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The bestest day of the year!

November 1st 2011 12:59 pm
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Hello kitties everywhere and welcome to the bestest day of the whole wide year! That's right, today is my Gotcha Day! Three years ago my mommy and daddy went to Happy Tails in search of the perfect kitty. I jumped in mommy's lap first and she thought I was just the cutest, but she really wanted a girl kitty AND she was concerned about my FIV. I KNEW I had to go home with these people though, I just KNEW it, so I went to daddy. No kitty wanted to be with daddy, they were all afraid of him for some reason. He sat down in this chair all sads and dejecteds and I saw my chance! I crawled right over to him and into his lap where I promptly fell asleep! SUCKERS! Mommy COULDN'T pass on me when she saw that! They decided to try, even though I was "sick", and they are so glad they did every day of every year! I'm the bestest thing that ever happened to them! (don't tell Simone that!)

Thank you kitties for everyone who stopped by and sent me presents, or notes, or pictures, or anythings. You are all the greatest and it means the world to me that I has such great friends to help me celebrate the best day in the history of the world, the day I got gotted!

...oh yeah, it's also my birthday too! Guess I need double prizes right? MOMMY...


Well knock my socks off and call me floofy!

October 30th 2011 1:56 pm
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... I don't know what that means, but, either way... I'm a DDP! HOORAYS! Thanks so much kitties for all the great comments and messages and gifties you are sending me! Please though, save your zealies. Mommy feels bad cause she hasn't had the time to send messages for DDPs recently. We're so happy I was chosen, but we don't want to take your zealies away!

We're getting ready for Halloween over here, but unfortunately, my mommy gots a bit of a cold I think. Her chest hurts and she fell asleep really early last night and woke up really late today. I don't know what's up, but I slept with her the whole time. She's feel ok, but not really 100% so that's a bit of a downer, that and Halloween is her FAVORITE holiday ever and she's not feeling 100% for it, which is sad. On the up hand side though, she hasn't put many silly hats on us this weekend as a result! hehehe!

Oh yeah, and also, this morning when she FINALLY got up and opened the door, guess who was there? GIRLFRIEND! hehehe! She said "hello nice lady who feeds me" and I came running down the hallway. Mommy had to quickly close the door cause I was trying to make a break for it to see girlfriend! Guess I'll just have to tell mommy how much I want to get outside today with as many baby squeaks as I can muster. I'm a crazy good baby squeaker as I told you all in my last post. Mom thinks it's because I live with a very talkative meezer, I had to up the anty if I wanted attention! hehehe!

Again, thank you so much kitties! Catster is the bestest and so are all my friends!



October 27th 2011 2:16 pm
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Hi kitties,

Mommy says I'm spoiled. This is apparently a growing problem between the two of us, but the good news is at least she's taking responsibility for spoiling me in the first place. See, somewhere along the way she taught me (probably by accident) that if I talk to her with my little baby and jump down the hallway in front of her with my swishy walk, I get cat treats! What did she think would happen? I NEVER shut up now! I'm constantly talking and asking for treats. It's getting a little crazy! You can't walk down the hallway without a River cat helping you out by escorting you with baby noises! Mommy says I'm going to be come as chunky as my sister if I keep this up. I don't think that's fair, I'm still trim and slim, I just REALLY like a good cat treat, especially the cheesy flavored ones! What do you think kitties? Whose right? I think I am, I'm not spoiled, I'm delightful, and it is a privilege to give me kitty treats! Plus, I also give great hugs if you pick me up while I'm begging!


Thank you Kitties

October 7th 2011 2:19 pm
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Hello Kitties,

Well, I've been pondering this for a little while, and I just don't know a better way to say thank you to everyone on this wonderful community. You guys all came together when Ingen was missing and while my friend Tigger was sick. You guys are the best. Now Tigger is back home with his family and Ingen is safe with a friend while transportation can be arranged (and holy cows to how much you've all give to help get her home!) I wanted to say thanks to every single one of you, but I couldn't think of a really good way to do that. So this is what I'm going to do...


I hope that can suffice, I don't think I can possibly get a thank you to every kitty out there who purred or helped out, every little bit was important.

I also did do one other little thing though, while we are slowly putting in some Halloween sales over at my shop, I convinced mommy that all catsters deserve a special code, so here it is... if you want a Happy River Dances Catnip toy just pop on over to my shop and use the special code INGEN and that will get you 20% off as my special thanks!

Happy River Dances Catnip Company

If you want the Halloween stuff you gots to scroll down a little, I had to renew some stuff today and it got bumped down!

Oh yes... and one more very important thing. 7 Months ago a really special kitty friend of mine left catster and I was really sad about it. I sent her some of my toys and a picture of me and sisfur and we got a very nice letter back from her with some pictures. We just found out that she's had our pictures hanging over her daddy's desk this whole time. The good news is this super sweet girl and her fantastic daddy came back to catster! You should all go visit her! Send her a message, send her a comment, ask to be her friend, she's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! Her name is Munchkin

Go on, go visit her! Don't be shy, she's a great friend. I don't know how much time she has to be on catster, but you know what kitties, you can never have too many loving friends in your community, that's what I says!



How our V-E-T trip went

September 24th 2011 4:49 pm
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Can you believe that sisfur of mine? She wrote a diary entry complaining about our vet trip but forgot to update all of you about how it went! You guys might have been worried we gots bad news or something! Sheesh! Sisfurs!

Well, I think the reason she doesn't want to tell you guys is cause the vet tech told her she was F-A-T! Yup! We all knew THAT was coming. The tech was pretty tough on mommy about it too, which I thought was uncalled for. It isn't mommy's fault that sisfur has some serious stress issues and it isn't sisfurs fault either. They are both trying to keep her around a healthy weight but it's hard. The vet was much more understanding and offered mommy some new advice she got from a conference she had just attended. We like the vet more! Our vet is a nice lady!

Other than sisfur being fat, it all went pretty well. It was a little traumatics but in the end, it was all ok. We got our rabies shots updated (OUCHIE!) and checked out. All the ladies told me I was super duper handsome and said that my parents take EXCELLENT care of me! Sure do! My coat looked so great, they all just wanted hugs! I'm a popular guy.

I've put on a little weight, but not enough to be a problem. I bounce around a little with my weight, depends how zoomies I feel every month I guess! Otherwise, everything else is going great! My teethies are still clean too so that's good, I didn't want to have to do that again! Mommy was very proud of me! She said "Take THAT FIV again!" Darn straight! 3 years with mommy and daddy, all good!

So, there you have it, we are in excellent health! I just wanted to update all of you so no one thought we were hiding some dark scary secret about our health. Now, off to lay in the sun! I heard a rumor that mommy has a really long documentary she wants to watch tonight, Simone and I are all ready picking out our spots on the sofa to be with her, she NEVER sits still for long, so we HAVE to take advantage of this!


Celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 19th 2011 7:06 pm
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Ok kitties, there are two things to discuss here. How you DO and how you DON'T celebrate National Meow Like a Pirate Day. I think mommy has to review this a little...

DO... send your friends flags on catster, oh and check out the HQ announcement for the free flags... that's totally me! Thanks for telling me Monida!

DON'T... Give the River Cat a bath. I'm serious mommy, pirates don't need baths. I don't ever recall Long John Silver taking a bath so WHY does Long John River Cat have to take a bath? Yeah kitties, you guessed it, last night my parents boarded my ship and took me prisoner, then they tortured me by dunking me in the bathtub and rubbing me with soaps, I'm the sweetest smelling pirate on the seas today and I hates it, even if I do looks might handsome as a result. Still NOT cool.

Oh yes, and one more DO... TALK LIKE A PIRATE! Avast me hearties, we sail tonight with the tides for booty and freedom on the open seas! We bes the fiercest pirates ever to sail the seven seas indeeds! Shiver me timbers! Fifteen cats on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho was a bottle of catnip rum!

Everyone enjoy your talk like a pirate day and stay clear of bathtubs full of water. I only wants the saltwater in my veins kitties!


Long John River Cat

September 7th 2011 12:36 am
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That's right kitties, this year I'm going for the pirate look in honor of talk like a pirate day! I didn't last year, talk about missing out. I'm not sure if my page is finalized but it was very late and mommy finally found something that would work so we're sticking with it for now! hehehe! I'm going to keep the music though!

This year for Talk like a Pirate day you can all call me Long John River Cat after Long John Silver from Treasure Island! Want to know why? His nick name was barbeque and I LOVES barbeque! No really... it was and I do! Treasure Island was mommy's favorite book growing up and still is. She has so many copies, people keep giving her them. Long John was her favorite character (actually Israel Hands was her FAVORITE character, he's the coxswain AND there was a real pirate named Israel Hands who sailed for Blackbeard! fun facts!) But Long John Silver was a close second! She's letting me be that super clever one legged devil for talk like a pirate day! ARGH!!! GET ME SOME BARBEQUES!!!


Oh gosh are we behind

August 12th 2011 2:45 am
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Hi there kitty friends of mine who I have seen in FOREVERS. Can you believe how long it has been since I posted an update? I know, I feel like I never get any catster time in the summer. I've got my best pouting face on but mommy just keeps telling me she's too busy and ignoring me. Humph!

I know I'm WAY behind on all the great tag games that all my friends tagged me in and I REALLY want to play, but first I have two important things to update you on first.

The first one is cousin Mittens is still missing. Aunt Lydia and her new kitty are doing fine, but she misses Mitty something fierce. We don't know what happened to her. She is 18 years old. We've got our paws crossed and we're holding out for a miracle, but we're pretty worried about it all. We know that angel Dinah and her other sister Angel Snickers are both waiting for Mittens up at the bridge, so if the worst has happened, we know Mittens is back with her sisters again and happy, but we're really purring for her to come home.

The next bit of news is just as important. Many of you know the family of the Cat Father Blizzard and all his fellow kitties. As you all know, their daddy took in a new girl recently named Panda. She had been thrown out by some bad bad heartless person and, long story short, she had a litter of kittens. Their daddy has been taking care of them and wants to adopt them out now to catster families if possible so they can grow up in this community and he can know how everything works out for them and so all of us can as well. So far though, he hasn't had any success and he's starting to get really depressed about it. If any of you are looking for a new cutie to join your family, you should go check out this batch of cuties. Transportation can probably be arranged through the Catster railroad if you live far away. Just send them a message about it. We'd be willing to help but we live on the wrong side of the country! Oh dears! I hope we can find a few of these little ones a home in our community. If you're in the market for a kitten or know someone who is and would join catster, send them the information! Also, please post this everywhere you can, we need to find these kittens a home! Their daddy did a wonderful thing by taking in their pregnant mommy and she now has a permanent home in their family, but they can't keep all these little ones too! The house would be overrun with kitties! hehehe! Come on everyone, let's find Panda's babies a home!

Panda and her Kittens


Bring Mittens Home

July 25th 2011 2:54 pm
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Hi kitties,

I've got a tall request for all you angels out there, I really needs a big favor. My cousin Mittens has gone missing. Mittens is 16/17 years old and she got out last night back in NH and she hasn't come home since. You can see her picture on Angel Dinah's page. Her mommy is worried sick, my aunt Lydia. They are the same age and She's had Mittens since they were both 3 years old! She's mommies youngest sister and she and Mittens are so close. Please angels, find Cousin Mittens and guide her home. She's a very old girl and they live in the way off country. Bring Mittens home kitties. Please Angels, please bring Mittens home.



July 12th 2011 9:08 pm
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Today, when daddy came home from work, guess what he brought with him? GIRLFRIEND!!! Daddy found her down by the parked cars and brought her up for some nom noms! hehehe! I was so excited to see her and she said "meow" to me through the window! hehehe! It was pretty neat! Me and mommy sat inside and daddy and girlfriend waved at us from outside. She's still looking good so we didn't take her inside, but daddy did carry her up from downstairs so she's super duper friendly! hehehe! I'm so happy! HAPPY RIVER DANCES for girlfriend being safe! HOORAY!!!

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