Videos We Love: 5 Cats Who Can Do More Tricks Than Your Dog


The most complicated thing I’ve trained my cats to do is come when I shake the bag of treats, so I’m always impressed when kitties can perform on command — even if it’s something as simple as coming when called or actually understanding the word “NO.”

The cats in these videos have mastered the simple stuff and developed some pretty sweet skills that my cats would envy — if they were awake right now, that is. I’m pretty sure my cats can sleep on command. That’s a thing, right?

1. A friendly contest

To start us off, here’s a friendly contest between Kaiser the Bengal cat and Nana the Border Collie. The competitive critters roll over, spin in circles, ride a skateboard, and balance on boxes, all on command. I’m going to call this one a tie — with a possible edge going to Kaiser due to the fact that watching the dog walk nonchalantly on her front paws looks straight out of a horror movie. What do you think?

2. Korean Cat Circus

While visiting South Korea, the sarcastic travel blogger narrating this video stumbled upon a cat circus, where, he says, “The cats are as well-trained as the people.” After watching the cats walk tightropes, balance on balls, and jump through hoops, he says what we’re all thinking: “What are they feeding these cats, sardines laced with cocaine?” I’d say that’s as good a guess as any.

3. Dress for success

This ridiculously fluffy Himalayan kitten sits, shakes, and balances on her hind legs on command — all while wearing an insanely adorable pink dress. This seems too cute to be real.

4. Skater boy

Didga the kitty loves to ride his skateboard around the beautiful beach town of Coolangatta, Australia — and he looks good doing it. The fearless feline tackles obstacles with flair — even when that hurdle happens to be a large Rottweiler dog.

5. Anything for treats

I’m not sure who wins here: The human for having the knowledge, patience, and dedication necessary to train a cat, or the kitty for successfully fooling the human into thinking he’s been trained. Because let’s face it: That cat would do anything for treats.

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