The 10 Most Intriguing Cat Products I Saw at Global Pet Expo


If I have to travel for work and be away from my own cats (and kids and hubby), what better place to be than an expo dedicated to making our pets’ lives better? Global Pet Expo 2013 is the largest expo of its kind, where every pet manufacturer shows up to showcase its stuff.

Here are my favorite pet products from the show in Orlando, FL. Believe me, it was hard to choose just 10.

1. Samsung PetCam

Ever wonder what your cat is doing while you’re not at home? Now you can find out. Samsung’s new PetCam is a wi-fi video monitor that’s super easy to set up anywhere in your home. You can access the video via your smartphone, tablet, or online. And there’s two-way audio so you can chat up your kitty while you’re away.

$149, nationwide in May 2013

2. Sturdi Products SturdiBox

I love versatile stuff, and the Sturdi Products seven-gallon SturdiBox can be used for so many things! Store your cat’s toys or food in it, use it for a litter box, or even use it as a portable cat bath! It’s big (13-by-13-by-13 inches), foldable, and water-tight, so it’s perfect for at home or on the road.

$32.95, available at Sturdi Products.

3. Popware for Pets KlipScoop

Portion control is key to keeping your cat at a healthy weight, and this KlipScoop from Popware helps make it a no-brainer. It’s superb in its simplicity: a dry food scoop that’s also a measuring cup, which collapses into a food bag clip! I’m not sure it gets any easier than that.

$6.99 and up, available online at Popware for Pets and at your favorite pet store this spring.

4. Frolicat Pounce

Our friends at Frolicat have done it again: developed a crazy fun, motorized toy to offer your cat hours of entertainment. The latest in its line is Pounce, a rotating hide and seek game featuring Marshal Maus, a rascally rodent who zooms sporadically through the game, hiding, twitching and enticing your cat to pounce on his prey!

$39.99 at Frolicat and other online and local pet retailers.

5. My Petchup Catchup and Meowstard

As the condiment queen, I was immediately drawn to My Petchup’s CatChup and Meowstard. These new condiments for kitties can be poured on your cat’s kibble (or even wet food!) to add a delicious dose of human grade vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, prebiotic, and omega 3, 6, and 9 to your cat’s diet. And the sauce adds moisture, something cats can always use.

$15.90 for a two-pack, available online and pet retailers nationwide.

6. Nature’s Best Solution, Litter Box Deodorizing Concentrate

When the scientists who invented this litter box deodorizer showed me how well it works, I was impressed. And I was even more impressed when I brought home a sample and zapped the litter box in my own home.

This stuff works really well. It’s environmentally friendly, nontoxic, and made of a proprietary blend of micronutrient salts, commonly found in multivitamins. Just sprinkle the powder on the litter box once a week and you’ll notice a reduction in odor and moisture, resulting in longer-lasting litter.

From $4.99, available at Nature’s Best Solution.

7. Bergen Turbo Grooming Arch

The Turbo Grooming Arch is one of the latest in Bergan’s Turbo modules for cats. Affix the rubber, nubbed-arch accessory to the round Turbo scratcher base and give your kitty a grooming massage every time he squeezes through it. Add treat balls and toys and even grass to the system to turbo charge your cat’s fun!

$9.99 at pet retailers everywhere this spring.

8. PooGoStick

The PooGoStick caught my eye immediately. It’s an awesome pooper scooper that’s been adapted to work wonders in the litter box, which means no more bending over and holding your breath to scoop the box. The PooGoStick features a long handle with a squeeze, scoop, and release system, which easily grabs clumps and poops, sifts litter, and deposits into the baggie of your choice.

$39.99, available online.

9. Petmate’s Essential Carrier Line

Petmate released a new line of Essential Carriers, and this one was my fave because of its expandable “sunporch,” which gives your kitty some extra room when he’s using his carrier as his home base. If he’s at the vet, on vacation, or on the road, this gives him a bit of wiggle room.

The new carriers have padded tote straps and railroad zipper pulls for fast open and close. The carriers have coated mesh on all sides with an interior tether and a removable fleece interior floor.

From $49.99 at and pet retailers nationwide in April.

10. SuperCat Catnip Caves

Catnip plus paper bags? What a winning combo! If your cat loves catnip and he loves paper bags, imagine how much he’d love rolling around in a paper bag of catnip! SuperCat has an awesome new line of catnip goodies, including the Catnip Cave. It’s basically a brown paper bag infused with SuperCat’s Nanoburst “Scratch ‘n Sniff” technology. That means every time the bag is crumpled, scratched, or rubbed, the material releases gajillions of amazing catnip scent particles. Groovy, man!

$5.99 at pet retailers everywhere.

Have you tried any of these products yet? Let us know in the comments!

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