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We recently introduced you to Porkchop, Beans, and TT Pistachio, three tuxedo girls who are all about dressing fancy and living a sassy lifestyle. Well, donning my match-making hat, this week I’d like to suggest they team up for a triple date with a trio of similarly styled chaps from Boston.

They go by the collective name the Tuxedo Trio.

First up is Ben

Image via Instagram.

At a dignified 4 years old, Ben is “definitely the alpha male and owns every inch of our home,” says his owner.

“He is the only one out of the three that uses the [human] toilet, and he’s damn proud of it, too,” she continues. “He has always had a very determined, bold personality. When we have guests over, the other two will hide from strangers, but Ben will march right out to see who they are and find out what they are doing in his home.”

Now let’s meet Jack

Image via Instagram.

As the second oldest of the bunch, Jack is said to be “super playful” to the point where he will “actually carry a toy over to you, set it down in front of you, and meow until you throw it for him.”

“Jack will try to catch the toy midair,” she adds, “and if he misses, he’ll get it and bring it back to you. He will do this for hours.”

Every crew needs a determined dude willing to put in the footwork.

And Hugo makes three

Image via Instagram.

Being that he’s only a 1-year-old kitty, Hugo is “still in full-on kitten mode.”

To that end, Hugo loves to run around and surmount the cat tree. “I keep wondering when he will run out of energy,” ponders his owner.

Posse in effect

Image via Instagram.

Ben, Jack, and Hugo have bonded like best friends. “They play and run around together and they are always getting into trouble,” relays their owner.

These kitties’ broship goes deep, too: “I catch them being very sweet with one another often. Ben and Hugo have an especially tight bond; I catch Ben licking Hugo’s face quite often. Even though Ben is the leader, he can be very sweet and kind, especially with Hugo.”

When Ben met Porkchop

Image via Instagram.

Picking up on the tuxedo kitty dating theme, it turns out that Ben, Jack, and Hugo recently had a no-doubt sophisticated little meet-up with Porkchop, Beans, and TT Pistachio. “It’s kind of hilarious how their personalities match up with the trio’s,” explains their owner.

Mixed nuts

Image via Instagram.

So what if the Tuxedo Trio could actually take Porkchop and company out on a series of dates?

Well, Ben would apparently plan to take Porkchop “somewhere public but secluded.” But don’t worry, his intentions aren’t exactly salacious: “They could look down on everyone and carefully plot how to take over the world.”

As for Jack and Beans? These two would plump for a stay-at-home date as “they are too bashful to go out in public.”

When it comes to the kittenish members of the clans, “Hugo would take Pistachio somewhere energetic, where they could run around for hours — like laser tag.” Keeping it traditional, they’d end the date by sharing a milkshake at a diner.

Cameo kitties

Image via Instagram.

Finally, if you were wondering about the Tuxedo Trio’s names, it transpires that each kitty is named after a character from the TV show Lost. Playing fantasy scriptwriter, here’s how their owner envisions they’d have fared in the franchise.

“Hugo would be the first to be killed off — probably by the Smoke Monster. He is just too much of a wild card.

“Then Jack would be the quiet one in the background,” she continues. “He’d be the sensitive one who suddenly saves the day.”

When it comes to Ben’s role in the caper, “he’d be your typical Ben Linus character, so scheming, plotting, lying his way through the series.”

Scoot over to the Tuxedo Trio’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to keep up with their bromance. Formal dress is advised.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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