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Catching up

September 28th 2014 11:06 am
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I can't comment on any diary entries, friends (I keep getting a message to log in, and when I do, I get a message saying my cookie auto-signed me in, but when I try to comment, I get a message again to log in).

So I'm hoping I can at least post a diary entry to let you know how my fursibs, my Dad and I are doing.

We furs are all doing well. I have had no crystal problems for a while, and Sev and Vicki are also well. Dad is hanging in there. He's just finished Week 2 of five weeks of radiation therapy with chemo. He has a lot of fatigue, and is losing weight really fast. This time he got the mouth sores from the chemo, which is making it even harder for Mom to get food down him. She says it's like bargaining with a three-year-old. ("I won't make you finish your omelet if you'll drink a milkshake....") Although I'll bet any three-year-old would take her up on that!

Anyway, we wanted to wish all our friends well and hope you're getting some of this lovely early fall weather. Vicki and I both have our winter coats back, so we're ready for colder weather, but it's OK with Mom if it holds off for a while.


Bad news, good news, good news

August 30th 2014 7:25 pm
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Two out of three isn't bad.

First, the bad news. My Dad is back in the hospital. Again. He has a pelvic abscess. He is feeling better today, but says the drain for the abscess hurts more than the big surgery he had last month. But he is not in any mortal danger.

Two, the good news. I am feeling much better and peeing freely, though I still don't like my anti-crystal food. Bleah.

Three, more good news. My insurance company sent my Mom a check for $1830 for my emergency urinary blockage and $350 for the cat sitter I needed while my Dad was in the hospital and my Mom was with him in Baltimore. She is very grateful for that.


Home again, but now Dad's in the hospital

August 13th 2014 1:06 pm
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My friend Kody says that his vet told his mom that stress is the most important factor in feline urinary obstruction. Good thing humans don't react that way, or my poor Mom would be in the hospital all the time.

She took Dad in yesterday for a post-op appointment, and a CT scan showed a big cyst in his abdomen, next to the pancreas. Wasn't there before surgery, and the doctors aren't too sure whether to drain it or just watch it. In the meantime, he's back in the hospital. But Mom couldn't stay, because she hadn't made arrangements for us, so she drove home in the driving rain (took five hours instead of the usual four).

She picked me up this morning. I'm peeing well and eating as if I've never seen food before. But I have a really bad case of separation anxiety. I won't let Mom out of my sight -- follow her upstairs and downstairs and cry unless she's holding me or at least has a hand on me while I sleep.

I now have matching shaved bracelets on my front paws. And new meds to take. But they don't taste awful, so Mom intends to mix them into my food rather than add any stress from pilling me.


Back in the Slammer

August 11th 2014 3:00 pm
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I am back in the animal hospital and could use some purrs again, friends. I was in the litter box like, every 10 minutes, this morning and my little pee pools were getting smaller and smaller. Mom packed me off to the vet, and sure enough I was very nearly blocked again.

The vet managed to get me unblocked without a catheter, though, and now we're just trying to figure out what medications would be best for me. I've been eating my prescription food (not happily) and drinking from the water fountain, so I'm trying to do my part.

This is really the pits. Now I know what my poor Dad has been going through.

On the happy side, I see from Orange Ruffy's diary that the foster kittens have found a good home! Wish I could comment on diaries, but I wanted Ruffy to know that we're all very pleased at the news!


Thanks for the purrs, friends

August 9th 2014 9:18 am
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Mom came to get me Wednesday morning. I was sooooo happy to be home! I am taking medicine three times a day, and have to eat special food (which I don't like, but Vicki and Sev think is delicious).

I really want dry food, but Mom says I can't have much of that. She warms up my prescription food, adds a little water to it and then mixes in a dozen or so pieces of the dry food. I guess it's tolerable that way, but she still has to feed Vicki and Sev separately or we'll trade dishes.

Today she noticed that I was again exiting the litter box very slowly, and immediately turning around to lick my nether regions. She hopes I am not getting blocked again.


I'm much better!

August 5th 2014 6:28 am
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The vet called Mom yesterday and told her I am doing well. My catheter is out, and I'm peeing on my own. She said I was alert and happy, holding my tail high and making friends with everybody on the staff.

I am getting an ultrasound today, though, and it won't be over until Mom has left for work. Since she gets home very late, and Dad of course can't drive yet, I have to stay in the hospital until tomorrow.

But at least I have new friends to pet me and tell me how handsome I am!


Purrs, please? I'm in the hospital

August 3rd 2014 10:09 am
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Mom had to rush me to the vet yesterday because I was running from litter box to litter box, desperately trying to pee and not making it happen. The vet said I was completely blocked. Now I'm in the hospital with a catheter and an IV drip, and Mom is beside herself.

I have been on Royal Canin S/O since the crystals made an appearance six weeks or so ago, and seemed to be doing fine on it. When Mom took me back for a check just before Dad went in for his surgery, the vet found no crystals at all.

But Mom started giving me a little of the dry S/O last week, since I'm not fond of the wet, and maybe that was a bad idea.

Anyway, she has to leave me in the hospital until Wednesday, because she has to take Dad back to Baltimore for a post-op appointment. Please purr that I'll be OK.


Joy! Joy! Joy! Our Dad is home.

July 26th 2014 2:43 pm
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Not sure if anyone will be able to see this diary entry (every time I try to read somebody else's diary entry, I get a message saying this member hasn't started a diary). But I wanted all our friends to know that our Dad is back from the hospital in Baltimore.

He had a rough time, with six days in the ICU, and two weeks total in the hospital, and he is very weak. But we are being very gentle with him, and he says we are the best medicine ever.


Purrs for Dad?

July 12th 2014 7:09 pm
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Our Dad had his cancer surgery yesterday, and Mom is with him in Baltimore. She sent word that it went more or less as planned, though it took 13 hours instead of the expected 10 because his spleen was injured in surgery and had to come out as well.

He is in the ICU, but is alert and very frustrated that his doctors won't take out his breathing tube until his blood pressure gets a little higher. He's finding it hard to communicate with a dry-erase board, given that both of his wrists are strapped to IV boards. (Hey, he still has an opposable thumb, after all.)

Today when his little herd of doctors came in and wondered what to do to raise his blood pressure, he signaled Mom for the dry-erase board and wrote one word: COFFEE.

Please purr that Dad gets some coffee, or at least some diet Coke. He needs his caffeine, and we need our Mom and Dad back.


Hello? Hello?

June 24th 2014 1:04 pm
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We've been having trouble getting on Catster, and it looks as if we're not the only ones. Hope the site gets fixed soon.

I wanted to update everyone on my recent medical problems. The impacted and infected anal glands are much better -- no longer infected although the vet said the left one is still filling up. Severian and I went in for dental sessions on Monday, and she had to express it again. Fortunately, I was in la-la land, so I didn't notice the unspeakable.

The crystals in my urine seem to be dissolving properly. I don't like the special food, though (Sev loves it). Mom is mixing a little of my favorite foods into it to make it taste better (along with Miralax to help with the glands). I am almost done with the antispasmodic medicine and the painkillers.

I didn't have any teeth stolen, but Severian did. They stole a molar and now he has to take antibiotics and painkillers now, too.

But the good news is that his ultrasound showed no sign of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or kidney disease. His murmur is caused by a small stricture in one of his arteries, but his blood flow is still good.

Mom is feeling very, very broke after all these tests and treatments and dental visits, but relieved that we are doing well.

Hope all of our friends are, too.

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