We Wanted to Help Others Fight Pet Obesity, So We Launched SlimKitty.com


Obesity among domestic cats and dogs is a real problem, and my husband Steve and I have long been involved in efforts to combat this trend. Our most recent endeavor is a website called SlimKitty.com, a sister site to SlimDoggy.com, where our focus is on food, fitness and fun for healthy pets.

We founded SlimDoggy after adopting Jack, an overweight and out-of-shape yellow Lab three years ago. In the course of getting Jack fit, we learned about the problem with pet obesity, not only in the U.S. but around the world. We’ve dedicated the last two years to raising pet owners’ awareness to the issue and educating owners about food, nutrition and the importance of exercise for the health and longevity of their pets.

The Association for Prevention of Pet Obesity 2013 survey found 52 percent of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. But what’s worse is that 57 percent of cats fall into that same category. We knew we could no longer focus just on dogs — we had to do something for the kitties, too, so we started SlimKitty.com.

One of our main goals is to educate pet owners about nutrition for their pets. We want them to know what’s in the food they are feeding, recognize how much they are feeding and understand how both factors impact their pets’ health and longevity. Just as with dogs, overweight cats are more susceptible to obesity-related diseases, particularly diabetes, as well as osteoarthritis and liver and kidney problems. Having an overweight cat shortens the animal’s lifespan and costs you money in extra medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

Feeding the proper amount of good quality food is a key factor in keeping our pets fit. To help you wade through the huge variety of pet foods, SlimDoggy developed a food database that tracks ingredients, nutrients and calories for more than 3,000 dog foods. Soon, we will be releasing our SlimKitty cat food database with more than 1,000 cat foods (with more to be added). Both of these databases allow you to look up and examine the foods by brand, by formula, and by ingredient. It’s a great tool for those of you who are concerned with what you are feeding your pet, or if you are looking for specific ingredient-free foods.

Our Jack recently was diagnosed with IBD, so there are several things he needs to avoid. We use the database to find foods without chicken or without beef. It makes it so much easier and smarter than just going to the pet store and checking the front of the bag. Indeed, the name of the food does not always tell the story. For example, many foods contain multiple proteins, so choosing a "salmon" recipe doesn’t guarantee that there will be no chicken in the food!

SlimKitty is just starting out, but our hope is to gain a following of caring, concerned cat owners who want to feed their cats the best they can feed them while also making sure their cats stay fit through activity and exercise.

We recognize that exercising a cat is quite a different challenge than exercising a dog, but our SlimKitty friends and followers will be contributing a wide variety of tips and tricks they use to get their cats the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Be sure and check into our SlimKitty Fit & Fun Club for lots of ideas for fun cat toys, games and challenges for your cat.

We all love our pets and want what’s best for them. What could be better than a long happy, healthy and fit life?

Get more info at SlimKitty.com and SlimDoggy.com.

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