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Cool Cardboard Scratchers

August 4th 2012 9:48 am
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Zack and I are really into cardboard lately. I already mentioned the cool Catty Stacks in my previous diary. We play in them every day fur sure. I want to share some other neat cardboard scratchers our pawrents found for us.

There is a picture on my page of me on top of our Kittyblocks. Very fun. We luv scratching the Kittyblocks. The sides are a unique velvety texture of cardboard that feels so good to scratch. You can sit on top of it, inside it, use as a tunnel, climb the sides and scratch all over it. I even luv taking naps in it or on top of it!


Next is the Catpod. Mom just put up a picture of me inside the Catpod. This was such a cool idea. Again, all cardboard for scratching. It is a pod with little windows on both sides. Zack and I luv to bop each other thru the windows. We also take naps in it, get on top of it, hide in it, scratch it. We bought the original but there are some other products too.


Then we have the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge. Another favorite scratching spot for both of us. It is not called a lounge for nothing - we luv to lounge on it. And very gratifying to scratch. We also have fun playing in the middle holes. We both fit in there. We have it in walnut brown and it also comes in charcoal gray trim. Mom just got the email and there is a 5% off coupon code for this scratcher - "modernpf" - thru August 8th plus free shipping on Amazon.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Mom luvs the look on our faces when we scratch these products. We really get into it. We don't bite the catty stacks but these 3 scratchers we have made teeth holes on them. Gives them even more character with our own mark on them. Mom said that all the companies above have excellent customer service.


Catty Stacks Condo!

July 22nd 2012 2:33 pm
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Our Mom joined Melody & Joy's Mom and Tasha & TT's Mom and Xena & Zeke's Mom in being Box Ladies! It seems like you start off with two boxes and then the stack keeps building. Zack and I have so much fun in our boxes. Our colors are Tickled Pink and Snow White. They also come in Chocolate Brown, Pistachio Green and Sky Blue. You have a choice of small holes or punching out bigger holes. The boxes are great for playing and napping. Purrfect for bopping a brother on a head, playing hide and seek or grabbing at wand toys. Zack and I usually make up our own games. When Mom added the tunnel, I went right thru it. That is what pictures are shown on my page. The Catty Stacks are easily attached with the included clips and are very sturdy for us cats but can be easily moved by the humans. We LUV Catty Stacks!

Catty Stacks Website

Catty Stacks on Amazon

Catty Stacks on Pet Mountain

Catty Stacks Assembly Instructions (Video)

Catty Stacks - Facebook

I want to wish the Happiest 3rd Birthday to my Hunkalicious Canadian Bad Boy KOVO !!!


Purrince Tao (Popped in on Catster!)

July 3rd 2012 1:14 pm
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For all those missing Purrince Tao and all the Tao goodness, you can find him on facebook!

Pharaoh Purrince Tao on facebook

My wonderful Uncle Tigger has passed a message for me and Tao. Tao's Sissy had her internet taken away from Baba (Dad). But she can access facebook from her phone. She unfortunately cannot access Catster that way. So that is why she can get on facebook and not catster. Uncle Tigger let me know that Tao really misses Catster and he say he thinks he will regain the Internet before March of next year, and possibly even for a month this year after Ramadan. Oh, and he finally did receive the postagram I sent him. If I am remembering correctly, I think that Sissy's Sweet 16 Birthday is today, July 3rd!

Thank you Uncle Tigger! We miss you Purrince Tao and Calie! Happy Birthday Sissy!

July 5th Update:

Tao popped in on Catster and wrote a diary entry and posted a picture of him holding the Postagram I sent him!!

Purrince Tao - Diary

Tao's Picture with Postagram


My Cat From Hell - Season 3, Episode 1

July 1st 2012 5:21 pm
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While I was napping Mom watched the first episode of season 3 of My Cat From Hell online for free! She put in earbuds so the kitties on the show wouldn't wake me up.

Episode 1

There are 2 stories in this first episode. The first story is about Mufusa and the second story is about Olive & Pepper. In the second story, Kate from makes a guest appearance on the show. She is there to help catify their place!

Let me know if you watched the show!


My Cat From Hell

June 28th 2012 10:46 am
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The 3rd season of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet starts this Saturday! And Jackson Galaxy's site Spirit Essences is offering free UPS shipping (on most items) thru July 4th. I highly recommend the Jackson Galaxy ModKickers. You could be playing with them while watching the new season! We don't have a tv or cable but Mom will be watching the episodes on itunes.

It looks like they will be running a My Cat From Hell marathon all day tomorrow, replaying all six episodes from last season, followed by the new episode. Also watch for Miss Moderncat (Kate from to make a guest appearance on the season premier!


Not All That Mod

June 23rd 2012 9:49 am
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We aren't as modern as we thought. Remember the Modkat litter boxes we had? We had a picture of Zack in the pink one. And a picture of me in the cute shipping box it came in. Mom had bought us each one, a pink and a white. Mom liked them more than we did. Zack and I would jump in and out fine, we just wouldn't do our business in them. It was more a toy and game to us. I think we just really luv our huge litter boxes. So luckily Mom kept all those.

Yesterday Mom was talking to her hairdresser about litterboxes. She also has a brother and sister, a black kitty and tortie kitty, like us. She mentioned that her cats were such kickers of litter all over the place. Mom remembered that she had the Modkat boxes washed and packed in their original shipping boxes even with new liners. She was going to donate them but she thought it would be more fun to give them to her hairdresser who just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend and kitties. Her hairdresser was very excited about them. Mom told her they were her housewarming gifts. Dad even drove them over to the salon right then so we wouldn't forget. So hopefully her kitties are more mod than we are when it comes to doing their business!


My Cat Daddy Game

June 13th 2012 12:51 pm
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I luv to play. I luv to play all day! My newest game consists of Mommy, Jackson Galaxy ModKickers and Vee PURRfect Wand Toys. We have 2 piles of ModKickers. My favorite pile are the pink and black ones made for Jackson Galaxy by Moderncat Studios. The other pile is an assortment of different colors and patterns of ModKickers. Each pile is on one side of our Kitty Hollow Tree. Mommy plays with the wand on each side and I go running around the tree, diving and sliding into the modkickers to get the end of the wand. It is SO fun. We have 3 different wands that we switch to during the game. I do it over and over again from side to side. It is great exercise. Zack comes and plays too but I like it best when Mommy and I sneak upstairs and play by ourselves. I lost count on my paws on how many times a day we play this game. LOTS of times!

Here are my recommended wand toys:
Vee PURRfect Feather Bouncer
Vee PURRfect Crinkle Bouncer
Vee PURRfect Leather Bouncer

More ModKickers:
Moderncat Studio Toys

After meowing with Tasha, I am going to try this:
Vee PURRfect Whispy Bouncer

What is your favorite game?


Thanks Da Tabbies!

May 17th 2012 12:16 pm
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Samoa and Dai$y mention us in their latest report!

A Fish Tail


Pink Envelope From Bangladesh!!

May 7th 2012 4:24 pm
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I got mail today from my CBox Boy, Purrince Tao, all the way from Bangladesh!! He sent a lot of Tao goodness in a big pink envelope as he knows how much I luv pink. And I luved all the stuffs inside. Plenty of Tao goodness fur sure. Never can get too much of that! Pictures Sissy took for me of outside. Thanks Sissy ;) Original artwork by Sissy of me and CBox Boy together to show our CBox Budship. She drew me, the CBox Gurlie, in all my pretty colors, sitting pretty and my crazy CBox Boy, standing with his stripes and tummy spots holding the CBox. MOL! Very cute Sissy. I luv my crazy CBox Boy! In a CBox Budship kind of way :) It was a pink envelope full of friendship all the way from Bangladesh. Thank you so much CBox Boy!!

Now if you would only get the card I mailed to you (March 15th!) and the postagram I mailed to you. Maybe NEXT month! MOL!

Thanks to Minuette for the pretty spring Daffodil giftee! A shout of GET WELL wishes goes out to her Mom.


Daily Diary Pick Again!

April 29th 2012 12:56 am
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Wow, to be a Daily Diary Pick so soon again. I am a little embarrassed. But thank you Catster HQ for the honor! It is a great way to start out the week.

Zack and I are having a great weekend. We are enjoying Daddy being home and all of us together again. We have been watching lots out the windows. We had new neighbors move in (that was fun to watch!) and they have 2 big dogs. We are surrounded by dogs. A small dog on each side of us and big dogs in the house in front of us and in back of us. So much dog watching to do! Then add in our bird watching and people watching. We keep really busy!

We check up on how the geocaches that were named after us are going. They were hid by Hazel and Farrah's Mom in Germany. There is a Zack Cache, Zoey Cache, Rocky Ann Cache, Rocky Ann Trackable, Hazel Basil Trackable and a Farrah Jaqua Cache that are named after us kitties. People in Germany seem to really love the caches hid by Hazel and Farrah's Mom. She does a great job and makes it so fun. Mom translates their German comments to see what the people who find them say.

Hope every kitty has a relaxing Sunday full of plenty of fun and naps. Please save your zealies. I luv comments so if you have the time, leave one of those instead!

A whole diary entry without any Spanish!

Smiley Cassanova  does it again! He was the first to give me concats for this DDP Honor too. Thanks Smiley :)

The Zoey Geocache

Where Hazel & Farrah's Mom hid me in Germany

Explains Geocaching

Thank you to my Cbox Boy, Purrince Tao and Calie Gurlie for the Beautiful Butterfly Giftee! They missed my other DDP so I will accept this giftee today from them. MOL! Thanks everycat for the comments, pawmails & treats. Much appreciated!

Thank you also to Angel Alfie, Dave, Ollie & Buzz for the yummy pink Shrimp. I luv shrimpies! And thank you to Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for another blue Birdie to watch. I see him out my window right now! And thanks to Tabatha for making the cute DDP picture for my page. So nice of you! Thank you to Skylar, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty & Furfamily for the pretty Pink Rosette. You know how much I luv pink! Thank you to Ginger for the big red Heart. Luvly!

A special thank you to Señor Hunkalito for the beauuuutiful Tulips. Besides being handsome, he is so sweet too!

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