Oreo Survived Life as a Kitten on the Streets of Dubai


0-Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0Editor’s note: One photo below, taken after surgery, might be enough to put some readers off. Reader discretion advised.

For this week’s Monday Miracle, we take an Internet-enabled flight of fancy to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. While the city might be popularly known as a millionaires’ playground, its grittier streets are also home to kitties living in less salubrious conditions. One of those unfortunate felines is Oreo, a sterling black-and-white chap who was found when he was just two months old in a pretty perilous state.

Before we get to the grisly details of his story, though, let’s take a look at Oreo in an artsy black-and-white montage fashion.

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

Quite the looker, huh?

Anyway, earlier this year Oreo was discovered in a condition that Kay Ivanova from the 38 Smiles nonprofit rescue organization sums up: “He couldn’t walk properly as he couldn’t fully extend his back legs, so he looked like a frog. The lady who found him had him for a few days before getting in touch with us so she had no idea he was unable to pee on his own.”

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

Waterworks issues aside, Oreo was taken to the Two Feet Four Paws veterinary complex, where a preliminary examination showed he was suffering from a sacrum fracture — which meant he had no sensation in his tail and was unable to control his bladder. The condition also left his back legs in a weakened condition.

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

Vets decided it would be best for Oreo to undergo a half-tail amputation. That way, as Kay explains, his tail wouldn’t be in danger of touching the floor and risking further damage. “Oreo has no sensation in his tail because it was always hanging down and banging on the floor when he was running and playing,” she adds, “so the tip died.”

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

While Oreo’s tail troubles seem to be behind him (sorry), he still has his potty problems and needs his bladder expressing to let him pee. Kay adds that he also wears a nappy and “needs his bottom washed a few times a week, but he’s very good with that, too.”

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

To that end, Oreo is beginning his search for a forever home. Sure, you’ll need to take care of his bathroom quirks — and schedule regular vet visits to ensure he doesn’t develop any icky infections — but Kay describes him as an exceptionally friendly feline who gets on well with other cats.

Photo of Oreo via Facebook.

“Personality wise, Oreo is a firecracker,” she says. “He never stops moving and playing, has no fear, and he loves people.” Even better, “Oreo loves to be carried like a baby on his back; he’s just adorable.”

No arguments over here.

Check out the 38 Smiles Facebook page for more updates on Oreo’s journey.

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