The Avalon Lion Roars in Animated Series


Do you love cats? Then you might go crazy for Avalon Lion and his new online animated stories about cats.

The Turkish Van cat Avalon Lion has jumped in pawpularity since his appearance in the horror movie The Strangers Outside. As a follow-up to his cinematic star turn, he’s now the main character in an online series of animated stories about cats at The Avalon Lion Blog. His fun, lighthearted stories about life as a cat will delight readers young and old. Garfield was a phenomenon in the seventies and eighties, Avalon says. I believe cat lovers are ready for the feline star of the new millennium and thats me.

The Avalon cat stories are the brainchild of Vanessa Morgan, the author of the supernatural thrillers Drowned Sorrow and The Strangers Outside. Genre critics often call her the female version of Stephen King. Vanessa, who is also the owner of Avalon, says that the desire to make up stories about cats has been there for more than ten years, even before Avalon was born. Once Avalon came into my life, I knew that this precious feline was going to be the star in this animated series. Still, it took Vanessa more than ten years to actually start the project. That was the time needed to find Allan Beurms, the brilliant illustrator and graphic artist who is now drawing the Avalon Lion.

About Avalon Lion

  • Name: Avalon (nickname: Lion); he was named after the Mamoru Oshii movie Avalon
  • Breed: He believes hes a Turkish Van, but theres no proof of that whatsoever
  • Age: 10
  • Profession: cartoon character, movie actor, celebrity
  • Favorite food: Almo Nature, chicken
  • Favorite movies: The Strangers Outside, Avalon, The Cat From Outer Space, The Uncanny, Nekonade, Uninvited, The Cat Returns
  • Particularities: Roars like a lion after using his litterbox, shows absolutely no signs of independent behaviour, knows which dvd boxes are the most expensive ones when it comes to getting attention, has two distinct personalities (turns to his Infernicus-mode around 5 oclock in the morning)

Go to The Avalon Lion blog.

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