Videos We Love: How to Keep the Cat Off the Countertop

Aluminum foil and tape are among hilarious ways to keep cats from walking where you eat.

Cats poop in boxes and then bury the poop with their feet. We know this, and it’s gross, but we overlook it because, seriously, look at their faces. Still, that doesn’t mean we want them walking on our kitchen countertops. That’s where we make the food. Poop feet + food prep = #NOPE.

Because cats are sneaky and seem to take pleasure in messing with us, it can be really hard to keep them from planting their pads where we eat — hard, but not impossible. These videos offer some suggestions on how to keep kitty’s feet on the ground.

1. Masking tape

Simba the cat is in for a bit of a surprise when he prepares to go about his normal routine of slinking around the kitchen sink. He was ready to brave the aluminum foil his human left waiting for him, but the masking tape forces him to retreat in shame.

2. Ssscat

Apparently Ssscat is a kind of repellant that works by emitting a “brisk, harmless spray” of air when its sensors detect motion within a three-foot radius. Jawa the cat’s humans employed Ssscat in training him to stay off the kitchen counter, with decidedly hilarious (and most likely effective) results.

3. Hair-removal tape

When this guy’s cats wouldn’t stay off the counter, he lured them back to the scene of the crime with food … surrounded by face-up sheets of tape from one of those lint rollers. This method seems a bit like entrapment, but hey, whatever works.

4. Ask Jackson Galaxy

According to the Cat Daddy, cats love countertops for two reasons: because they like to be up high, and because there’s food up there. His solution seems so obvious: Don’t leave food sitting out, and give kitty another high vantage point from which to survey her kingdom.

5. Aluminum foil

This cat’s intense aluminum foil freakout is still one of my favorite cat videos of all time.

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