Do You Feed Your Cat Before You Feed Yourself?


In most homes there’s a daily ritual in the house when it comes to pets. For those with dogs, they go outside first thing in the morning. You don’t want your canine companion crossing his legs while trying to hold his business any longer than necessary. He has probably been sleeping for hours and is in desperate need of relief. After this is squared away, the rest of the animals need to be taken care of.

Usually, it’s the cats who are demanding attention and to be fed. They’ll purr and meow, rub against your legs and jump on the counter staring intently at you until you cave in with their morning vittles. Cats, it seems, are generally the first to eat, then the dog, followed by any other household critters and lastly, the humans. It got me thinking, do most people’s cats eat their meals before the humans do?

The routine in my house is very similar to what I’ve listed above. Dusty, my schnauzer, goes out first thing in the morning, does her business, and spends a few quality moments exploring every nook and cranny of the yard to make sure everything is as she left it the night before. Then we come inside, she grabs a toy or chew stick and waits patiently for her food. She knows that after I feed the cats, it’s her turn.

The next step is to gather fresh water and food for the cats. Because my cats are friendly feral cats, they’re usually waiting for me in the garage where their beds as well as their food and water dishes are located. I don’t have to worry about them being under my feet in the garage. And, because they are all outside kitties, they don’t stare at me from the kitchen counter while I prepare their food. Well, not until I open the door to the garage and then they all come running.

Once the cats are fed and given fresh water, I return inside to feed Dusty, the turtle, the fish, the birds, the rabbit, my wife, and then finally myself. Occasionally, I’ll slip in a few bites of my breakfast in between feeding everyone else. However, this happens only when I have Pop Tarts in the house. In my opinion, blueberry Pop Tarts are the true breakfast of champions.

I guess I really don’t have to follow this feeding regimen every day. I could wait to feed my cats last. After all, they are outside and aren’t in immediate view or able to demand their food at an exact time. However, if your cats are like mine, this would never be acceptable to them. There are few things worse than a hungry cat. If their bellies are empty and too much time elapses, the mischief ensues. This is when I usually find some boxes overturned in the garage, bowls that appear to have been tossed around, and the water dish turned upside down.

I don’t believe they do this out of spite. Instead, it’s more to get my attention and to gently remind me to keep an eye on the clock. After all, they were here on time for their food. What’s my excuse?

Does your cat eat before you do? How do your kitties react when they’re hungry? If you have other animals or kids, what’s your routine? Let me know in the comments.

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