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needles in my butt!

September 22nd 2010 1:52 pm
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Well, am I ever so offended! I had to go to the vets this morning! I know, me! I'm as shocked as you are! They stuffed me into that little old carrier and brother into his and took us to the vets. It was horrible. I yelled the whole way there. Brother cried his little high pitched squeak. The car was a mess of kitty sounds. Then when we got there, there were TWO count them TWO kitties roaming free around the vets. They have two kitties who live at the vets apparently. One of them looks like a heavier version of our friend Milo. I hissed at him from inside my carrier. He didn't come near me, I'm a tough lady! The other looks a little bit like Samoa. She left us alone pretty much, she was sleeping in a chair.

We finally get into the examination room and the first thing they do is plop me on the scale and then the insults start flying. "She's pretty heavy isn't she?" "Yeah she's a chunky monkey!" CHUNKY MONKEY??? WHAT is that suppose to mean mommy?!?!?! They are discussing diet options for me. Well after that the vet lady stuck a needle in my butt. I know, I couldn't believe how bad the day was going, needles in my BUTT! I didn't want any shots!

The good news is that brother didn't get off scott free. Since he was there as well they decided to give him his shots as well. He wasn't due till the first of October, but since he is FIV positive and it would save a trip, he got them too! hehehe! He also got weighed. It isn't fair, we weigh pretty much the same and they said he was perfectly healthy. They also complimented both of our coats, we have very soft fur!

When we got home I burst out of my carrier and hid for awhile, I'm very offended. Mommy went back out and picked up a de-stress plug in thing for the bedroom since I've been having on and off stress problems for awhile now. She's hoping this will help me out. I think not going to the vets and getting needles in my butt would help more...


I heard you on the phone mommy...

September 20th 2010 1:03 pm
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So this morning while I was minding my own business and sunning my beautiful belly in the bright September sun (living in CA is great!) I saw mommy go pick up the phone and dial a number. Well that isn't that strange, except then I heard her talking about cats on the phone. Now she only talks to a few people about kitties on the phone. My grandparents ask about me sometimes, but it wasn't them because grandma is a school teacher and would have been working when she was on the phone. She also talks to the shelter people about taking in a new foster and the vets about... well all that stuff I don't like to talk about. I perked up and had a good listen to what was going on. Turns out, mommy was on the phone with the vet. One of us has an appointment on Wednesday to get our Rabies shot and our upper respiratory shot. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder which one of us it is. I hope it is brother but I get the horrible feeling it is me since she said she'd be bringing us both. She only brings both of us when I'm the one who HAS to go. Brother won't let them take me away from him. Once they took me to the vet and left him home, they had to repaint the door, he scratched all the paint off trying to get out to get me back. It feels like I JUST got my shots though, why do I need them AGAIN? Maybe I should let brother out, he can scratch up the car tires, then neither of us has to go!


Why won't you work Catster?

September 9th 2010 10:10 am
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We are still having problems with Catster and this makes us very sad. We have missed a lot of our friends information and we don't like that one bit. Mommy just doesn't have the time though to sit here and find it all when it won't load right. She's back in school, which is bad enough for me. She's gone every Tuesday and Thursday starting at lunch time and well into the night. I'm not happy about this. Where am I suppose to sit if her lap isn't here for me? Sigh. Please fix yourself Catster so we can keep up with all our friends information, we miss them and want to know what is going on!

Oh, good news though, the boom boom movies are all done. No more of those exploding things for me, she finished the series! Now I just have to hope mommy hasn't gotten herself hooked on explosions and kabooms in films. she keeps saying after a long day of academics, those movies are just what her brain is up for. I sure hope not. I want quiet movies. Mommy should watch more love stories, those are quite. Why don't we ever watch love stories mommy? Or, even better, movies about kitties! We should watch movies about KITTIES!!!


BOOM goes the tv!!!

September 2nd 2010 12:12 pm
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First and foremost, PIGEON IS HOME! I know, isn't that the best news? Mommy wasn't on Catster very much recently because she was so sad about Pigeon being missing. Every time she logged in she was hopeful that he'd be home, and he wasn't. It was breaking her heart. Last night though, the miracle message came through. Mommy was so excited she shouted for joy "PIGEON'S HOME!!!" Everybody was really happy. I was sitting on her lap at the time and started purring up a storm! I was pretty happy he was back!

I also want to thank everybody for the hearts and loves I've gotten on my page! I don't care if they are free gifts, they make me one happy Simone with happy Simone toes! I love all of you kitties back! Thank you so much for them!

Also, we are working our way through catching up with all our Catster friends. Since the recent updates page hasn't been working right we missed a lot, we'll get it all read eventually.

Now for the booming. So, when mommy isn't doing school work (which she is ALWAYS doing) or working on her books (which she is ALWAYS doing) or rubbing my belly (which she doesn't do enough but should really consider finding more time for) she writes a movie review column. She named it after me. I was really flattered until I realized what she calls it...
Anyways, the week she got back from Paris she was told to review the movie "The Expendables" and she went to see it and wrote a REALLY funny review that people have liked. Well, it went down so well, she was told to write a review of the 4 Rambo movies. Mommy rolled her eyes big time at this. Rambo? Well, she's doing it. She watched the first one last night. I have to say, I don't get it. I was on top of my cat tree, which I rarely do. I don't like going up high since I was declawed by previous abusive owners, going up and down is hard. Anyways. There I am, up high, surveying my kingdom, enjoying the world, and suddenly the tv starts going BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! Dogs are barking, guns are exploding, there's yelling and motors roaring. I freak out. I'm looking all over the place. Where are these noises coming from? What is going on? I'm so scared. Mommy comes over and picks me up and sets me on the ground and I see it's the tv. The TV? I was scared of the TV? That's just embarrassing. I don't get it though, these movies seem awfully boomy. Why would anyone want to watch boom boom movies? Sigh. How many of them does mommy have to watch Mr Editor person? They are so loud, they disrupt sleepy time!


Please purr for Pigeon

August 27th 2010 5:41 pm
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Our dear friend Pigeon has gone missing and we are so worried about him. Many of you know Pigeon and know what a great kitty he is. We love him so much and are so scared. Please everyone purr for Pigeon and that he makes it home. We know his mommy loves him more than anything in the world and we hope she finds him soon. Please come back to us Pigeon, we all love you so. Please everyone think of Pigeon and pray that his mommy finds him soon.


Halloween all ready mommy? Sheesh, slow down!

August 26th 2010 11:48 am
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So mommy went to the fabric store last night (River loves the fabric store, he loves making fabric smell like him) and while she was there she found a Halloween costume contest and she picked up an entry form. It's the Joann Fabric and Simplicity Halloween contest. You take a Simplicity pattern and alter it to be original and send it in to them for a chance to win. She can enter the pets category and if she wins she gets 250$. Think of all the nom noms that could buy... Mommy has to decide what she's going to do for me and River. Any ideas kitties? What should we dress up as? Mommy is tossing around a lot of ideas. The good thing with pets is you can alter the basic pattern anyway you want. What do you see me as? I hate costumes but I'll do my part for new nom noms! She may also design real people costumes as well if she has time. Who knows. If any of you kitties have mommies who sew you should check it out on the Simplicity Pattern homepage under the classroom section. Let us know if you enter what you guys dress up as! We can do our own little trick or treating game some day.

Honestly though, it's still August. Halloween is so far away! What is it with these humans and rushing the holidays? I like the summer, it's so warm. I love warm!


Please keep an eye on Eva

August 21st 2010 4:17 pm
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Dear angel kitties everywhere,

Please keep an eye out for Eva up at the bridge. Mommy was told some horrible news today. If you want to read about it you can go to Eva's profile page, she posted a diary entry about it. Mommy's heart is broken and she feels horrible guilt. Please angel friends, find Eva and take care of her until mommy can be with her again. She was such a nice kitty, I even feel bad that I was a brat to her when she was here. She deserved better than what happened to her. Mommy is so sad. Please hold Eva in your purrs and help her find her wings.




August 21st 2010 1:00 am
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Oh my catness, can you believe that brother of mine? Not only does he upstage me by getting so many DDP awards, he gets one right after me! What is it with that brother of mine? I'm going to go clean his ears again!!!



August 20th 2010 9:47 am
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Oh my catness!!! I'm finally a DDP on catster, I've finally been chosen for something! I was getting so jealous of brother because he always wins stuff and I never win anything from Catster, they never give me any awards or honors, and then this. Thank catness indeed! I'm on happy Simone! I might have to make River do his happy River dance over this!

Thank you so much to everyone who has all ready sent me messages and presents, I feel so loved! Thank you to those of you who will in the future. I'm such a happy Simone and I'm so happy to have so many wonderful friends!


mommy loves

August 18th 2010 9:56 am
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You know what is really great? Having mommy home. I missed her so much. I handle her leaving pretty well, but man was I happy to get her back. I've been snuggled with her every night under the blankets. I've also been a super chatty girl recently. I follow mommy around talking to her. Mommy can't believe how talky I am. I just follow her around the house going "mrat mreow, mrow, meow, mrat, mraaaaaaaat, purrrrrrrrrr".

Turns out we are becoming a regular stop for hungry 'nom nomers' as mommy now calls them. We have several regular kitty visitors. Some of them are strays who mommy plans to catch and spay / neuter. Perhaps adopting them out, or perhaps returning them if they are feral kitties. Some of them though, don't look like strays. They have collars and tags, but they eat more than the strays. There is a little black one with a tag who shows up every night and devours the food and then just hangs out in our doorway all night. Mommy doesn't know what's up with him but if he has a home, he doesn't seem to get enough to eat there. He's all skin and bones and he doesn't seem to like leaving our home. She's hoping he's just a fussy kitty who likes our house more and isn't being mistreated or underfed where ever he lives. He's so tiny and always so hungry. Mommy was thinking if he keeps showing up like that she may try calling his tag number or checking lost pet ads to see if he is lost from his home. The other kitties with tags who show up to steal noms aren't anywhere near as hungry or tiny, but mommy enjoys their company as well!

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