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10 Cat Inventions That You Might Not Know Exist: Must-Have Gadgets For Your Pet

Written by: Codee Chessher

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

domestic tabby cat rubs her head against wall mounted plastic cat self grooming brush

10 Cat Inventions That You Might Not Know Exist: Must-Have Gadgets For Your Pet

Human history is strewn with groundbreaking inventions that changed the world forever: the wheel, the printing press, the steam engine, and most crucially, the Internet, which lets us share adorable cat videos and shop for their stuff. What you might not know is that there’s a veritable cornucopia of inventions to make your life as a cat parent far easier. Have you ever thought “There’s got to be a better way to do this?” Well, necessity is the mother of invention, and many creative cat-loving inventors proved the saying.

These inventions aren’t boring, old, mainstream stuff you’d see at the pet store. Scroll below to find 10 creative and unconventional cat inventions you haven’t even realized you need yet.

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Top 10 Cat Inventions

1. Self-Grooming Cat Brush

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Grooming Cat Brush and Interactive Cat Toy

If you ever wished your cat could brush themselves, this is the invention for you. This ingenious self-grooming brush is attached to nearly any surface with either adhesive strips or screws, allowing your cat to stroke themselves at their leisure. They’ll love the soothing grooming action while the bristles remove dead fur, and the brush pops right out for easy cleaning. Last but not least is the built-in catnip pouch on the back, which entices even the most reluctant cats to come and try it out.

2. Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System

Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet

Are you sick and tired of cat litter? Do you wish your cat would just learn to use the darn toilet like a normal person? This training kit comes with everything you need to do just that and will toilet-train your cat. Not all cats can be toilet trained, but this kit comes with a three-stage system to set you up for success.

There are three progressively smaller rings that teach your cat how to balance, aim, and use the toilet, sort of like potty training a child. The kit claims that if followed properly, your cat can be toilet trained in just 8 weeks. Sounds like a steal to us if you really hate scooping the litter box!

3. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Want to keep your cat in touch with their hunting instincts but without the grossness of finding their “presents” at your door? If your cat gets bored with the same bowl of boring kibble, this playful cat feeder is right up your alley. Cats aren’t wired by nature to eat out of a bowl, and this feeder hijacks their hunting instincts to make feeding both fun and healthy.

Here’s how it works: Fill the mouse-shaped feeders with your cat’s kibble and hide it somewhere for them to find. Don’t worry, they will—their noses will help them, and they’ll love the hunt. By having to hunt for their food, they’ll stay leaner, and the small portions discourage overeating, which can cause digestive upset. It’s a win-win for everyone, and your cat may never eat out of a bowl again.

4. Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

Catit Flower Fountain with Triple Action Filter, Cat Drinking Water Fountain

Is your cat a critic but only when it comes to drinking out of their water bowl? This cat water fountain is sure to please even the pickiest drinkers with three oxygenated water settings for fresher water and a built-in water softening filter for treating hard tap water. It’s hard to keep cats properly hydrated, especially when on a dry food diet, so a water fountain might be just what your cat needs to stay in optimal health.

5. Iris Top Entry Litter Box

IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

Does your cat spray litter everywhere when they leave the litter box? Do you have dogs that love to play in the litter? Someone out there came up with this genius design. The Iris Top Entry Litter Box has a classy, understated look you’ll love and an elevated entryway your cat will love. Dogs can nose around all day and not get to the sweet litter within, your cat will love the privacy while still being able to be on the lookout while they’re at their most vulnerable, and best of all, no more litter all over the floor! This is truly a godsend for any cat parent out there.

6. Cat Scratcher Laptop

Suck UK Cat Scratcher Laptop with Fluffy 'Mouse' Interactive Toys, Paw Over Social Media & Catch up on The Mews, Kitten Toys & Cat Scratch Pads

If you’re tired of your cat jumping on your laptop for attention during the work day, why not get them their own kitty laptop? This laptop-shaped scratching toy lets your cat work on their social media profiles and watch funny cat videos while getting some much-needed scratch time in. We really like the mouse-shaped mouse, which is a little obvious but no less bewitching to your cat’s eyes. While it doesn’t actually work as a computer, you can slide photos into the “screen” to help entertain your cat while you’re busy with your own work.

7. Coziwheel Exercise Wheel with Lock & Teaser Cat Treadmill

Coziwow Exercise Wheel with Lock & Teaser Cat Treadmill

Have a cat that needs to burn off some excess energy or shed a few pounds? Cats who have bouts of the zoomies will adore this exercise wheel, specifically created with kitties in mind. Plus, it means you save time by keeping them occupied elsewhere for a while.

It rolls with the help of a rock-solid pulley system that can be locked to stop your cat from sliding all over the place, and it even has a teaser wand built-in to keep your cat interested. The inside of the wheel itself is padded with a removable carpet that’s deeply satisfying to scratch and acts as traction, so your cat doesn’t slip. If you ever thought your cat could use a treadmill (who hasn’t?), this exercise wheel is for you.

8. Sardine Can Cat Box

SARDINE - Cardboard Cat Scratcher

This utterly adorable invention combines the best of two perennial cat favorites: fish and boxes. It has a large opening but plenty of space to sneak, rest, or play in the shadows, and you’ll love the understated chic look in your living room. Last but not least, the box is covered in an attractive corrugated surface to please even the most scratch-happy kitties. It might not be the most unique invention ever, but can you really blame us for including it? It’s adorable!

9. Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

As a cat owner, you already know that the only bad thing about owning a feline is their smelly litter box. Even if you’ve got a box that automatically scoops the litter, it often sits in a tray that doesn’t contain odors very well. Thankfully, someone out there was smart enough to create a Litter Genie.

If you have had a baby or know someone who has, you’ve probably seen a similar product in their house to hold dozens of soiled diapers. This prevents people from having to walk all the way to an outdoor trash bin every single time they change a diaper. They simply toss the diaper in and the container controls the smell. With this product, the same concept applies to cat litter. Scoop the waste into the Litter Genie Plus daily and you won’t have to walk out to the trash can for 14 days!

10. Wooden Cat Ball Track Toy

Wooden Cat Ball Track Toy

You no longer have to worry about fishing out cat toys from under the couch! This beautifully crafted wood toy has two levels of wooden tracks with wood balls stuck in the tracks. The balls can move side to side but can’t be removed, which is sure to drive your cat bananas! They’ll spend hours frantically batting the balls around and around, and it gets even better if you have multiple cats. The balls mimic the circling motions that a cat’s prey naturally makes, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand many afternoons of intense play.

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If your cat is bored or you just feel like treating them to something truly out of this world, you have a ton of options! From the brilliant convenience of the self-grooming cat brush to the toilet-training kit, there’s something on this list for even the most prissy kitties out there.

Featured Image Credit: teh_z1b, Shutterstock

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