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Miss Scrappy Is the Cat in the Hat — Literally

The kitten in this video gets ready for Halloween in our version of "The Cat in the Hat."

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 20th 2012

“The sun would not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold wet day …”

When all of a sudden
there was a shriek throughout the house
The humans were screaming,
“Yuck, there’s a mouse!”

Oh, what could they do? Who could they call?
“We know! We’ll get Miss Scrappy the kitten!”
Yet the little cat could not be found.
It seemed that Miss Scrappy was missin’!

The humans were worried — where could she be?
Then they looked down at the floor and then they saw
a bucket-brimmed bonnet moving of its own volition.
But wait. What’s that? A pink nose and a paw?
Why, it’s just Miss Scrappy dressed as a cat in a hat!

This is Miss Scrappy’s hat disguise, which she uses to sneak up on her unsuspecting victims, then leap out from under and assault them with her cuteness. You might think that your house is haunted, but it’s just Miss Scrappy playing an adorable game of hide-and-crawl-around-under-a-hat.

We have to admit that the illusion is pretty seamless, giving us a bit of a fright (it’s not October yet), until little Miss Scrappy crawls out from under her costume and assures us that there are no ghosts — just an adorable, mischievous kitten.

Photo: Pretty kitten with a blue hat by Shutterstock.com

Via Your Daily Cute