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10 DIY Cardboard Cat Beds To Create at Home: Vet-Approved (With Pictures)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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10 DIY Cardboard Cat Beds To Create at Home: Vet-Approved (With Pictures)


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In this day and age of online ordering, we all seem to have an abundance of cardboard. You may have been looking for creative uses for your extra cardboard without even realizing that cardboard can make a great bed for your cat. Not only is it disposable if it becomes soiled, but cardboard is a material many cats enjoy scratching and rubbing on.

Making a DIY cardboard bed can provide your cat with a perfectly cat-friendly cardboard haven that doesn’t require you to have empty cardboard boxes all over your house. It’s also a good way to use up the excess cardboard you’ve acquired from all of your online shopping.

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The 7 DIY Cardboard Cat Beds

1. Cardboard Cat Igloo by Instructables

Cardboard Cat Igloo House
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Cardboard, paper glue
Tools Pencil, compass, measuring stick, box cutter
Difficulty Level Moderate

This cardboard cat igloo will add a unique touch to your space, and it looks a lot more expensive than it is. If made correctly, this cat bed is sturdy and should last a long time, assuming your cat doesn’t use it as a scratching post. You can customize the size and shape of this bed to suit your space, but the instructions will help you make a rounded pod-type house for your cat to sleep and play in.

This isn’t an overly complex project to create. However, it does take some time and quite a bit of measuring. Fitting the pieces together and gluing them into place will be time-consuming, and it’s important to mark your pieces as you go to make sure you put them together in the right order.

2. Cardboard Cat Cave by The Cat Site

How To Build A Diy Cat Cave From Cardboard
Image Credit: thecatsite
Materials Cardboard, paper, paper glue
Tools Pencil, scissors, measuring stick, box cutter
Difficulty Level Moderate

This cardboard cat cave does require quite a bit of careful measuring and could turn into a time-consuming project, but the result is worth it. With only a handful of supplies, you’ll have a cat cave for your kitty to hide in within a matter of hours. You can customize the size and shape of this house to fit your needs as well, making it a great option for cats that may be too large for many commercial beds and scratchers.

When you make this cave, you can choose to leave parts of it open, creating windows for your cat, or you can enclose everything but the entrance, making it a secure place for your cat to spend time.

 3. VW Bus Cat House by eHow

Cardboard Bus Cat House Tutorial
Image Credit: ehow
Materials Cardboard, adhesive films
Tools Scissors, box cutter
Difficulty Level Easy

If you’re looking for something a little bit groovy as a cat bed, this VW bus cat house is a great option. It’s extremely simple to make and requires minimal measuring and cutting, making this a kid-friendly project. This will definitely be one of the most unique cat houses you’ve come across, and you can add special touches, like a faux fur rug, to really make it feel era-appropriate.

If you have trouble finding adhesive films for this project, you can use other cat-safe options, like nontoxic paint or contact paper and glue. You can really bring out your creativity with this project. If you want the real 1960s feel, consider adding some painted daisies to your cat’s new VW van.

4. Cardboard Cat House by Creaty Videos

Materials Cardboard, wooden stand, thin cardboard scratchers, paper glue, white paper
Tools Box cutter, measuring stick
Difficulty Level Easy

If you’re looking for a straightforward project with a cool outcome, this cardboard cat house is a great option. This project results in a cat bed that looks like an old-fashioned TV, adding an eye-catching touch to your home. You can customize the colors or appearance of this project as desired. If made according to the directions, you’ll end up with a stable cat bed that has an entrance and two holes that allow your cat to play with toys.

If you feel like this bed isn’t stable enough with just cardboard on top of the wooden base, a thin piece of wood can be added between the cardboard and the wooden stand to stabilize the structure.

5. Snowy Mountain Peak Tent by Sew Doggy Style

DIY Snowy Mountain Peak Pet Tent
Image Credit: sewdoggystyle
Materials Cardboard, brown fleece, white fleece, packaging tape/duct tape
Tools Sewing machine, measuring stick, box cutter, Sharpie
Difficulty Level Moderate

If you know your way around a sewing machine, this snowy mountain peak cat tent shouldn’t be too difficult for you. However, if you’re not comfortable using a sewing machine, you may have to get creative with craft glue to create the tent cover. Overall, this is not a particularly complex project, but the sewing or fabric gluing may be too complex for children and crafting beginners.

In the end, you’ll have a perfect little tent-like bed for your cat to spend time, bringing a bit of Alpine appeal to your home. This project can also be made without the fabric exterior, but the fabric will not only enhance the appearance of the project but also help protect the cardboard.

6. Modern Cat House by The Green Mad House

How to Make a Cardboard Cat House
Image Credit: thegreenmadhouse
Materials Cardboard, paper glue, nontoxic paint
Tools Box cutter, measuring stick, measuring tape
Difficulty Level Moderate

A designer house as a cat bed? Sounds great! The good news about this DIY modern cat house is that it can be fully customized to your preferences. The original design is quite artistic, which may be concerning to the less artistically inclined. You can make this house in any shape or look you want, though. Also, the original design uses items like dollhouse hedges and sphagnum moss to enhance the appearance of the house, but some cats may chew on these items. It’s important to ensure that anything you add to the house is safe for your cat, just in case they decide to chew on or consume it.

7. DIY Cat Tent by Instructables

DIY Cat Tent1
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Cardboard, t-shirt, wire hangers, packing tape/duct tape
Tools Wire cutters, safety pins
Difficulty Level Moderate

This DIY cat tent is the perfect way to use a flat box with short sides, like the type that canned cat food and sodas are often packed in. This is also a good way to help your cat feel close to your scent, especially if you use an old t-shirt that you’ve had for a long time. If desired, you can change out the shirt from time to time with a fresh shirt that has your scent on it.

This project creates a cozy but not overly sturdy cat bed. The overall project isn’t difficult, but the cutting and bending of wire hangers may not be a kid-friendly job.

8. Cardboard Box Kitty Hammock

DIY Cardboard Box Kitty Hammock
Image Credit: cuteness
Large cardboard box, painter’s tape, non-toxic glue, non-toxic paint, 1 yard of preferred fabric
Tools: Scissors, box cutter, tape measure
Difficulty: Easy

Cats love to snooze so why not give them a comfy place that is also stylish? This cardboard kitty hammock is just the thing. This DIY project can be completed in no time and uses only a few materials. The tools needed are probably laying around the house. The best part about this project is that it can be modified. If your kitty is on the smaller side, following the instructions will have them squared away quickly. For cats with a bit more size to them, a few additional pieces of cardboard here and there can strengthen the hammock and accommodate them as well. You can also decorate the hammock to your liking or with things you feel your kitty would enjoy.

9. Cardboard Cat Mansion

DIY Cardboard Cat Mansion
Image Credit: dreamalittlebigger
Materials: Cardboard boxes, paint, strong glue
Tools: Caulking gun, utility knife
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re looking for not only a place for your cat to hide and sleep but a full-on playhouse for your kitty, this cardboard cat mansion is your answer. The best part? If you have an online shopping addiction, you can use up all those boxes you have lying around. This DIY project is simple and can be done quickly using things around the house. Once completed, simply add a few blankets or a small cushion inside for your kitty. You can also decorate the mansion how you see fit and to your cat’s personality.

10. Modern Cardboard Cat House

Lots of cardboard, hot glue sticks, wine bottle LED lights, pet cushion, pet blanket
Tools: Hot glue gun, utility knife, metal ruler, pencil
Difficulty: Easy

Do you have a lot of cardboard around the house? If so, with only a few more tools and materials you can create your kitty a modern cardboard cat house they will love. This posh setup can be decorated the way you want and modified to your kitty’s needs. The wine bottle lights are a cute touch that will make your kitty feel like they have their own place. If you have an afternoon with no plans, you can have this setup ready for use in no time.

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Final Thoughts

We hope these DIY plans have given you some inspiration to create your own cat bed out of cardboard. Reusing materials is a fantastic way to lessen our ecological footprint and save money. Plus, your cat will love you for being thoughtful and creative. Happy building!

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