Ask a Cat Lady: Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?


Marion asks, “Is wet food or dry food better for my cat?”

Good vs. Evil. Wet vs. Dry. You would think it’s a black or white answer, but with all the choices we have these days I think there is room for discussion. In my research I found some very impassioned blogs.

We can all agree that we love our animals very much and want the best for them. Unfortunately sometimes the very best food is also the most expensive food, and if you own several kitties, that might not work for you financially. While the critics lean toward the wet food, I think the best-quality dry food is still better than the worst-quality wet food.

My indoor kitties get a combo of wet meats and premium-quality dry food. Rorycat likes to binge and purge if a little dry food isn’t always available, which makes the situation in my house a challenge. My outdoor cats get the cheap kibble because I cannot afford to feed the masses. Financially this allows me to trap, neuter, and release — which is more important, in my opinion! I’ve seen those feral cats making off with mice, so I’m not too worried.

You should buy the best food you can afford. Make sure its number one ingredient is animal protein, and if you can, refrain from animal by-products. Cats’ digestive systems are suited to process animal proteins, not grains or vegetables. Wet food tends to be the better choice because most dry foods contain fillers. It’s not the easiest way or the cheapest way, but choosing the best possible food will reduce your vet bills later down the road.

“Wet vs. Dry” by Sarah Donner


In these economic times of cutting fat and drawing lines
You want your cat to eat like a king, but that is tight on the purse strings

When there’s wet and dry food, you only want what’s best
Get the best you can afford and ensure it’s a protein-based diet
Kibble tends to contain too many carbs and too much grain
Since your cat’s a carnivore, it needs a meat with more moisture

Times is hard, times is tough, but do your best, and I won’t judge
My cats eats both kinds, I admit. Clearly I can’t commit

Wet meats tend to cost more, but are better for a carnivore
It’s got moisture and more protein, just what their digestive tract needs
Save on vet bills later by choosing better food
He’ll high-five and live the life, and you’ll both feel good!

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