Meet Sophie, a Fashion Model and Ambassador for Black Cats


Sophie bills herself as an “aspiring meowdel and ambassador for black cats.” If you check out her social media outlets, you’ll quickly see she’s serious about these roles. You’ll also get a kick out of the way she enjoys dressing up in a range of flamboyant outfits.

Here’s a peek into Sophie’s fashion-forward world.

Dumpster diving

Image via Instagram

Sophie’s story begins when she was found living under a garbage dumpster with her mom and siblings. With Sophie’s mom being injured, and with a mean old hawk attempting to swoop down and snatch up Sophie and her siblings, the cats were taken in by a kindly human.

Eventually, Sophie — who is described as being the runt of the litter — was placed in a foster situation that turned permanent.

Her savior, Jennifer, says Sophie became the “unexpected glue that made us all a family,” referring to the way she socialized with her two other cats, one of whom has neurological problems and a seizure disorder.

A model cat

Image via Instagram

So how exactly did Sophie decide to become a model? Well, it turns out that she has always loved dressing up.

“She is so happy when she is wearing clothes and actually tries to climb back into them when I take them off of her,” says Jennifer. “She purrs and smiles the entire time she is wearing her clothes and likes to prance around the house to show off, and when the camera comes out she lights up. When she sees me getting ready to take pictures, she runs over and waits while she purrs.

Jennifer speculates that Sophie was a model in a former life because she so loves to do it.

“I would say that her favorite model of inspiration would be Cindy Crawford because she has such a relaxed and natural ease in front of the camera and maintains her true personality,” she says. “She’s never pretentious.”

The way she moves

Image via Instagram

If Sophie were to hit the catwalk, her theme song would be N.E.R.D.’s “She Wants To Move.”

“I’m sure a lot of people would assume that it would be ‘I’m Too Sexy’ from Right Said Fred because of the catwalk reference and all,” explains Jennifer, “but Sophie doesn’t see herself as sexy (even though she is). She is real and down to Earth. She loves to turn it on, but then she just wants to let it all hang out and just have fun.”

All dressed up

Image via Instagram

When it comes to feline fashion, Sophie is a big fan of going with your own sartorial instincts.

“There are no rules to fashion these days,” says Jennifer, “so Sophie’s thoughts on feline style are to just be confident in what you are wearing. Some cats weren’t born to dress up, and that’s just fine — be comfortable in your own fur, however you want to do it.”

She dismisses those who have negative thoughts about cats in clothes.

“Who are they to say what makes another person’s cat happy?” she asks. “Sophie loves to wear it all from hats to sunglasses to winter parkas and boots. The key to looking good in it all is to be comfortable in it all, and we never recommend forcing any cat to wear something that makes them look or feel uncomfortable.”

Ambassador for black cats

Image via Instagram

When not making moves as a feline fashionista, Sophie likes to dedicate her time to her role as an official ambassador for black cats.

“Unfortunately, black cats are the most under-adopted and most euthanized animals in the U.S. due to negative stereotypes,” says Jennifer when asked about Sophie’s political motivations.

“In practically every other country, black cats are considered good luck and bring prosperity. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the black cat Bast, and to hurt or kill a black cat brought punishment or death, but because of ridiculous associations during the Salem witch trials in the early United States, black cats have gotten a reputation for being bad luck or evil. To think that these beautiful creatures are bad is to have that same narrow minded ignorance that people had against so-called witches.”

Image via Instagram

“Sophie has been the most incredible blessing in our lives and to the world,” she adds. “So through our pictures we are showing the world the joys of owning a black cat — or any cat, for that matter.”

Jennifer says Sophie is a harbinger of joy.

“She brings smiles and warmth to people. She is funny and caring and charming, and if we can change just one person’s mind to put aside their negative thoughts and open their mind and heart to adopting a black cat, then Sophie’s life is a perfect success story,” she says.

Sophie has undergone quite a transformation.“She’s gone from a garbage Dumpster to ambassador and life-saver.”

Sashay over to Sophie’s Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up with her ambassadorial efforts.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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