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24 DIY Cat Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

cute cat in bed at home

24 DIY Cat Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Every cat enjoys sleeping in the lap of luxury. That place might be on your clean pile of laundry or new Papasan chair, but they’re comfortable nonetheless. We all know that cats do as they please, but is there a way to persuade them to nap in their own tailor-made bed?

Like many cat accessories, beds can get expensive. If you try to go the cheap route, the bed will likely fall apart after one wash. If you buy quality—you pay handsomely, and they might not even like it. But thanks to modern-day social media platforms, DIY projects are never-ending. We compiled 15 of the coolest cat bed ideas we could + line divider

The 24 DIY Cat Beds

One of these 24 picks will be the winner for your cat bed needs. You can even get really creative and make it all your own.

1. Upcycled Sweater Cat Beds

Wonderful DIY Pet Bed From Old Shirt & Sweater
Image Credit: wonderfuldiy

If you want an easy-breezy option that you don’t have to leave home for, try the simple upcycled sweater cat bed. If you have an old sweater to donate, you could repurpose it instead. If you don’t have any clothing items you’re willing to part with, you can always buy them at a local thrift store.

For this DIY project, you will simply take the old sweater, make a few cuts, stuff it with stuffing, and sew the ends. When you’re finished, you will have a circular cat bed that your little feline can enjoy.

Tools Needed: Needles, scissors
Materials: Fabric, stuffing, thread
Time: 1 hour

2. Crocheted Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock
Image Credit: matayamade

If granny taught you how to wield a hook—it’s time to put it to use. As long as you have the basics down, you can follow this easy tutorial to make your cat their very own hammock. You can net up this little setup in just a few hours.

You can choose the yarn of your choice and follow the brief stitching tutorial to create this cat bed that you can hang from virtually any place in your house. If your cat is moderately destructive, it might scratch this up over time. So, you will want to consider that before you choose to make one of these.

Tools Needed: Crochet hook, scissors
Materials: Yarn
Time: 2 hours

3. DIY Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent
Image Credit: instructables

Out of an old T-shirt, you can make this extremely cute pop-up tent for your kitty. You will just need a few items that you probably have lying around your house.

You will need to flatten and cut some hangers, cardboard, and material. Following the maker’s instructions, they walk through how to assemble these items to create a pop-up tent that won’t cave in on the sides.

Tools Needed: Safety pins, pliers
Materials: Medium t-shirt, two hangers, tape, cardboard
Time: 45 minutes

4. Chunky Crocheted Cat Bed

Everybody wants to get in on this chunky yarn. As you can see, the yarn thickness is perfect for creating a bowl-like shape for the cat bed. Since it’s so thick and tightly bound, it won’t unravel or fall apart easily either. Chunky yarn can get expensive, but the finished product is worth it.

This yarn is large enough where you don’t have to use any fancy tools. You can use your fingers once you learn how to make the stitches. This tutorial teaches you how to assemble the bed to make an adorably knitted cat bed.

Tools Needed: Scissors
Materials: Chunky yarn
Time: 1 hour

5. DIY Wooden Crate Cat Bed

How to make a DIY pet bed
Image Credit: theinspiredhive

If you already have or can locate a small crate, you can make it an easy-to-build cat bed that doesn’t take a lot of resources. For a crate such as the one in the tutorial, you will need to remove two boards to allow your cat space to climb inside. You can use material and stuffing to make a plush cushion in the center.

You can also personalize it with your pet’s name—plus, use all sorts of crafty bows, stencils, and other cute additions. Make it your own!

Tools Needed: Wood glue, permanent markers
Materials: Wooden crate, wood stain, paint
Time: 2 hours

6. DIY No-Sew Cat Bed

How to Make a Ridiculously Easy No-Sew Cat Bed
Image Credit: yourpurrfectkitty

If you want to create as little headache as possible or aren’t too savvy with sewing—making the no-sew bed a great alternative. You will need two pieces of material and stuffing.

You will cut a few inches into both pieces of material, creating small strips across that are approximately an inch thick. You will then tie the ends into knots to keep the stuffing inside. The entire project is exceptionally time-efficient and easy to create.

Tools Needed: Scissors
Materials: Fabric, stuffing
Time: 45 minutes

7. DIY Bunk Beds

How to Build Cat Bunk Beds
Image Credit: dreamalittlebigger

If you don’t mind spending a couple of extra dollars, making these adorable cat bunk beds would be a charming addition to your home. If you have multiple cats, this can be a great way to create their own space without overcrowding each other.

You will need a few extra things for this tutorial, such as wood, screws, and power tools. You will also need paint or stain if you’re planning to change color. You can buy travel pillows—or if you’re confident in your sewing skills, you can even make some for the bedding portion.

Tools Needed: Power drill, paintbrush
Materials: Pine boards of various sizes, mending plates, screws, travel pillows, brackets, nails
Time: 3 hours

8. DIY Cat Teepee

Image Credit: localadventurer

This simplistic teepee is another very straightforward cat bed to make. You will need one Mexican blanket, 5 rods, some twine, and you’re good to go. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and the only cost will be associated with the twine and dowel rods—both of which are relatively inexpensive.

Essentially, all you do is tie the twine to the ends of the wooden rods. You need to tie it tightly enough to keep the ends together. You’ll be able to move the legs to where you want them once you have it put together. You drape the blanket around the rods and secure it with safety pins.

Tools Needed: Safety pins
Materials: Dowel rods, twine or leather cord, Mexican blanket
Time: 15 minutes

9. DIY Pet Hammock

Your Cat is Going to Lurve This Modern DIY Kitty Hammock
Image Credit: hunker

If you prefer not to have a hammock hanging from a high point in your home, you could opt for this floor hammock instead. It’s equally comfortable and functional—plus it’s not hard to make.

You can choose a fleece material for the hammock portion. If you don’t select fleece, choose another like fabric with some give—not something stiff and immovable.

Tools Needed: Hammer, nails
Materials: Fleece fabric, boards
Time: 1 hour

10. DIY Cat Window Perch

How to Make a Window Perch for Your Cat
Image Credit: marthastewart

Some cats love to sit at the window and watch the world go by. If that sounds familiar, then your cat will love this window perch! Whether they choose to snooze the day away in the sun or watch the birds, cats feel safer when they’re sitting off the floor. Treat your cat to extra luxury by adding a soft sheepskin for them to curl up on.

Tools Needed: Jigsaw, leather punch, electric drill, hammer
Materials: ¾ inch plywood, S-hooks, Plumber’s chain, Leather strip, Industrial-strength glue, measuring tape, Decorative nails, Eye hooks, Wood screws, Cushion, Sheepskin
Time: 2+ hours

11. Hanging Macramé Bed

Macramé beds are all the rage, and the good news is that it’s easy to make your own! This video tutorial walks you through everything you need to know about how to create a macramé hanging cat bed. This only uses two simple knots, so you don’t need any advanced knowledge. You could even try this as your first macramé project!

Tools Needed: Scissors
Materials: Macramé cord, Cat bed, 2 metal hoops of 20 inches in diameter each, Plant hook, Measuring tape, Wooden beads (optional)
Time: 2+ hours

12. Wooden Pallet Moon Crib

If you’re looking for a large, eye-catching, and sturdy bed for your cat, this is a great choice! because it’s made using reclaimed pallets, it’s quite cheap, though it definitely doesn’t look it. You can even add LED strip lighting for nighttime! There’s a detailed step-by-step method for this bed, and you’ll need quite a few tools to create the finished piece.

Tools Needed: Jigsaw, Circular saw, Router, Chop saw, Drill, Hammer, Belt or orbital sander
Materials: Wooden pallet, Foam padding or cat bed, Wood glue, Wood stain, Screws, Nails, Pencil, String
Time: 2+ hours

13. Sweetlife TV DIY Cat Bed

Tools Needed: Paint scraper,
Materials: Yoga ball, cardboard, sharpie, saran wrap, large bowl, glue
Time: Several hours

The creator spent a whopping $10 to make this extremely beautiful DIY Cat Bed by Sweetlife TV. If you’ve ever done papier mâché in school as a craft, you might be really excited to try this one out. You will need a yoga ball, some old scrap paper or cardboard, and some glue mixture.

This is an enjoyable project to do by yourself or with the whole family. In the video, the creator has their daughter help out, and it seems like she had a ton of fun doing so! This particular design looks super professional; something even better than what you would buy in the stores! How cute.

14. Two Strands DIY Sewed Cat Bed

Tools Needed: Fabric marker, sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins
Materials: Fabric, stuffing
Time: 4+ hours

If you have a sewing machine and some cute material, might we interest you in the Two Strands DIY Sewed Cat Bed? You can make one or several of these to lay in each room of your home. This is a sweet little hidey-hole for your cats to cozy up in.

As far as sewing goes, it’s simpler, making it perfect for novice and intermediate folks. The result displays an adorable teepee-like structure that is cushiony and comfy for your feline buddies. You can follow along visually, but there are no verbal instructions.

So, if you’re a person who needs a list of steps, this one might not be the easiest to try.

15. Tanya Belle DIY DIY Cat Bed

Tools Needed: Yardstick, scissors
Materials: Furniture foam, pillow stuffing, faux fur
Time: 2+ hours

If you didn’t quite feel comfortable with the last DIY, this one might work better. In addition to seeing the creator go through the process visually, they also put text on the screen to let you know measurements and steps so you can pause and watch as needed.

Instead of being enclosed, this standard square bed is nice and warm for your kitty! You can put it in virtually any area of the home and use whatever material suits your décor best! Have fun creating this nifty little bed.

16. Rachael Rolfe 6-Step Cat Bed

Tools Needed: Scissors
Materials: Stiffing, old t-shirt
Time: 1 hour

The Rachel Rolfe 6-Step Cat Bed is arguably the simplest DIY we could find! All it takes is an old T-shirt you’re not using anymore, a little bit of stuffing, and some scissors! You cut the material to size, put nicks in it so you can tie strips together, and stuff it to your desired thickness.

If you have any stuffing, even from old stuffed toys no one’s using anymore, this could be a completely free project. If you have old donation clothes or just some material items you’re not using, you could make several of these to have in the home. Cheap and easy—what’s not to love?

17. Jesys DIYs DIY Cat Bed

Tools Needed: Glue gun, scissors, yardstick, drill
Cardboard, old blanket, metal legs, screws, feather ribbon, zipper, stuffing, ribbon
Time: 1+ hour

You can make this luxurious cat bed in just a few hours! The Jesys DIYs DIY Cat Bed is a stunning selection. It doesn’t look like much at first, but by the end, you will be in awe at how it all comes together!

It takes just a few supplies to turn these upcycled items from drab to fab! If you have a little princess or two in your home, this whole look will really go with the vibes. Just think of how much this would be at a store! You’re saving tons.

18. DIY Cat Bed

Tools Needed: hot glue gun, screwdriver
fluffy blanket, glue sticks, hardboard, fiber filling, lining fabric, furniture legs, screws, feather lace trim
Time: 2+ hours

Your Amazon packages are about to pay off! This nifty little cat bed by is super easy to make! If you have some old cardboard and a t-shirt lying around, you can whip up a cat cave your felines can escape to for a midday snooze.

We love how the neck hole from the shirt is ever-so-perfect for your feline to squeeze through. They will love the narrow entry/exit, making it all the more attractive for them to explore. We think this particular design will be a real hit—especially if your cat loves to tuck away from sight.

19. Box Yourself DIY Cat Bed from Cardboard

Tools Needed: Box cutter, marker, measuring stick, paintbrush
Materials: Cardboard, paint, glue
Time: 1.5+ hours

Do you and the kids need some fun stuff to keep busy? This adorable cardboard cat bed by Box Yourself is super fun and makes for an interesting family project. The kids will love painting the box, and the end result is unique and fun! Ensure you safely do the box cutter part, so no little fingers get hurt!

This cat bed is very inexpensive to make, and you likely have many of the materials on hand. Some of the painting parts might require a steady hand, but you can let the kiddos go hog wild in others. Make it your own!

20. Cat Lessons Simple Cat House

Tools Needed: Measuring stick, glue, marker
Materials: Cardboard
Time: 1+ hour

This is another simple cardboard cat house by Cat Lessons. This one might be a little more intricate than the others because it requires measuring, cutting, and buffing, so everything is a bit more technical. However, we think you could have a good time making it as well.

If you’re a bit more creative, you could get quite carried away with all the doodles, paintings, and details of this house cut out. Your cat is sure to appreciate it when it’s all said and done. The model kitty in the video seemed to snuggle up quite quickly!

21. Dan Shachar DIY Cat Bed with No Money

Tools Needed: Scissors
Materials: Pillow, crate, metal wire, fabric
Time: 2+ hours

Dan Shachar makes such a fun upcycled cat bed. You might need to buy a few supplies for this one, but there is a good chance you’ll have quite a few materials on hand. He uses an old crate, which ends up being extremely beneficial. The wire to secure the fabric goes right through the holes in the crate, making everything stabilize perfectly.

He makes sure to mention that he isn’t using hot glue because he wants the cat bed to last, and sometimes glue can come undone with time or wear and tear. This is a much more stabilized solution, and your kitty will love snuggling up in this cat bed.

22. Khim DIY DIY Cat Bed for Newborn Kittens

Tools Needed: Measuring stick, glue gun, scissors/box cutters
Materials: Baby crib bumper, cardboard box, plastic vent, glue sticks, tape
Time: 1.5+ hours

Do you have a litter of little kittens that could use a cozy place to relax with mom? If so, check out this DIY cat bed specially made for newborn kitties. It gives them a safe, cozy place to nurse and nap.

The plastic vent bottom makes cleanup a breeze! You can take out the insert and replace it as needed—keeping the space free and clear of dirt, debris, and waste. Plus, you have to watch the adorable little kitties exploring at the end. How sweet!

23. Cat Toy Lady Easy DIY Cat Window Basket

Tools Needed: None
Materials: Rope, basket, blanket
Time: 30 minutes +

This window bed made by the Cat Toy Lady is very inexpensive and easy to make! If you have a free window, this hanging basket will look very neat, and your cat will love sunbathing and birdwatching. You can even get more creative and accessorize it if you want!

Many cats love looking out windows, but they often don’t have a comfy spot to do so. So, if you have the perfect spot, this is a quick and simple cat bed you can whip up in minutes. This cat bed will save you floor space and give your cat a high perch.

24. Evan & Katelyn Ultimate Cat Bed

Tools Needed: None
Materials: Cardboard box
Time: 3 minutes

We love this clever idea by Evan and Katelyn! You don’t have to do much! You simply order something online, take the contents out of the box, and toss the box on the floor. It works every time.

Of course, this was a spoof idea, but how well it works is quite hilarious. Keep this little hack in mind when you really want to get lazy with a DIY project.

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Final Thoughts

Making a cat bed doesn’t have to be complicated. So many sites offer free or paid patterns or step-by-step instructions to guide you on your way. Once you have your mindset on the style, you can get all of the necessary supplies and get cracking on a cat bed for your feline friend.

Personalization is vital, too. You don’t have to mimic each DIY replica—you can make it look how you choose. So, ultimately you have complete control over the outcome. Plus, your fuzzy housemate will enjoy the new nap space for months to come.

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