A bride with her cat.
A bride with her cat. Photography by Marianna Zampieri.

A Cool, Cat-Friendly Way to Tie Your Kitties Into Your Wedding

Want to include your cats in your wedding celebrations but not sure how they’d make it through the chaos of the ceremony and reception? Meet Marianna Zampieri, a photographer who sets up private wedding portraits with your cats.

One regret of my wedding day is that our two cats weren’t there (we got married a few hours from our home, and one of our cats doesn’t travel well). Even if our cats could have come, I’m not sure how they would have been involved. They aren’t huge fans of unfamiliar places and big crowds, and they’re not leash trained. We displayed photos of them at our reception, but I wish they played a larger role.

Enter Marianna Zampieri, a photographer based in Italy, who has a couple of cat-centric projects under her paws: Passions, C-AT Work, the ongoing project Cats in Venice (Facebook.com/CatsinVenice) and private, at-home photo shoots with cat lovers and their cats. Marianna had the idea of creating post-wedding photo shoots with cats after her adopted kitty missed out on her own wedding. She did a series of portraits after her wedding with her cat, Arthur.

Wedding Photo Shoots With Cats

A wedding photo with cats.
Marianna Zampieri shoots wedding portraits with your cat. Photography by Marianna Zampieri.

Soon after, Marianna’s friends contacted her to capture similar wedding photos with their cats. “They knew, however, that it would be very difficult to [capture] beautiful photographs that day: too much emotion, too much confusion and too [many] people present,” Marianna explains. So, Marianna shot a series of private, post-wedding photographs with the cats and the couple in their wedding attire.

A wedding couple with their cat.
The sessions are another excuse to wear your wedding attire — and include your feline friend in your celebrations. Photography by Marianna Zampieri.

An excuse to wear your wedding dress and get formal, frame-worthy photos as you commemorate one of the biggest steps in your life with your furry family members? Sounds like a win-win situation.

A cat on a wedding dress.
The photos are a stress-free, win-win situation for humans and kitties alike. Photography by Marianna Zampieri.

“The cats lent themselves very well [to the photographs], and the result was so appreciated that I decided to propose it as a service to be added to the ‘normal’ private services on commission,” Marianna explains. As for memorable moments, Marianna says, “Perla, a beautiful white cat, had a lot of fun with the various layers of tulle on a wedding dress. We found her always lying on the long train!”

For more information, visit mariannazampieri.it; Facebook.com/CatsinVenice; instagram.com/marianna_catographer.

Thumbnail: Photography by Marianna Zampieri. 

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  1. I highly recommend Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio in Boston, MA. She does pet photography and wedding photography. Whenever possible she includes pets in the wedding shoots. She has a wonderful eye for design, color, and atmosphere, capturing the mood/impression of each moment.

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