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Lemon Nip

May 24th 2013 10:02 am
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Well, after mama thought she bought all the flowers and Herbies she needed, she started lookin in her Herbie books and found more things she thinks she should grow. There is a gardenin place here that has a whole Herbie house just full of all kinds of neat stuff. Mama membered pullin up all grammie's garlic chives cuz she thought they were stinky. Last night she was kinda laffin when she bought some cuz she has "acquired" a taste for garlic. YUCK! I am glad she will not make me and Guns eat any.

The coolest thing mama bringed home is lemon catnip. That's right; lemon catnipshun. Mama sez it smells yummy, and she was kinda diss-pointed when we were not thrilled. She brought in two leafs, one for me and one for Guns. I sniffed it and walked away. Guns started to sniffy it, and then he backed up real fast and squintered his eyes. Guns does not like stuff that smells strong like mama and daddy's toothpaste. Anyway, Guns would not get near the leaf, and I did not really care bout it. Mama sez maybee if she dries it, the lemony-ness will not be so strong, and then maybee we will like it better. If not, then I guess mama will have to try and make some tea stuff for herself.

I guess Guns and I will be home inside all day while mama is out doing what she calls preppin pots and plantin flowers and Herbies. Mama was hopin it would be nicer out, but it is not very warm even though the sun is shinin, and it is terbl windy. Mama catnot even try out the new ridey mower, Crusher, cuz it rained most of last night, and the grass is REAL wet. Poor mama. Maybee she should be a kitty. :)

Purred by: KIBBLES (Catster Member)

May 24th 2013 at 12:04 pm

Our Grammy has The herb called Lemon balm. She planted it years's very aggressive. She has tried to gets rid of it many times. It's in the mint group and just like mints it goes where it wants to and like a Timex watch it keeps on ticking. She even puts it in cement chimmney blocks to keeps it in it's place, but it's growed out and everywhere. We don't likes it...but Grammy did. She not so sure after years of too much. She used it just like lemons, in teas cold and hots, in foods that called for lemons. She has even been known to rub it all over us. YUK! We do smells good but!!! We don't like it.

We also has regular cat nip. Most of ours didn't make it through the winter so she buyed us 5 new plants. She put 3 in the long planter in our cat cage condo outside, and will plant the others somewhere else. We do still has one little plant from several years ago...but it's so small. When she brings it
we each only gets a small piece. And we loves it.
So goods luck on your plants. HOpe you get some reg. cat nip so you can enjoy it.
Have a great day Peakie and Gunny

Your friends, Kibbles and family
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May 25th 2013 at 1:42 am

I've never had lemon nip before!




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