Videos We Love: Cats Exploring Snow for the First Time


Snow stops being fun the moment you become an adult. When the mythical “snow day” ceases to exist and your desire to lounge on the couch in your pajamas all day is met with a resounding chorus of GET TO WORK, snow becomes just another nuisance that makes getting from point A to point B more challenging. Snow makes me angry, like the kind of instant blinding rage I experience when I drop a piece of toast and it lands peanut-butter side down.

As my hometown hunkers down for its first significant snowfall of the year, perhaps I need to take a few cues from the cats in these videos, who handle the white stuff with that trademark feline mixture of curiosity and overt weirdness.

1. Cat loves snow

I’m pretty sure that experiencing his first snow changed Fletcher the cat’s life forever. Fletcher’s enthusiasm is pretty much the opposite of my parents’ cat, Athella, who likes to hang out on the porch only if it’s 75 and sunny.

2. Cat really loves snow

It snowed so much in this winter wonderland that the humans who shot this video had to shovel paths just to make the yard navigable. All was well until the kitties came along, and Elaine the cat, seemingly impervious to the cold, burrowed into the icy, white mess and liked it enough to hang out there for a while.

3. Snow = playtime

If I knew nothing of winter before I watched this compilation of cats having the best day ever, I’d be shocked to learn there’s more to snow than magical outdoor frolicking and adorable attempts to catch the flakes in midair.

4. Cats catching snowflakes

This compilation of cats jumping and swatting at the icy precipitation falling on the other side of the window proves that indoor life cannot take away a cat’s desire to murder each unique, beautiful snowflake in midair.

5. Cat hates snow

Finally, a cat I can relate to. When Baby the cat is introduced to snow, she seems completely baffled, annoyed, and pissed off that walking in this cold, crunchy substance is so freaking hard. I feel your pain, Baby — I really do.

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About Angela: This not-crazy-at-all cat lady loves to lint-roll her favorite dress and go out dancing. She also frequents the gym, the vegan coffee joint, and the warm patch of sunlight on the living room floor. She enjoys a good cat rescue story about kindness and decency overcoming the odds, and she’s an enthusiastic recipient of headbutts and purrs from her two cats, Bubba Lee Kinsey and Phoenix.

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