Jackson with a feline friend. Photography courtesy Jackson Galaxy.

Jackson Galaxy’s Total Cat Mojo Live

Learn why Jackson Galaxy’s tour is a must-see.

On Nov. 4, author and host of My Cat From Hell Jackson Galaxy (aka The Cat Daddy) kicked off his Total Cat Mojo Live tour, which will come to 15 cities across the country throughout November and December 2018. He shares his expertise and “cat mojo” – his unique philosophy that teaches cat parents the skills to help their feline friends build confidence within their own environment.

Check out the show

Being silly at the show (with the help of Snapchat). Photography by Molly Butler.

My sister and I attended his first show in Los Angeles and had such a great time. As longtime “crazy cat ladies” (we’ve had cats all our lives), we’ll take any opportunity to hang out with people who are just as crazy about cats as we are.

We’ve both met Jackson before – me through Catster magazine and my sister through an L.A.-based rescue group she volunteers with – and he’s always so gracious and generous with his time and cat knowledge. It was really fun seeing him in this kind of venue, connecting with so many cat people at once.

Even if you’re an experienced cat person, you’ll definitely take something away from the show – my sister and I certainly did. Jackson gets in-depth and personal and gives you the tools you need to have a better relationship with your cat.

There’s still time to catch a show! Visit JacksonGalaxy.com/Events for more information.

Q&A with Jackson

Jackson Galaxy with a feline friend. Photography courtesy Jackson Galaxy.

The tour is keeping Jackson pretty busy, but he was nice enough to answer some questions for us:

What made you decide to go on this speaking tour?

It’s funny because you said speaking tour, and what I’m trying very hard to blow out of the water is that this will be a speaking tour, yes. I hope you come away learning something about cats and maybe all animals and your relationship to them, but you should also have a ton of fun. It’s as much a theatrical experience and one-man show as it is a speaking tour. And I decided to do it because I’ve been behind the camera for a long time, and performance is what I love to do more than anything in the world besides working with cats. So, there you go – I’m hittin’ the road!

How do you hope the tour inspires people?

I hope it inspires people to take a look at the relationship they have with their cat in a new way – first and foremost, as a relationship. Just like as a relationship with another human demands a certain level of attention paid to it and tender loving care paid to it to help it grow, because these things do grow over the years

I also hope that I inspire them to act on behalf of all cats and spread the love that they feel for their cat. That’s always been a consistent message, but now I get to ask you right to your face.

I hope it inspires them to connect with other people who love cats. You know, I joke around about how the cat folk in the world don’t really have much of a chance to just get together and have a bit of a party. And that’s what I hope this is, and I hope they’re inspired to talk to each other on the way out of the building and make some friends. We’ll have rescue and advocacy groups in the lobby at every stop, and maybe you’re inspired to go and take a little bit of action for your community cats, too. It’s asking for a lot — but not really.

What has the response been so far?

The response has been great, and I feel like sometimes there’s a bit of settling in, getting used to what you’re seeing because it’s not going to look like something you’ve seen before. I feel very confident in saying that. But once you settle, in I think everyone’s had a great time. I hope they have, anyway.

Are you having fun on the tour connecting with other cat people?

I crave this kind of attention. You have to remember that for the better part of the last eight years I’ve been (at least eight months out of the year) in people’s homes and being filmed in people’s homes, and I go out on book tours every now and again, but I just don’t have this consistent exposure to the world of cat people. So the interactions have been not just good and fun, but they’re battery chargers. They’re jolts of cat electricity that just really take me to another place. It’s been sustaining and affirming, and I’m having the time of my life. And I can only hope that the people I meet are having just as good a time. It’s been special, and it will get “special-er,” I hope. We have a lot more cities to go, and I also think that we’ll be taking this show to different places in the spring. So all cat mojo systems are go!

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Jackson Galaxy.

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