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Say Hello to Meatball, a Hefty 36-Pound Cat

He lives at an animal control facility in Arizona, where workers are trying to change his diet.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jan 31st 2014

Rejoice — the Homer J. Simpson of cats has been found. This 36-pound butterball of a beast is currently lounging around at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Arizona and has been affectionately named Meatball.

Here is Meatball in all his hefty glory.

Apparently, Meatball’s girth is of such an expansive nature that he cannot fit inside one of the shelter’s standard cages. He’s said to be holed up in an office at the moment while attempts are made to downsize his diet and wean him off the ol’ Fancy Feast gravy train.

Meatball is not currently up for adoption, but back in December we reported on another overweight cat, Butterball, who successfully found a new home and a settled into a new healthier weight.

Jokes about Meatball’s size aside, cat obesity is a slippy slope and not an issue to smirk about. My own cat, Mimosa, seemed to pack on a few pounds when she was congested and would only eat the McDonald’s of cat food — it took a while to get her onto the healthier Halo option. The plight of Meow, the whopping 39-pound feline, also highlights some of the medical issues that cat obesity can bring about. Hopefully Meatball is on a path to a slimmer shape and, eventually, a new home.

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