Kitten Rescued from Potentially Fatal Peril


Today’s news comes to you from my old stomping ground of Belfast, Maine. In a multipronged act of kindness, a kitten was rescued from certain death.

Ann Dyer Kelley (no relation to this writer) was walking her dog down one of the city’s streets when she heard a meow. She looked down and saw a tiny black-and-white cat suspended by the neck from a storm drain grate. She called her husband, Belfast police officer Eric Kelley (also no relation), who happened to be on duty, to report the cat’s plight.

When Officer Kelley arrived at the scene and saw the kitten hanging in midair, he got the city’s Public Works department and animal control officer on the job.The owner of a nearby garage brought some tire bead lubricant to the scene to aid with the extrication efforts.

Once they greased the cat up, they pulled it out and the feisty feline took off for points unknown. I guess the cat’s misadventure didn’t do too much physical harm.

I’ve looked down through those grates more than once on my own walks around town, and I know the storm drains are not exactly shallow. So how in the world did this poor little kitty get itself wedged in there in the first place? We’ll never know for sure.

The fact that half a dozen people would come together to rescue a four-legged resident is no surprise to me. Belfast is a place where the police still patrol on foot in the downtown area about nine square blocks during the summer, and I’ve often seen them giving directions to wayward tourists and friendly greetings to residents.

(Okay, if you’re the type of person who engages in criminal activity, the cops are all business and not so much with the cheerful waves, but that’s to be expected.)

As for random individuals coming to the aid of a cat in trouble, that’s no surprise to me, either.When someone or somekitty needs a hand, Belfastians (as I call them) are more than happy to do what they can to help.

I don’t know what it is about New England that seems to breed cats that get up to these shenanigans, but I’m glad both of these stories ended well.

(Oh, and if you want to read the original story, you’d better hurry up. Although the people of Belfast are kind, the news outlet … not so much. After March 3, you’ll have to pay to read more than the first few lines.)

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