Let’s “Go Orange” and Help Prevent Animal Cruelty


Orange is probably my least favorite color. I know it’s the color of honey and beer (two of my favorite things to consume), but I just can’t dig it. There is no orange in my wardrobe or in my interior decorating. I love pink, red, and yellow — colors normally considered obnoxious — but you will not find any orange among my belongs.

But when it comes to preventing animal cruelty, I’ll gladly wear and display the color orange! Are you willing to “go orange” for the prevention of animal cruelty?

April is Animal Prevention Cruelty Month because that’s when the ASPCA’s charter was signed back in 1866. The ASPCA’s brand color is orange, so it only makes sense to “go orange” to raise awareness and help promote cat and dog rescue. Of course we think everyone ought to be thinking about preventing cruelty to animals every month, but we’re also into raising awareness any way possible, so we’re going orange in April!

Sometimes it feels like there’s some kind of horrific animal cruelty news every single day — so much that you might feel like avoiding it all together. It’s easy to feel defeated and helpless, but here are some things you can do to help do your part in the fight against animal cruelty:

  • Make a donation to your local animal shelter: Whether you donate money or your time, every little bit counts.
  • Don’t support pet shops that sell animals from mills: Let your money talk.
  • Encourage adoption: If you know someone who is considering a new pet, help them find a rescue or shelter to adopt from.
  • Educate: Talk to friends, family, and your community about animal cruelty, and make sure to let them know there are ways they can help.

But here’s the obstacle a lot of people seem to think exists between them and activism: They feel that unless they’re doing something “big” for a cause, their efforts don’t really count. Activism doesn’t have to be a grand effort. Some of the most effective activism comes in everyday gestures and by just being yourself — people are paying attention and the courage and passion you display can be really inspiring.

With that in mind, I’m updating the Catster Facebook page with a new cover image in support of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and I’ve created the graphics below just for you! The more of us who change our cover images all at once, the more visible our cause will be. It’s a very small gesture, but it can have a huge impact — a drop in the water can create vast ripples of change.

What do you do to help raise awareness about animal cruelty? Share your work in the comments — you might inspire someone!

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