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Kitten Tales

Terrible Two's

January 22nd 2010 3:47 pm
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Mama thought I was going through the terrible two's awhile ago. Nope; I was just getting ready to be the kitten from hell. I am still sweet and lovable, but in between snuggles I'm very bizzy doing mostly naughty things. I have become infatuated with the bay window and the antique leaded glass hanging window. I race into the dining room and leap into the window. During my landing, I give the hanging window a good shove so it swings back and forth wildly. Mama screams "Gunnarr, NO!!!," but it doesn't really faze me. I sit in the window and look up at some peacock feather decorations and waaaaiiilllll. Mama, I want those! Waaaaaaillllll! I WANT those! Then I stand up on my hind legs and paw at the hanging leaded glass window. When I put my weight against it, it moves, and I think that's fun. When I get bored with that I stand up in the window and cry and paw at things that mama says aren't there. Today they were there; snowflakes, and I was gonna get every one. I could have caught them all except they wouldn't come in where I could touch them. I had to settle for playing games with mama while she was cleaning house. She felt sorry for me because I was so unhappy about the snowflakes, so we played with my kitty teasers, foam balls, and some mousies. After all the running, pawing, and wailing today, I'm worn out. I'd better take a nap so I can be refreshed and wild at bedtime. Mama has to work tomorrow, so my job is to keep her awake late with my kitty hijinks.

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January 25th 2010 at 8:39 pm

The kitten from hell, eh? Sounds like we come from the same place.


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