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An orange cat with his mouth open — sneezing or hiccuping.

New Breakthroughs in Treating Gingivostomatitis in Cats

Can stem cells provide the cure for cats suffering from a horrible mouth disease called gingivostomatitis?

Jackie Brown  |  Jan 16th 2018

Some unlucky cats develop a horrid mouth disease called gingivostomatitis, an immune-system issue that causes severe painful inflammation of the gums. In the worst cases, treatment is pulling out all the teeth. Even this doesn’t always work.

Stem cell research for feline gingivostomatitis.

Stem-cell research may help comabt feline gingivostomatitis. Photography © CIPhotos | Thinkstock.

A recent study published in the August 2017 journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine looked at stem cells as a treatment option for gingivostomatitis that doesn’t respond to treatment. Of the seven cats in the study, four had complete or significant remission (the other three saw no improvement). Although stem-cell research is still in its infancy, these are promising results.

Thumbnail: Photography by Valery Kudryavtsev/Thinkstock.

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