in our home. I didn't see him but Josie did. Mum found him in the spare room. He looked up at her enquiringly.

"You have to go," said my mum and he did. Then mum looked at Josie. "That wasn't great territory defending. Even some noise would have helped so I knew he was here."

But Josie had been shy and hadn't known what to do. It was the cat I bopped on the head once so I know I would have seen him off.


They think they know

June 7th 2015 10:37 pm
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but they don't!

My mum was really really late home on Friday. We had about given up hope when we heard the key in the door. Yes - Josie was no longer on watch duty at the window it was that late.

My mum said that the motorway was shut because of an accident and she sat and sat and sat in the traffic.

"Luckily," she said, "The Book People had been at the office and I bought a book so I had something to read. Guess what it's about?"

Please let it be science or history or anything other than...

"Cats!" she said.

Naturally we welcome her interest but she just has to ask us if she wants to know stuff. She reads and gets ideas that she knows stuff about us that she really doesn't. We dread the "This is interesting" and she reads some nonsense out loud.

One time a book had a terrible mis-print in it. It read, "Do not spoil your cats" when they meant to say "Do spoil your cats". Luckily my mum realised it was a mistake. Having said that spoiling suggests better treatment than we deserve and we only deserve the very best and are therefore impossible to spoil so maybe they knew that!

Anyway we were very glad to see her home although she said not as glad as she was to be at home after such a long drive. She has other books on all topics here so hopefully will forget her cat one.


Things that go bump in the night

June 4th 2015 10:33 pm
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Yesterday evening my mum put a load of things in bags by the front door.

"What's all this?" I had a good sniff.

"Just stuff I don't want any more," said my mum. "I've had a really good clear out and it's off to the charity shop tomorrow. Hopefully someone else will want the things and they'll make some money for a good cause too."

"Josie," I called. "Pop yourself in a bag. Maybe someone will want you!"

But mum gave me that look and I had to pretend I was joking.

Anyway we all went to bed and were sound asleep at about 2am when there was a rumble and a crash. Mum sat bolt upright and turned on the light.

"What was that?"

Luckily from were I sleep I can see the hall so mum looked where I was looking. The bags had loads of books and stuff like that in and they had somehow re-settled in the night and fallen over. It woke us all up and no mistake.

I had to purr lots and get lots of headrubs before we could all get back to sleep again.


Summer's back

June 3rd 2015 10:29 pm
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The sun is shining and all toasty warm and I love it!!

I was having a brilliant time in the garden yesterday when Josie came out.

"You better go in," she said, "mum's fretting that she hasn't seen you since she came back from work and misses you." Then she added, "I wasn't missing you!"

It was hard to leave all the bugs and plants even for a moment but I hate to think of my mum sad so in I went. She did indeed seem happy to see me. She picked me up and cuddled me.

I was not in the mood and let her know in no uncertain terms.

"Right - you've seen me now and know I'm OK. I'm off out again," I said.

"No supper?"

"No supper. Maybe later" and I was back in the glorious outdoors. I love summer.


Tiredy Boy

June 2nd 2015 10:37 pm
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In the evening my mum will suddenly say, "Bedtime Cats" and off we go. I like it best when she's lying in bed reading her book and I sit on the bedside table looking down on her. I like seeing her smaller than me.

Then I nudge her with a paw and she gives me lots of delicious headrubs and I purr until I dribble and that's what we do before we sleep.

Yesterday I had such a busy day I was a tiredy boy. Not sorry at all when my mum said bedtime. There she was with her book, I sat looking down at her. The next part is, of course, the paw nudge.

Well - I meant to. I really did. But my eyes wouldn't work. They kept closing. I would open them again but no, it was just too much effort to keep them open. Without my eyes open I couldn't see where to nudge so I just sat there.

Mum laughed and stroked me. "Go to bed, little one," she said and that sounded like good advice so I did.

Only to lie there feeling all unsnuggled. Back I went and managed to keep my eyes open for a few snuggles.

But I'm feeling much better this morning thank goodness. Nothing like a good night's sleep to set you up for a good day's napping!


Hunting success

June 1st 2015 10:33 pm
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It's been a very poor season so far so I've really been feeling the pressure.

Yesterday I realised my mum was watching me when she let me out so I was determined to catch something. Anything. Then I spotted my prey. Ah hah!

Swiftly and silently, drawing on every hunting technique I know, I advanced. Pow! One swift action paw and claw and over my hapless victim went. He never even saw me coming.

I looked up at my mum. Yes - she had seen every moment. No more would she doubt my skills.

I reminded her later. "Did you see?"

"Yes - I saw you get that snail," she said.

"Pretty awesome stuff," I added.

"Snails aren't traditionally held as the toughest things to catch," she said, rather meanly I thought. I don't see her catching them.

I'm happy anyway. Since June arrived it's been wet so there's lots of snails out there. I think I'll go and bat another one.


Jasper in our garden

May 31st 2015 10:35 pm
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Saturday was all sunny and lovely and we were in the garden when who should stroll by but Jasper. He was rolling and my mum was stroking his tummy and telling him how gorgeous he is. Hey! She's my mum and shouldn't be using up her strokes on other cats. Mum says she has enough strokes for all of us but how can she be sure?

Josie wandered up to them. You go Girl! I thought she would put his straight. She got near them and then down she went and rolled on the path next to them.

Rolling on your back is not usually considered an aggressive gesture. Certainly Jasper didn't get the hint and just kept purring and enjoying my mum's attention.

Mum said that Jasper's mum has been away on holiday so he needed some extra petting but Victoria is home now so he'll be getting all his love again.

Sunday it rained so no-one was out much. Rain on a Sunday is good because that's the day mum changes the sheets and I like to get paw prints on the clean ones.


What about me?

May 28th 2015 10:41 pm
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Mum said, "Shall I tell them about Jasper being in our garden yesterday and me stroking his tummy? He loved that."

"Lately it's all been about Josie and Jasper and other cats. What about me?" I grumbled.

She gave me that look. "We wake up in the morning and I put down your breakfast but you're already at the door to go out. I come in from work and you're back at the door, waiting to go out. If I'm lucky I get a little snuggle when I go to bed but I hardly see you these days. Is this how it's going to be right through to autumn?"

"Pretty much," I had to admit. I really really love summer. As soon as hunting season starts I want to be out there. Admittedly we're off to a slow start this year but that's just making me more determined to catch something.

Today is a bit cooler so I've given mum some kitty kisses and she seemed to like that. It's easy to keep her happy. But now she's OK I'm off out again. Josie will keep her company.

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