Cats for Adoption

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Everything you need to know to adopt a cat or kitten.

So you've decided to adopt a cat - go you! We've partnered with Petfinder to bring you the largest listing of adoptable cats on the web. Whether you're looking for a playful kitten, a lovable senior cat or something in between, have we got a selection for you.

Shelters and Rescue Organizations

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Talk About Adoption

Helping a New Cat Out of Hiding

We foster a lot of shy cats and try to get them socialized. The hiding and skittishness is normal. As long as the cat is eating I would let her be and let her get used to things. Then while she's eating you can start to work with her getting closer and touching. It may go on for weeks but she'll come around.

Paula K., owner of a Breed Unknown

Locating the Owners of a Stray Cat

Try getting a hold of all of your neighbors and see if the cat is anybody's pet. Take a picture of the cat, create a "found pet" flyer, and post the flyer in places where it will be seen by a lot of people. If you are unable to locate the cat's caregivers, try finding the cat a good home.

Alice K., owner of a Bengal

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