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Happy Mew Year for Cats Day 2024: What & When Is It?

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Happy Mew Year for Cats Day 2024: What & When Is It?

Over 46 million American households 1 have another reason to celebrate on January 2. It’s a holiday to celebrate our feline companions on Happy Mew Year for Cats Day. The date was the brainchild of Ruth and Tom Roy, who saw the need to honor our furry friends who bring so much joy into our lives. It’s also an excellent way to start the new year on a positive note.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the official holiday to take off among pet lovers worldwide. How it caught on isn’t clear. We know that it was official by 2016 2, even if the idea had floated around elsewhere before that time. Holidays need a celebration. Let’s explore ways you can make it memorable in your household.

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Ways to Celebrate Happy Mew Year

The chances are your cat is spoiled already. We can’t help it. Roughly 95% of pet owners 3 consider them family members. However, you can kick it up a notch on Happy Mew Year and do something extra special for your feline friend. The best way to start is by ensuring your kitty has everything they need for a healthy and happy life.

Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

1. The Importance of Mental Stimulation

Even though cats sleep a lot, they still need mental stimulation. After all, they are intelligent animals. They learn by observing and reading our emotions. While it’s safer to keep your pet indoors, it also gets boring. Interactive toys are an excellent way to satisfy this need. Happy Mew Year offers a great opportunity to give your pet something new to do.

We also suggest swapping out your cat’s toys occasionally. Being intelligent also means they lose interest in the same old stuff. Setting something aside for a few weeks will make it seem like something different when you bring it out again. Trust us, it works.

2. A New Scratch Post

Cats instinctively scratch stuff. It’s part of their hardwiring. We’re sure that you didn’t have that fact in mind when you bought a new sofa. Getting your kitty a scratch post can redirect this behavior to something more appropriate. You can make the post irresistible with a pinch of catnip or silvervine. Research 4 shows felines prefer vertical posts versus horizontal ones.

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Image By: MarinaTr, Shutterstock

3. Cuddle Time

We know our pets bond with us. Sometimes, the best gift we can give our cats is spending time interacting with them. It could be cuddling on the couch or playing with a wand toy. The time you spend with your kitty reinforces your relationship. However, it’s also good for your mental health and well-being. What better way to start the new year than taking care of each other’s needs?

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Other Ways to Mark This Special Day

You can still celebrate Happy Mew Year even if you don’t have a cat. You can volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization. Otherwise, a donation or care box filled with treats, toys, and food is always welcome. Remember that felines didn’t have to get close to humans. Scientists theorize they chose domestication. It’s something that even dog people can appreciate.

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Image By: Veja, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Happy Mew Year for Cats is a day worth celebrating our feline companions. It’s a time to recognize the special place they have in our hearts. They make us laugh with their antics and quirky behavior. They comfort us with their purring and snuggling. Our lives are better because we’ve opened up our homes to these amazing animals. This holiday is about honoring their contribution to our welfare.

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels

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