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It's all about the stache

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Not feeling that great

September 26th 2012 8:36 pm
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Hi all! Since I last updated you all I have been keeping quite busy. I have done a few more escapes (onetime I even managed to get pretty far away!) but luckily the peeps always found me. I have also been busy playing with Dora & Tommy, those kiddos just love to wrestle!

In most recent news I have to tell you guys I am not feeling well at all. It started Monday. The peeps noticed I wasn't coming upstairs and that I only wanted to sleep on my bed by the basement window. I only moved once that entire day and that was to get a drink & use the litterbox. The peeps thought it was really odd but they know we all have those crummy days.

On Tuesday I half of the day sleeping in my window spot & the other half on a chair on the back porch. I didn't go and snuggle with my peeps like I do every morning, I didn't play with Dora, I didn't strut around the house or anything. I was not myself at all. Luckily I did eat some wetfood and use the litterbox which made the peeps happy. They started to get a bit worried and hoped I started to feel better by the next day.

Sadly it was not the case. I ate some food in the morning but other than that I did not leave my spot by the window. The girl doesn't think I look dehydrated and she says my gums aren't that pale which is good. Later in the day they brought me upstairs and noticed my balance was a bit wobbly and I walked kind of like I was in pain. I didn't meow out or even hiss/growl when the girl was bothering me and trying to see if anything felt painful. I just sat there & acted like I did not care. Which is really odd for me. The peeps hate seeing me like this & especially after losing Clemy so fast they are a bit paranoid. The plan was to make an appoinment for me at the vets on Friday but as the night went on they realized I could really barely walk. 2 or 3 small slow steps and then I would lay down. So now the plan is to call the vet in the morning and see if they can get me in as soon as possible.

Before bed they opened a new can of wet food and let me have it. I have several big giant bites, which is always good to see. The girl thinks that maybe it has something to do with my tummy, or maybe my hips perhaps. She isn't really sure, what do you guys think? She doesn't think it is my back legs because I would have been limping or trying not to put weight on them.

I will keep you guys updated!


Quite the adventure!

August 29th 2012 9:57 pm
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I had quite the adventure last night. You see I managed to escape out a door that was just a tiny itty bit opened and I slipped into the darkness of the night at about 10pm and I spent the entire night out there! The peeps had no idea. You see at night us cats get locked up. Dora goes into her "room" (downstairs bathroom, though since she is almost 4months old the peeps will soon let her run loose downstairs at night)and I get locked downstairs. They have tried to let me sleep up with them but I get to excited & keep everyone awak till 3am. Well there was some miscommunication last night & the peeps thought they had seen me downstairs but they sure got a big surprise the following morning.

The Mr. is the first one to wake up & I am always waiting by the basement door for him to open it up so I can give everyone morning snuggles! But this morning I was not waiting. He called & called and nothing, they began to fear I was hurt. They searched all over the basement & could not find me. In about a second the entire household was their feet at 6:30am, all still in their pjs. They were so worried. I have gotten out before but for only short times, & I usually just pace around the backyard. I have never been out for this long.

The peeps were trying to stay positive but negative thoughts kept popping up & they were so afraid something happened to me. We live on a cul-de-sac but at the top of it is a busy street & it would not be good if I went up there. They were also afraid I had jumped fences and was hiding a few blocks over. Ontop of all this fear they were working on a time crunch & they knew that even they would want they didn't have the option to seach all day. So they made a good job to split up & look all through the yard & the neighbors yards. They called & searched but nothing. Panic was starting to hit. When finally the girl was making her 3rd lap in the front yard when she spotted a big black ball of fur. She was instantly filled with joy. It was me!!

I was sitting in front of one of the neighbor's porch steps just waiting for my humans to come and get me. The girl called some of the other peeps over & let them know I had been found! But boy was I freaked! Especially because one of the neighbor cats was very close by & I didn't get a good feeling from him. I wanted to go back inside but everytime the peeps touched me I growled, hissed & put up a big fight. Finally the girl just sucked it up & scooped me into her arms. She got some nice pretty scrapes on her arms but she says it was worth it. I totally calmed down once I got inside & was very happy to be home. The peeps checked me over to make sure I was ok, they were mostly worried about bites from other cats (Clemy had this issue last october & it was not pretty) but I seemed to totally ok. I was hungry, thirsty & very very tired (I didn't sleep all night!) but I was ok. I ate a big breakfast & gulped down lots of water. I also had some mud on my white paws but I decided to clean it up myself, I actually stuck my paws in my water bowl & then licked them clean! The peeps couldn't believe it!

I ended up spending the entire day sleeping off my adventure, I was so wiped out! I know for some cats it may not have been a big deal but for a cat like me who has no street smarts at all, well it was quite interesting. The peeps are just happy that I didn't get lost or hurt & they will try their best to make sure it doesn't happen again!


Back to normal

August 7th 2012 4:58 pm
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The peeps are back! They came home Sunday late afternoon & I was thrilled. I stayed at the basement stairs & watched them but as soon as they looked at me and said "CHARRRRLIEEE!!" I gave a big loud meow and ran up those stairs and straight towards them! I met them with loads of headbonks and purrs and just could not contain myself! The peeps thought if was the sweetest thing ever.

The little fuzz ball (Dora) came home yesterday and I was happy to have her back but she was even more thrilled to see me. She ran right towards me and hugged my face! Yup she hugged my face. You should have seen my face I just looked at the peeps, unsure what to do.

I am glad everything is back to normal!



August 1st 2012 11:27 am
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Hi all! Hope you guys have been having a great summer! Mine has been quite up & down. I have had fun spending time with my family and playing with foster kittens but it has also been hard because my Clemy passed away and I really miss her. The new kid in the house, Dora a foster failure, has been helping me feel better though.

I did learn today that on Friday I get to have a staycation, like my buddy Newman, until Sunday because the peeps are leaving to a friend's lake house down in the ozarks. The gals leave thursday morning & the boys join them Friday aftrernoon. Tommy is coming to stay with us while they are gone because they didn't want him alone at the office for that long so I will atleast have someone to keep me occupied because Dora, being so young, has to board at the vet clinic. The neighbor lady is taking care of us, I like her. She took care of me last summer when they went to the lake & back in March when they went to St.Louis, she really loves me because I look like a cat she once owned.

Well the peeps are starting to get suitcases out so I better go lay in them & make it difficult packing.
See you Sunday!

P.s Thanks so much to Scooter (In loving memory) & family for giving us plus!!


2 years!

July 3rd 2012 9:47 pm
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So today is quite a special day. Two years ago today my peeps took me in! They have also decided to make this the day to celebrate my birthday! All I heard all day from my peeps was how much they loved and how happy they were to have me and how they could not believe it has been two years! I also got some yummy special turkey with my dinner and some fun scrunchy toy balls to play with. They wished they could have given me more but I understand that they have their hands full with Clemy so it is ok. The peeps are also very happy with how I have been treating Clemy while she has been ill. I love that girl so much & am usually very rambunctious with her and like to jump and tackle Clem and chase her around. You think after two years I would learn she doesn't want to play with me!? Anyway with her being sick I have been very good about leaving her alone & not bothering her though I am super concerned. I like to check on her and try to give her kisses to make her feel better. I hope they work because I don't like seeing her ill.

Luckily though my bud Tommy has been here to keep me busy. The Mrs. brought him home today & says that he staying the entire week because of the 4th and there won't be many people at the office with him. We have been up to our usual mischief...and snuggling. I have also had my hands full with a new foster kitten. She was part of a group of 6 that came into my girl's work at the end of May. They were just abandoned in an old car, they were all very little and still needed the bottle. 3 were a bit older & bigger while the other three were smaller. They all found homes pretty quickly except for 3 girls (2 smalls & 1 big) and sadly one of the smalls passed away because she was too little. So we were left with 2 spunky little gals, Azura & Dora. Azura (the bigger one) found a home pretty quickly but it has been a few weeks & Dora is still here! She is a sweet little fluffy tortie who is about 8 or so weeks now & is all kinds of fun. The peeps says she is fur sure not staying but I don't know...she is something special.

Anyway I want to thank all my great pals for their sweet wishes! It means so much to me! You guys rock.


Well hi there!

March 6th 2012 4:12 pm
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Hi Pals! Wow it has been forever since I last wrote, things have been so busy and will continue to be but I thought I would stop in for a little bit. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Even though it is a little bit confusing because the crazy peeps have actually decided not to celebrate my birthday that day but instead on the day that they found me, July 3rd. They originally had it set for that day because that was when they guess I was born but the day they found me makes more sense. Sorry about that mess up!

I have been keeping up with my trouble making but have been good, especially now that Tommy the work cat comes home on that weekends and we keep each other quite entertained. I am pretty confused though because they peeps keeping talking about leaving. Leaving! I guess there is this thing called "spring break" that is coming up so on Saturday they are all leaving for St.Louis. Leaving me, Clemy, the pups & a gecko named Liam who is staying with us for a 2 weeks. They are coming back Monday & our neighbor is taking care of us but I still think it is all a bit sketchy. I mean they have never all left me before! They have gone to the lake but atleast one of them was still here! It will be an interesting experience that is for sure and I am telling you right now, when they come home on Monday I will be one needy (not so) little guy.



July 8th 2011 8:46 pm
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So new kitty is still here, and I am not really sure about her. Though she did spend the day at work so I didn't have to deal with her too much. And I also have to tell that she is actually a HE! Ooops! We had a feeling it might be a boy, but the vet techs at the clinic confirmed it. While he was there they tested him for FIV & FeLV (all negative!), dewormed him and put on some much needed flea meds. They also guess him to be about 11 to 12 weeks.

The little guy is spending the night here again in the foster kitty bathroom but going back to work first thing in the morning for the rest of the weekend and the plan is for him to live there with Dennis full term.

The peeps will drop him off on their way to the lake, pretty early tomorrow. Wait I didn't tell you!? The peeps are abondoning me until Tuesday for a trip up to the lake! I just can't believe it, they have never left me before! I have had one or two peeps leave before but it is usually only for a little while. The man in charge is staying behind, and will be taking care of all of us furballs and oldest boy comes home from his job at camp on Saturday but leaves the next day. I was pretty confused by all the suitcases & bags, I tried to stop all the packing by laying right in the middle of it but sadly it didn't work. So I will be staying behind, all neglected, while my peeps ditch me.

I hope you all have a good weekend! Mine will filled with many hours of pouting and complaining.


A year together!

July 7th 2011 9:31 pm
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So July 3rd was my official one year anniversary, and the peeps can hardly believe it! Wasn't it just yesterday that the furless brought little fuzzy baby me home? It wasn't?! Well it sure feels like it!! I really grew up way to fast and none of the peeps would have ever guessed that the holiday kitten they took in as a weekend foster would turn into the giant fluffy monster that you all love today!

The peeps helped celebrate the special day with tons of sparkle balls, sunbathing, tiki cat & chicken. A great day! And of course there was a wonderful little baby photo viewing party, that was filled with all kinds of awwww moments.

I am so happy to have a forever home & enjoy each and every day. I got to bed sleeping in my favorite spots in the basement (guess who still isn't allowed upstairs at night because he will wake everyone up?), I wake up waiting by the basement door & then running to join the Mrs in bed for our usual snuggle session and spending the rest of my day napping/eating/sunbathing. Oh it's a good life.

And thank you to all my friends for the stars, rosettes, & messages on my special day!

In other news another kitten found their way to the peeps! Yes another! Between Dennis, the six pack kitties & this little one it is becoming quite the cat year. The little one is a lively grey tabby (with a M on her head like EK!) who we guess to be about 8 weeks old & we are pretty sure it's a girl. She was found by one of the Mr/Mrs's employees in the office basement this morning. He heard a meowing & thought it was Dennis & got quite the surprise when the kitten came running towards him ready for some lovin! It turns out another employee found her & put her downstairs last night to make sure she would be safe. Dennis doesn't mind her much & she is such a total sweetheart chances are she will become work cat #2 & live a comfy indoor life being spoiled rotten.

The did bring her to our house today to get he bathed & get rid of all of her nasty fleas! Poor baby was covered in them & is also pretty skinny. I wasn't allowed to meet her nose to nose until she gets the all clear at the vet (tomorrow), like I had to before meeting Clemy. However every time I see her I hiss & spit and she does the same thing! The peeps just love her though always oohing & awwing but I do have to say she has them wrapped around her little paw. Mostly because she is such a love muffin & a big time kneaded. We have never met a kitten who loves to be held as much as the one does!

Well I have go & keep an eye on the new foster failure, but will update you later and will have some pictures.


A baby came back!

July 2nd 2011 8:42 pm
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Guess who came to visit Monday? One of my babies, little girl Vader! Her family went on a trip to St.Louis and needed someone to care for the diva so we told them to bring her on over! Vader's new cat sister Caramel was taken care of by a neighbor but since V is still so itty bitty & is getting used to her new home and being introduced to Caramel she has to stay in "her" bathroom so it really worked out best she came over to our house. She slept in the basement bathroom (which is quickly becoming our foster room!) but was also allowed to run around with me in the basement supervised, and on the back porch.

I just loved the gal! I got sooooo excited when I saw her, but she wasn't feeling the same towards me. She would hiss & spit everytime she saw me, but I just wanted to play! Finally after several hours the first day she came around and we had the best week time ever! And I must say she is quite the Miss crazy pants! She was bossing me around most of the time, and keep in my mind I wiegh about 17lbs! I attempted to snuggle with her a few times but she wasn't having it! Nope! Wrestling is what this chica was after! Even when she was in her room I would shove my giant monster paws under the door & try to steal her toys or just have her attack me for a bit.

I really missed her when she went back home thursday, she was a great play mate & never got annoyed at me like old lady Clemy. I am enjoying the quite though it's insane how much energy is in such a little creature!


Where oh where have my babies gone?

June 14th 2011 3:15 pm
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They took my babies! The three babies I had left, they took them! On Saturday morning I got up early with my peeps & watched birds on the back porch and to my surprise they put my babies on the back porch with me. They have been doing that for a few days but never that early in the morning, I was so happy to get some play time though I was still a bit confused about where the other 3 were. I played & played for quite a while but also made sure to give them a nice few good licks and loving. After a while I went over to my favorite corner to take a nap & the peeps loaded the babies in the carrier & took them back to the clinic.

I expected them to come back at the end of the day like they have before but they never did! I even checked for them in the bathroom they were staying in but I didn't find them and all their stuff was gone too. Furless told me that they were going to spend a weekend with one of the vet techs and then stay at the clinic until they found their forever homes. I was a bit disappointed my babies were not going to staying longer & I didn't like seeing all of my peeps all sad from missing them. They did talk about how they would love to keep their favorite kitty a little boy called Clowse who was extra special & one of my favorite playmates. But the man of the house said we had enough pets and said that they were only fosters and couldn't stay forever.

I miss them a lot but I am getting better, thanks to a lot of catnip, hair ties & birds to watch!

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