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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month – How and When Is It Celebrated?

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month – How and When Is It Celebrated?

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month may be something you’ve never heard of, but it’s definitely something you should know about if you’re a pet owner or you know a pet owner. Many people lack the knowledge of what to do for their pet in an emergency situation, so this month aims to improve the knowledge base of pet owners to help them be prepared. It takes place every year in the month of April.

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When Is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month Celebrated?

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month is celebrated annually in the month of April. This month was intentionally selected to make it an even more effective time for attention to be brought to these issues.

In April, the weather is usually becoming nice enough across most of the US for people to be getting outside with their pets. People begin to hike and go for more walks, as well as get out into social situations with their dogs. Going into the summer months, people will also start taking their dogs out for swimming.

Celebrating this month during April means that newly learned pet first aid knowledge is on the top of mind for many people when they end up in an emergency situation with their beloved fur babies.

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How Is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month Celebrated?

How this is celebrated will vary by location because there is not a set form of celebration. However, during the month of April, pet owners are provided information on the things that should be present in a first aid kit for pets. They are also reminded to check the things in their current kits to ensure that they are still within date and ready to be used during an emergency.

Education can be found during National Pet First Aid Awareness Month to teach pet owners how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on their pets, especially cats and dogs. In some areas, hands-on courses are available.

Information may be more difficult to find for exotic pets, but in lieu of widely available information, vet offices and zoos are great resources for information on caring for exotic pets in emergencies.

What Should I Keep in a Pet First Aid Kit?

To help you be as prepared as possible during a pet emergency, keeping a well-stocked pet first aid kit is necessary. Some of the materials can be found in human first aid kits, like tweezers, gauze pads and wrap, adhesive tape, cotton balls or cotton swabs, and disposable gloves. However, it’s best to keep a separate first aid kit for your pet so you always have materials available for both of you and things don’t get mixed up.

Your pet first aid kit should also contain bandage scissors, an oral syringe, a towel, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, styptic powder, saline solution, towels, a flashlight, and dish soap. Many of these items can be found in pharmacies and pet stores.

Towels and dish soap are great to have on hand if you ever need to quickly wash your pet, especially if they’ve been exposed to an oil-based substance. A flashlight can be used to give you a closer look at something or allow you to see something specific on your pet when the electricity is out.

One other item that many people forget to include in their pet first aid kit is an information sheet. This sheet should have your contact information, your vet’s information, and contact information for vets in your area. If you’ll be traveling with your dog, consider adding contact information for emergency vets that are located in the area you’ll be visiting.

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In Conclusion

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month is a great way to remind people to learn more about how to provide their pets with first aid care during an emergency. While you can learn information or stock your first aid kit any time, this being celebrated during April is a great way to ensure people are focusing more on their pets and provide them with knowledge as they’re starting to get out more and enjoy the weather with their beloved pets.

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