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10 Free Cat Video Games You Can Play Online

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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10 Free Cat Video Games You Can Play Online

Playing with a cat is one of the most entertaining activities, and the success of thousands of viral videos of cats is proof. But how many times have you sought out your cat for playtime to realize they’re far too busy napping to bother dealing with you? Probably more than you can count.

If you want your cute kitty fix while your cat is still dozing, there are plenty of free cat video games that you can play online. In this article, we’ll examine 10 highly entertaining cat video games that will keep you engaged for hours.

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The 10 Free Cat Video Games

1.  Pico Park

Pico Park is a highly popular game where you control a small, boxy-looking cat to complete levels. It is a cooperative game that requires at least two players, so make sure to invite some friends!

The goal of this action puzzle game is to complete each increasingly difficult challenge as a team. There are three game modes, including an endless mode with infinite levels. Talk about hours of entertainment!

2. Kittygram

Kittgram is a simple, feline-themed puzzle game. Since the puzzles aren’t difficult, they’re relaxing for children and adults, but you can adjust the difficulty by setting the size of the puzzle you’ll complete. The larger the puzzle, the harder the challenge.

The goal is to finish the puzzle in as few moves as possible. There are 72 levels to choose from in each puzzle size, so there is plenty to occupy yourself with in Kittygram.

3. Cats Rotate

Cats Rotate is another basic puzzle game, but it comes with a unique twist: you have to solve the puzzle before time runs out!

On the screen, you’ll be given an image of a cat. However, the image is out of order and needs to be organized. Your goal is to rearrange the image within the given time limit. By clicking on each piece of the puzzle, you can rotate it until it is placed correctly–hence the name Cats Rotate.

4. Circle the Cat

Circle the Cat is a puzzle game that requires quick thinking and strategic anticipation. In the game, a cat moves around a screen with rows of dots. Your goal is to draw lines between the dots to trap the cat in and contain them. However, as the levels progress, the cat becomes harder and harder to catch.

Although the mechanics are simple, Circle the Cat is not a slow-moving game. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you try (and possibly fail) to outmaneuver the wily cat on screen.

5. Clockwork Cat

Clockwork Cat is a short game that was made in 48 hours for a video game creation challenge. In this brief yet fun experience, you follow the adventures of a cat, a wrench, and a clock.

Unlike some of the other games on this list, Clockwork Cat does not have endless levels or challenges. Instead, players can dive into the game and quickly complete the adventure!

6. Gloomy Cat

Gloomy Cat is a combat-based adventure game where you play as a cat that yearns to explore. You can take your feline avatar on a journey, fighting enemies and confronting unique challenges.

As you progress in your adventure, you can gain new skills and upgrades to help you along your path. Plus, the game has a great art style and catchy music.

7. Sushi Cat

While sushi isn’t something you should feed your cat in real life, it is perfectly safe to provide fake sushi to a cat in a video game. You play as the hungry cat who craves yummy sushi, and as you master the controls, you can help fill Sushi Cat’s belly to win.

It’s a cute, lighthearted game you can spend plenty of time on without growing bored.

8. Chat Chat

Chat Chat is a multiplayer game in which you play as, you guessed it, a cat. When you load up the game, you’re asked to name your cat. Then, you can choose which lobby you’d like to join. From there, you can explore the world to your heart’s content, interacting with any other players that may be logged in.

There are plenty of cat-like activities to do in Chat Chat, such as wandering around, catching mice, and meowing for attention. The pixelated art style is adorable and unique, providing a sense of nostalgia for anyone familiar with the pixel games of the past.

9. The Magnetic Cat

The Magnetic Cat is a puzzle game with a tragic backstory. After a cat is subjected to several experiments, they get magical powers. However, they manage to escape and want to find a loving family!

You’ll solve puzzles and beat arcade challenges to help the Magnetic Cat find their family. It’s full of unique mechanics and can get quite challenging at points. If you’re looking for a true test of your gaming skills, The Magnetic Cat may be the perfect fit for you!

10. Cute Kitten Solitaire

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Image Credit: mygames4girls

Cute Kitten Solitaire is a classic card game with a unique feline twist. You play regular solitaire as a cat! There are three game options for Cute Kitten Solitaire: free draw, 1 card draw, and 3 card draw.

The game’s difficulty varies depending on which game mode you choose. You are also timed in this game and have only a few minutes to complete the challenge. However, you can pause at any time.

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There are dozens of free cat games online, and this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you travel down the rabbit hole of free online cat games, you will surely find some highly entertaining video games! We hope you try some of these cat games whenever you’re unable to play with your real-life cat. Who knows, you may find your new favorite game.

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