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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale: 2024 Breeders List in Canada

Written by: Kathryn Copeland

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale: 2024 Breeders List in Canada

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Ragdolls are beautiful cats with silky fur that tend to become rather floppy when held and are among the largest of domestic cats. They are lovely, affectionate cats that enjoy nothing more than spending time with their families.

If you live in Canada and want to check out the most recent list of Ragdoll breeders this year, you’ve come to the right place.

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Ragdoll Breeders in Canada

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Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

If you’ve opted to find a Ragdoll through a breeder, it is essential that you only deal with a reputable breeder! You do not want to support backyard breeders or kitten mills.

Not only do you not want to let these kinds of people and places continue with their abuse of animals, but you’ll also probably end up with a kitten that will likely be sick and traumatized. Here are a few links for you to search for Ragdoll breeders in Canada.

Ragdoll Breeders Near Me

You can use Petfinder to find cats and kittens up for adoption. Just add in your postal code, and it will locate any Ragdolls that are closest to your area.

Ragdoll Breeders That Ship

The Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI) includes a list of Canadian breeders separated by province.

Registered Ragdoll Breeders

This list includes official Ragdoll breeders worldwide but lists the breeders from each Canadian province. This is for the International Cat Association (TICA).

These are just a few examples, and you might not find a breeder that will ship to your specific location. Canada does not have any websites that provide a full listing of all Ragdoll breeders in the country, so we curated a list of several breeders from most of the provinces. Many of these breeders do ship across Canada, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Alberta

  • Rainbow Ragdolls is located just outside Edmonton and is registered with TICA, RFCI, CCA (Canadian Cat Association), and the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).
  • Ranchin’ Ragz Ragdolls is found in the town of Nanton in Southern Alberta and is registered with TICA, RFCI, and CFA. They only sell show-quality kittens.

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in British Columbia

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Manitoba

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Nova Scotia

  • Capercats is located on Cape Breton Island and is registered with TICA and CCA.
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Image Credit: Pixabay

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Ontario

  • Aden Ragdolls is in Port Dover and is registered with TICA and CFA.
  • Briarshae Ragdolls can be found in Meaford and is registered through TICA. Their website also advertises their cabinetry services, so don’t be too confused while looking at their Ragdolls.
  • FantasyMeow Ragdoll Cattery is from East Gwillimbury and is TICA registered.
  • O Canada Ragdolls can be found in Kitchener and are registered with TICA
  • Raggtown Cattery is located in Essex (just outside of London) and is registered with TICA, CFA, and CCA.

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in P.E.I.

  • Diamondsun Ragdolls is in Coleman and is registered with TICA, CFA, and ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association).

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Quebec

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Saskatchewan

  • Horizondolls Ragdoll Cattery is found in Regina and is registered with TICA and CFA.
  • Paragon Ragdolls is also located in Regina and is registered with TICA.
  • Pleasantdoll’s Cattery can be found in Pleasantdale and is registered with TICA and CFA.
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Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

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How Much Does a Ragdoll Cost?

The price of the Ragdoll depends on various factors: the breeder, the coloring of the Ragdoll, and whether they are meant as a pet or a cat for show.

The price is usually reduced if a Ragdoll has any colorings or markings that aren’t accepted as show quality. Sometimes, Ragdolls in a rare color (like cinnamon) can cost more.

The average cost for Ragdoll kittens that are only meant to be pets could range from $1,600 to $2,500. Show-quality kittens tend to be $2,000–$3,500 or more. You can also expect to pay more if you want breeding rights for the cat (which could be over $4,000).

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Image Credit: Eva Bentley, Shutterstock

Top 6 Things to Ask a Ragdoll Breeder

  • Before you can ask the breeder anything, they need to be open to your questions. If a breeder is evasive or even hostile, avoid! A good breeder will be knowledgeable and will ask you questions too.
  • Ask to see the mother so you can check her health and if she’s well taken care of. You’ll want to ask about her diet, her lineage, and the last time that she was checked by the vet.
  • Ask to see the living space of the mother and her kittens. Does it look clean and hygienic? Are there blankets and toys for her and the kittens?
  • Are the kittens being raised underfoot? This will mean plenty of socialization for the kittens.
  • How familiar is the breeder with the Ragdoll breed? How passionate are they about the breed? Ask how long they’ve been breeding Ragdolls.
  • The breeder should also ask you questions. They should want their kittens to go to the best home possible, and money won’t be the priority.

The 8 Things to Know Before Buying a Ragdoll

  • First, you should find out what you get when you buy one of the breeder’s cats. Do they supply vaccinations, TICA registration, health guarantee, and/or a kitten start kit?
  • You shouldn’t allow the breeder to rush you. This is a decision that you need to take your time with. Don’t rush into a relationship with a breeder if your gut is telling you no.
  • Research the breed. You want to be sure that the Ragdoll will be a good fit for you and your family.
  • Expect a certain amount of grooming. While Ragdolls don’t shed as much as some other cats, they do shed. They are also not hypoallergenic.
  • Not all Ragdolls will be floppy. While this is common with the breed, not every Ragdoll is exactly the same.
  • Expect to invest in big items for the large-sized Ragdoll. You’ll need a big cat tree, litter box, cat carrier, and cat bed.
  • You’ll want your Ragdoll to remain an indoor cat. They can be targets for cat thieves, given their purebred status.
  • Ragdolls are affectionate, love spending tons of time with people, and don’t like being left alone. So, if you’re looking for a more independent cat, the Ragdoll might not be the right breed for you.

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Any time that you’re thinking of bringing a new pet home, you’ll always need to consider many different factors. Finding the right breeder that will give you the right cat is just the first step.

Ragdolls are exceptional cats that can fit into almost any household: seniors, single people, and large, noisy families, all with or without dogs (preferably cat-friendly dogs, of course). If you’re careful with your choice of breeder, you can’t go wrong with the Ragdoll!

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