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10 Famous TikTok Cats: Iconic Cat Influencers in 2024

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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10 Famous TikTok Cats: Iconic Cat Influencers in 2024

The internet loves cats, so it’s no surprise that some cats have risen to fame and become influencers on social media. Cats are extremely popular on TikTok, and you can find many viral cat videos through the app. Some cats have had their minute of fame, while others have active TikTok accounts with millions of followers and likes.

We’ve made a list of some of the most famous TikTok Cats. Keep reading to discover some of the best cat TikTok accounts to explore and follow.

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How Are Famous TikTok Cats Classified?

The category of famous TikTok cats has its own subcategories and niches. Some cat TikTok accounts provide lifestyle content, while others post comedic videos. It would be impossible to list all the famous TikTok cats, so our list contains a general collection of TikTok accounts with the most followers or likes based on the numbers recorded in mid-2024 (keep in mind that the numbers will likely change). It’s designed to be an introduction to the wonderful and wacky world of famous TikTok cats.

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The 10 Famous TikTok Cats

1. That Little Puff – @thatlittlepuff


Followers: 33.2m
Likes: 820.2m

That Little Puff is one of the most iconic internet cats who has millions of followers across various social media platforms. Puff’s TikTok account alone has over 33 million followers and over 800 million likes.

Puff’s videos seem to have the perfect blend of cats, creativity, and humor, and many of his videos go viral and amass millions of views and likes. Puff also has his own merch store and a series of mobile games. So, if you can’t get enough of Puff, you can always check out his other creative pursuits.

2. Kurt and Abram Engle – @abrameng


Followers: 10.4m
Likes: 693.6m

Kurt and Abram are an iconic cat and owner duo that make fun and comedic TikTok videos together. Their account is perfect for anyone looking for some wholesome cat videos that’ll make them laugh.

While videos of Kurt typically reach hundreds of thousands of views, his most popular videos are ones of him dancing. You can find many adorable videos showcasing Kurt’s dance moves that have gotten millions of views.

3. Mia and Jerrie – @mmeowmmia


Followers: 4.9m
Likes: 99.6m

This TikTok account follows the daily life of Mia and Jerrie. Some of Mia and Jerrie’s most popular videos have over 100 million views. They’re very playful, and you can find many videos of them figuring out cat obstacle courses.

If you can’t get enough of Mia and Jerrie, you can also view their YouTube channel. It has many extended versions of their short obstacle course videos found on TikTok.

4. Kat Newquist – @indooroutdoorkat


Followers: 1.7m
Likes: 142.6m

This account follows the day-to-day lives of Gandalf, Dave, Natilla, and their cat mom Kat Newquist. There are hundreds of hilarious videos of these cat siblings getting into silly antics. Each cat has their own set of funny and unique quirks, and it’s a fun time watching their videos and getting to know them. It’s no surprise that this TikTok account has a devoted fan base of people with a great sense of humor.

5. Nala Cat – @nala_cat


Followers: 236.5k
Likes: 1.7m

While Nala Cat is most known for being the cat with the most followers on Instagram, she still has a reputably large following on TikTok. She has humble beginnings as a shelter kitten, and her owner created an Instagram account to share photos and videos with her family and friends.

Nala is now the Guinness World Record holder for the most popular cat on Instagram and has over 4 million followers. She also has her own brand of cat food, toys, and other cat supplies. Her TikTok has many adorable videos of herself, and people follow her as she’s living her best life as a senior cat.

6. Beans – @beansthegingercat


Followers: 868.9k
Likes: 41.7m

Beans is a cute ginger tabby cat who has amassed over 860,000 followers. He’s most known for his adorable round eyes, and many people refer to his TikTok account as a comfort account because there’s something quite calming about scrolling through his videos. There are many videos of Beans loafing and taking naps, and it’s definitely a relaxing experience when you start to scroll through them. He’s another excellent TikTok account to follow if you’re looking for wholesome cat content.

7. Kitties in the Twin Cities – @kittiesinthetwincities


Followers: 540.1k
Likes: 17.1m

Kitties in the Twin Cities is a TikTok account created by Julie DeCaro to document and provide educational content and awareness about fostering cats. Her videos feature all kinds of foster cats who land in her care.

While this TikTok account hasn’t been active since 2022, you can still find many helpful videos that shed light on what fostering cats and kittens entails. Julie also offers consultations for animal sheltering topics.

8. Stryker – @strykerthecat


Followers: 596.4k
Likes: 6.3m

Stryker is a rescued cat who got his second lease on life when his owners Shlomo and Joe found him held in a cage. He’s an F1 Savannah Cat with a truly “striking” appearance, and he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes.

Most of Stryker’s videos show him getting into silly situations and have funny captions to accompany them. Unfortunately, his account seems to be on hiatus for an unknown reason. However, there are still plenty of videos to watch.

9. Albert and Mia – @outdoorbengal


Followers: 221.7k
Likes: 4.5m

Mia is a beautiful Bengal Cat who loves to have fun and explore. She’s a brave cat who likes to travel with her owner, Albert, and she enjoys playing and figuring out cat puzzles.

This TikTok account is particularly helpful for cat owners who have extremely intelligent and energetic cats that require a lot of enrichment activities. You can find many ideas for creating fun and engaging challenges for cats and helpful tips for training cats.

10. Walter – @walterbishopthecat


Followers: 215.8k
Likes: 5m

This TikTok account is perfect for Persian Cat fans. It features Walter the Persian Cat and his brothers Walternate and William Bell (Belly). Their most popular videos have millions of views, and they feature their take on viral TikTok sound clips. You can also find many videos of them wearing funny costumes together. Overall, this TikTok account is another great one to follow if you’re looking for fresh cat videos that’ll make you smile.

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We hope our list has introduced you to some new and noteworthy TikTok accounts to follow. There’s no such thing as too many cats, and these accounts have plenty of funny, cute, and wholesome content that celebrates cats. Just make sure to show some love to these wonderful cats with comments and likes as you scroll through their creative content.

Featured Image Credit: arisa Stefanjuk, Shutterstock

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