NOT Traveling with Your Cat: Fluffy’s Staycation


Last week we covered how to determine whether or not to travel with your cat, and what to do when you do. If you determined that Fluffy is better off at home, congratulate yourself on a wise decision. Most cats–even though they might miss your company–are happier not to join you on your trip.

Which brings us to this week’s series on NOT traveling with your cat.

This week we’ll look at different options for your cat’s staycation. Whether you just leave a pile of kibble and water and let the cats have the house to themselves, hire a catsitter, or opt for boarding, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks to ensure that your cat has as good a time during her staycation as you have on your trip.

And, we’re having a giveaway! PetSmart is sponsoring the prize: an overnight stay plus TLC at one of their pet hotels.

More than half of all pets are left behind when their families travel. PetSmart knows pet parents want only the best care possible for their loved ones while away, so PetSmart PetsHotel associates go to great lengths to give pet guests the personal TLC to make them feel right at home.

Here are just a few of the things PetSmart PetsHotel associates do to keep their clients purring:

You can take a video tour here.

No Request too Great
Rising to these unique requests is just part of what makes a pet’s stay at the PetSmart PetsHotel so special. Whether it’s the spoon-fed care of an affectionate associate or an associate rocking a dog named Mitzi to sleep to her parent’s lullaby over the Bone Booth telephone, these are just a few examples of care provided at the PetsHotel. More unique requests fulfilled include:

  • Reading articles from the day’s newspaper to a kitty guest at bedtime. This kitty’s pet parents make it a nightly ritual, and the associates at the Overland Park, Kan. PetsHotel happily continue the tradition to help make their guest feel at home.
  • Willow Grove, Pa. PetsHotel associates welcoming a shepherd mix who was rescued from a shelter in Israel. This pet guest only understands Hebrew, so his pet parents provided a list of commands in the dog’s native language. The PetsHotel was happy to quickly learn the Hebrew commands, making the guest feel right at home.
  • Spending extra time with Georgia, a Hurricane Katrina survivor and very timid, anxious Bloodhound mix. She wasn’t very good at making friends or being away from home, so during her first overnight stay at the PetsHotel in Springfield, Mo., Georgia was scared of her new surroundings and hesitant to eat. Throughout her stay at the PetsHotel, the resident pet trainer worked with Georgia to help her make new friends, learn to enjoy group play and happily eat dinner out of the palm of associates’ hands.

Fun for Everyone
While their families travel, feline guests can relax in private Kitty Cottages with comforts from home and play with trained pet care specialists for exclusive “TLC time.” During a pet’s stay, pets can take calls from their parents on the Bone Booth to check in or just say “mrow!”

Security and Safety
Just like pet parents, PetSmart’s number one priority is the safety, happiness and well-being of pets — that’s why security and safety are cornerstones of the PetsHotel. Upon check-in, pet guests receive personalized I.D. collars. Throughout their stay, guests are supervised 24-hours a day by the watchful eyes of trained caregivers. For extra protection, the PetsHotel has closed-circuit video cameras throughout the hotel in addition to keypad-secured double doorways to the interior. And, with a veterinarian always on call and Banfield veterinary hospital inside PetSmart, medical help is never far if needed.

Booking Reservations
All cats are welcome at the PetsHotel, provided they have necessary vaccinations (FVRCP and Rabies). Cats stay for $14 per night. A la carte services and upgrades range from $3 to $16. Click here to find a PetsHotel near you.


Winner will receive an overnight stay at a PetSmart PetsHotel, plus TLC time.

Leave a comment on this post, and on every post in the series. Each comment counts as one entry in the contest. No more than one entry per household for each post. If there are five Staycation posts, you can leave five comments–on on each post– for a total of five entries. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone if it looks like you’re cheating. Comments left prior to 11:59 PT on June 14th will be entered in the drawing. The winner will be drawn at random from all entries.

The winner will be drawn and announced on Monday, June 15th.

Whether it’s a cautionary tale or a funny story, tell it to me. If it’s a good one and we feature it on The Cat’s Meow, you’ll get five extra entries in the contest.

You can still enter that contest (no more than one entry per post per household) until June 20th. The winner will be announced on June 21st. Click here for details.

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