Retired Show Cat Glamdring Brings the Fantasy to Instagram


Let’s meet Glamdring, an Exotic Shorthair with a big interest in the world of fantasy novels, TV shows, and movies. After being named for Gandalf’s sword in the Lord of the Rings franchise, she found herself amassing a following of loyal cat lovers and fantasy enthusiasts on Instagram.

Here’s Glamdring’s tale.

Show cat roots

(Image via Instagram)

Glamdring was a show cat in a previous life. After her old owner decided to call time on the show circuit, Glamdring was put up for adoption via the Persians Plus Inc. rescue in Philadelphia.

Enter Alayna and Brian, who were on the lookout for a Zot. At the time, Glamdring was simply called Glam; they toyed around with calling her names likes Gorbag, Dandelion, Nemea, and Grumkin, but nothing seemed to stick.

Figuring that “she needed a name that was slightly more refined,” Alayna and Brian decided to lengthen her title to Glamdring — which, if you were wondering, is the name of Gandalf’s sword in the Lord of the Rings.

Behold the immortal beast

(Image via Instagram)

According to Glamdring’s Instagram bio, she is in essence “an immortal beast in the form of a cat.”

Confused? Let Brian explain.

“You see,” he says, “time functions differently for immortal creatures without the burden of time — days are just the rising and falling of the sun, and eventually even that glowing cosmic orb will sputter out and die. But Glamdring will endure.”

Still a little befuddled? Over to Brian again.

“Basically, this includes sleeping under the bed on her favorite suitcase and making sure we’re not eating anything without her.”

Lord of the Rings versus Game of Thrones

(Image via Instagram)

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there’s a big fantasy element going on in Glamdring’s life. Along with being named after an object from the Lord of the Rings, you can also catch her avidly watching Games of Thrones. But which franchise would she pick?

“She would pick the Lord of the Rings,” speculates Brian. “Humans are running too much of the show in Game of Thrones, and they’re always so busy killing each other that they don’t have time for naps. Those direwolves are just like bigger, smellier dogs anyways.”

“Middle-earth better caters to supernatural creatures like Glamdring,” he continues, “where she can sleep under some mountain for a few decades, come out and sun herself in radiant Elvish woods, and snack on a few orcs before slinking back to her hoard.”

Tolkien’s feline fantasy

(Image via Instagram)

We’re veering slightly off track now, but here’s Glamdring’s human with a fun feline fact about the Lord of the Rings series:

“Tolkien once described Shelob, the monstrous spider from Return of the King, as Sauron’s cat. The Dark Lord left her alone, and in turn she would occasionally help him out by eating anyone trying to sneak into Mordor. And if she was hungry, she would scurry out, eat some of Sauron’s orcs, and he couldn’t do much about it except roll his giant flaming eye.”

“That sounds an awful lot like Glamdring — notice how this comparison centers mostly on eating things?” he asks.

Normal service has been resumed

(Image via Instagram)

Along with her flights of fancy, Glamdring also holds down the official position of Donut Queen. What sort of duties does such a role entail?

“Duties?” questions Alayna. “That makes it sound like the donut queen has responsibilities, which isn’t quite how monarchy works. Taste testing donuts is her only duty, if you can call it that.”

She must have some power — she has R2-D2 from Star Wars in her service.

Donut diva

(Image via Instagram)

Glamdring doesn’t play around when it comes to donuts. As Alayna explains when asked about this kitty’s ultimate donut topping, “There’s a local grilled cheese shop near us that uses glazed donuts as bread. We’re pretty sure that would be Glam’s ultimate donut — two glazed donuts with melted cheese smothered in the middle. That covers all two of her food groups quite nicely.”

Come on in, the water’s lovely

(Image via Instagram)

One of the most eye-catching pictures on Glamdring’s Instagram account involves her being bathed. It’s safe to state that she is not exactly laughing it up for the camera.

“Glam hates being bathed,” says Alayna, “and we have no idea how she was ever a show cat. She’ll protest a little bit at the beginning, but once she realizes she can’t get off the hook, she reluctantly stands still and waits for us to finish with a grumpy look on her face.”

“Although if we give her an opening to run, she’ll definitely take it,” she says.

“Once we finish drying her off, she saunters away and hides under the bed for the rest of the day, drying herself off and plotting revenge,” she adds. “If she has the opportunity, she prefers to sunbathe on the bed while drying on newly washed sheets.”

Scuttle over to Glamdring’s Instagram page for more of her social media adventures.

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