Muta Is a Cartoonish Scottish Fold Who’ll Kill You With Cute


When I chanced across Muta’s Instagram account, I was struck by the fact that this ginger Scottish Fold basically looks like a cartoon character. No, seriously, with his oversized deep black eyes and vivid ginger coat, he looks like Garfield’s diminutive anime cousin who lives in Japan.

That being so, it’s no surprise that Muta has racked up quite a social media following, with just shy of a quarter of a million fans signing up to witness his shenanigans and adventures.

Here’s your starter kit to getting on board the Muta express.

The vital stats

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

First of all, let’s begin with the basic biographical stats. Muta is a four-year-old Scottish Fold who resides in Japan. He has three brothers and sisters, some of whom can be seen peeking out in the background of his photos.

A cartoonish kitty

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

As I mentioned earlier, there’s definitely a tangible cartoon vibe going on with the photos on Muta’s Instagram account. It’s all in the eyes, if you ask me. Or maybe the oversized, bubble-like head?

Sweetness is my weakness

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

See, here’s a case in point: This behind-the-scenes shot of Muta looks more like some sort of plastic doll or toy prize that popped out of a vending machine rather than a real cat, right?

Muta in a snapshot

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

From digging through the hundreds of photos on Muta’s Instagram account, here’s the most important information I’ve been able to glean:

He likes riding around perched on the shoulders of his human, he enjoys being petted (or “stroked” in his local parlance), he’s very proud of his “round face,” and his “belly is getting flabby these days.” Muta’s not apparently one for new year’s resolutions.

Muta’s 2016 Best Nine

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

Above is a compilation of Muta’s nine most popular pictures from 2016, put together using the Best Nine website, which works out which of a user’s Instagram pictures received the most likes over the past year. Apparently in Muta’s case, his fans like to see footage of him sitting upright in ungainly poses and showing off his butt. On that last issue, he has been known to comment that his derriere is nothing less than “fresh and springy jelly.”

Ready for your close up. sir?

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

The caption to this particularly dignified capture reads “Fluffy paw pad,” but the details are in the hashtag which commands the viewer to #pinchtozoom. Go forth and get up close at your own risk.

Flash them fangs

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

Don’t be fooled by Muta’s cutesy facade. When he wants to get sassy and scrappy, he can show off his gnashers with the best of them. “Roar! I’m tiny tiger!” he was heard to holler here.

Just a boat without a body

Image via ashmiemu Instagram

And here we come full circle: Is there anything more cartoonish than what appears to be only Muta’s head sailing along in a wicker basket boat?

Check out more of Muta’s photos at his Instagram account.

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