Cat People Problems: No Concept of Personal Space


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The editors of Catster Magazine’s print edition are always on the lookout for what we call “cat people problems.” The remarks below are among the responses chosen for the March/April 2017 issue to a question regarding cats invading their humans’ personal space.

Here’s more on that: We all know how difficult it is to read a book when there’s a cat lying in the middle of it. Or internet surfing with a cat stretched across the computer keyboard. How does your cat invade your personal space?

“I don’t care about your game. Feed me now.
— Drew MacLean


Our cat, Phoenix, tapped the space bar on the computer to end my husband’s turn on a game immediately after I complained that he was playing for too long. Our cat, Othello, tapped the touch-sensitive power button on the Xbox, ending my husband’s turn.
— Andrea Smith

When I’m trying to knit, either Georgie or Gus jumps into my lap. I have to immediately stop what I’m doing and stuff my project and yarn into a bag before they start trying to play with it or hook their claws into my hard work.
— Gloria Belanger Baker

Flash likes to get between me and my phone. He’ll want love and just sits on me. If I go for the phone, he moves his head so I can’t see it.
— Kathy Andersen

I’m a teacher, and when I’m trying to check papers, my cat, Chloe, insists on sitting right on top of them with her back to me.
— Dianne Nelson Marissael

Lucy certainly makes homework more difficult. I wish I could use the “my cat wouldn’t get off of my homework” excuse for why it’s not done.
— Ashley Finnigan


My cat likes to get up in my face when I’m trying to read the newspaper. I have to contort the paper to the side so I can pet him and read at the same time.
— Susan Stotelmyer Ward

Mine jumps on my lap and comes through the middle of the newspaper on Sundays.
— Megan McCrystal

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