The Happy Cat Family Are Turkey’s Instagram Sensations


The Happy Cat Family consists of four rescue tabbies who live out in Turkey, where they broadcast their adventures to the world via their Instagram account. Despite forming a strong bond — and often snuggling up and sleeping together in one furry mass of kitten-ness — each of the cats claims his or her own backstory. Here’s how they came to unite as an adopted family.

The Happy Cat Family timeline

Image via Instagram.

Mutlu was the first of the family to make an appearance. He was discovered by the side of a motorbike accident when he was barely 1 month old — and almost lost his leg.

After a year of being treated like a “spoiled kid,” Mutlu woke up to find out he’d been joined by Bambi, who was adopted after a vet posted to Instagram a photo of a cat whose tail had to be amputated.

Ygritte was the next addition to the clowder, after her human found her starving in the bushes of her garden. She was barely 3 weeks old.

The last member to join the Happy Cat Family is Togepi, who was rescued while hiding out in a car engine, before being fostered and then adopted out. But when her first adopted home couldn’t keep her, Togepi was reunited with her new brothers and sisters.

Let’s meet Mutlu

Image via Instagram.

“Mutlu is an independent cat, not a lap cat,” says his human. “You can’t just grab him and make him sleep next to you. He is very playful and friendly, but he can be stubborn sometimes — well, most of the time!”

Get to know Bambi

Image via Instagram.

“Bambi is the most loving cat of all,” explains her human. “She has wild eyes, a scary look, and the sharpest claws — but she has a cotton-candy heart. She always comes around for snuggles and cuddles, and she doesn’t like sleeping alone. She sleeps on my pillow with me every night.”

There’s just the little matter of Bambi’s one vice — chewing cables. To date, her destruction list tallies four phone chargers, one adaptor, one camera cable, two phone cables, and two pairs of headphones.

Say hello to Ygritte

Image via Instagram.

Next up is Ygritte, who is said to be “a little strange,” being that she acts all friendly and loving but doesn’t actually like to cuddle with people. “She comes next to you for a little touch,” says her human, “then leaves like, ‘Okay, that’s enough!'”

Ygritte has also mastered the talent of running towards ringing doorbells and cellphones. “The next step is I expect her to answer them for me,” jokes her human. Well, that’s if Bambi hasn’t destroyed any more important cables first.

And trouble makes four

Image via Instagram.

“Togepi is the troublemaker,” says her human. “I have never met a cat like this. She is hyperactive — I mean seriously hyperactive. She doesn’t stop for a minute. She runs, climbs, jumps, fights, plays, chases stuff, and when she is tired she comes next to you, purring.

“She is 7 months old, but she looks so small,” she adds. “That’s what makes her extra cute, so I can’t be mad at her.”

Embrace the snuggle pile

Image via Instagram.

The most striking images on the Happy Cat Family Instagram account are the ones where all four kitties are smooshed up together, snoozing.

Apparently, this is something that happens a lot and isn’t posed for the cameraphone lens.

“As you see in the videos, they like grooming each other very much,” explains their human. “So the napping all together thing started like that: Usually Ygritte finds herself a cat to groom, then they all start grooming each other until they’ve all joined the snuggle pile.”

“After a few minutes of grooming, they fall asleep, and as they stretch, their paws stay in positions like they are hugging each other.”

Bambi the weirdo

Image via Instagram.

More sleeping shenanigans: Bambi has developed a cult following of those who love to check out pictures of her napping in strange positions.

“One day I found her in the middle of the bed sleeping on her back like a dead frog,” says her human. “I couldn’t stop laughing. She likes sleeping on her back and stretching her arms and legs — I think that is weird.”

Who knocked down the Christmas tree?

Image via Instagram.

Flashback to last New Year’s Eve, when one of the Happy Cat Family knocked over the Christmas tree. It’s not hard to guess who the chief culprit was.

“Of course it was Togepi, aka Troublemaker,” says her human. “She climbs the curtains, knocks down glasses in the kitchen, and steals chicken from the kitchen. She was my first suspect and, yes, the pawprints on the tree matched!”

Check out more of the Happy Cat Family over at their Instagram account.

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